Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 Flashback • 2015 Resolutions

Can't believe it's another new year again. Why is it my previous episode of flashback and resolution still feel so fresh that it's like I just wrote it few months ago?! Time flies!

My blog was so inactive throughout the past 3 months because of my internship! I still have a lot of pending review/event & my 2014 Favourite posts to be published! Now I'm finally free from jobs and let's start my blogging spree! But I have to publish this post first before moving on to my other review post! (because it has to be the first post of the year!)

The flashback and resolution post has became an annual compulsory post for me because it's something I love to do! Rewinding my timeline and looking back all the awesome moments throughout the year...... How I wish I can go back in time! Besides, I'm always looking forward for a new year, and forcing myself to complete some resolutions so that I can improve myself day by day!

Check out my previous episode of flashback and resolutions here.

2014 Resolutions

#1. Start organizing, planning and jotting down what to do everyday in a diary.
I'm glad that I did in every semester this year, but I'd stopped doing it when I started my internship because I'm doing the same thing every day, except for weekend which I only jot down where am I going and which blog post to write. I guess it's has already became one of my habit

#2. Get at least 2 new piggy banks, and save more money! 
I didn't get a new piggy bank, but I'd registered monthly auto saving of certain amount into my bank account!

#3. Pass every subjects.
Can't believe I failed one! Shouldn't take that elective subject at the beginning when the lecturer said it's not suitable for my course because they are not related. :(

#4. Get a new hair colour. 
Yes I just got my pink highlights before my 2014 CNY! Click here to read it!

#5. Slim down! 
I failed to squeeze out some time for yoga and exercises :'(

#6. Get rid of pimples, scars, holes and dark circles. 
I still can't get rid of them!! Whyyy... but there are a few moments which my face left scars and holes, which is better than active acne. Hmm~

#7. Improve my blogging skills and gain more followers. 
I personally felt that I did put more effort at the beginning and the mid of the year, and so far I'd hit more than 100 followers which is an achievement to me!

#8. Improve my communication skills. 
(I should have said "Social skills" actually. LOL) 
After getting involve in some events and meeting different peoples in this year, I felt I dare to talk more now! This leads me to know more bloggers and friends from different places! Even during my internship, maybe I don't talk much with colleagues, but at least I'm not afraid to start a conversation with them and also strangers when I was working as a receptionist! Some of my friends definitely know I don't really dare start a conversation with new faces, but this time I forced myself to do so, which is a new challenge to me! Good job Nicole, keep it up! :D

#9. Change
Yes, I became more positive now! (According to le bf XD)

#10. Win more prizes! 
The amount was lesser, but winning an iPad mini has beaten my high score!! Next target, winning a new car??! XD

2014 Wishlist

#1. New Camera 
No I didn't buy one, but my auntie gave her new unwanted Sony DSC-QX10 so it's considered an achievement!

#2. Tablet ✔ 
Finally own an iPad mini!

#3. An oversea getaway 
Only one this year which is my Koh Lipe trip, and it's an awesome experience! I'm glad for that!!

#4. Blog domain 
I'm still waiting for the right timing.

Surprisingly I achieved most of my resolutions and wishlist this time compare to last year!! But I guess it's so much lesser and easier to be achieved. LOL.

2014 Flashback

I'm just gonna recap some awesome moments and memories which is worth to re-mention because my post will become infinity long if I mention everything happened in 2014. 

#1. Cameron Highland trip
Because I didn't blog about it so I think I should mention it here. It's another Uni-mate trip to Cameron Highland, also my first time visiting there! It actually happened exactly 1 year ago! Oops~ XD


#2. First hair bleaching experience
It's also one of the achievement. Until now I still remain the same colour on my hair because I still love how I look in pink highlights! Plus, I can retouch the colour by myself! Read my experience on hair bleaching here.

#3. Koh Lipe trip
I'm glad that I have this opportunity to visit Koh Lipe because it's really an awesome place to visit! Had an unforgettable moments there with my awesome family! And it's now my top 1 post in my blog! Click here to read!

#4. First experience in Skin Peeling & LED Phototherapy
Never know I will have the chance to do something like that to my face, and I'm happy that my face gone so much better now! Thanks Mediviron! Anyway, read my experience on skin peeling here.

#5. Winning an iPad mini
Biggest achievement I've made! I've been wanting to own a tablet for like soooo long and Serverfreak made my dream come true! Couldn't feel more blessed! Read my winning blog post here.

#6. Adidas NEO RM1000 Shopping spree
And I never knew I'll get this opportunity to work with Adidas NEO as well! RM1000 of shopping spree...Gosh! I consider it as another achievement unlocked! And all of the items I bought are definitely entering my 2014 favourite because their quality is really great! Read my shopping experience in Adidas NEO here.

#7. My 21st birthday 
I can't believe I totally forgotten to blog about my 21st birthday! But I had different celebration with different gang of people so... yeah let these pic speak about my 21st birthday.

Best cake ever! Thanks Sisty Hazel! She knows I love this kind of cake!

I love my awesome family!

Surprise celebration from my secondary school mates! Thanks guys! 
Another surprise from the Onion gang!

And received a Ted Baker bag from them! OMG I love it!

And this one, a heart-warming photo frame was poslaju-ed from Jing yan and Shi min! Love it!

#8. Second Anniversary with love
It's also my first time visiting Atmosphere 360 Restaurant at KL tower! Thanks my baby boy for treating me on our anniversary! Love you!

#9. 'The Apple of UTAR'
In short, this is the UTAR Setapak version of UTAR Student Model (because "UTAR Model" was used by Kampar campus). Yup, I participated and was chosen to be one of the Student Model! I'm glad that I tried my luck! Looking forward to work with other models already!

#10. First time being a vendor in Carousell bazaar
I was so honoured to get invited as a blogger to join the Carousell Pop-up market! Read about it here.

#11. Internship
I still remember how afraid was I to face the fact that I'm going out for internship! But here goes the end of my internship and I'm graduating soon! Goshhh~ Throughout these 3 months I learned so much that I felt it's such an awesome experience! Meeting these people in the company also make me changed a lot! Some of them always helped me out, couldn't thank more!! Overall it's also something I treasure and will never forget! Feel happy to leave the company but not the peoples!

Of course, there are also some depressing moment during the year which I can never forget. It's unbelievable for the leaving of 3 relatives in a few months time, and I never had the chance to attend all of their funerals. R.I.P

Went back to scroll over my previous Facebook Photos and also Photos of Me, I realized that 2014 is a super happy year for me! I appreciate everything happened this year and looking forward for a better 2015!

I feel so blessed that I met a few friends that helped me a lot, like, really a lot! Words can't describe how thankful am I every time when they willing to help me! I really appreciate everyone who helped me before and I will never forget! Thank you guys! :')

2015 Resolutions

Honestly, my resolutions this time is gonna be the same as my previous one. Just gonna add a few more which are

#11. Graduate!
Yes, it's already my final year, and hopefully everything goes on smoothly and finish my course this year!

#12. Have at least one oversea trip with either Family or Boyfie!
Knowing lotsa friend has started to plan their graduation trip or family trip in 2015, but I still haven't! I have to do it soon!

2015 Wishlist

#1. New Mirrorless
Yeah I know I had the QX10 already but I still want a new camera that can be used easily!

#2. Blog Domain
Still hoping for it although I still think that I can't make it this year...

#3. Studio Photoshoot
I missed a memorable photoshoot for my 21st birthday already, so I'm so gonna do it for my 22nd birthday!

And that's all for this post! Please do share with me what are your 2015 resolutions if you have! I'm interested to know more about you guys! ;D

Last but not least, 
Happy New Year 2015!! 
Have a healthy, happy and awesome year!! ;)


  1. eh how come your resolution for 2015 so short?

    1. Cause I use back my 2014 10 resolutions XD

  2. good flashback and wish your new year 2015 is a fabulous year for you!

  3. Wish you can achieve your 2015 resolutions :) Fighting!

    1. Thanks Shanyi!! Same to you!! Fighting~ ;D

  4. and wow! setapak model! i can proudly tell my friend i have a model friend in utar too! :P

    1. Haha but not competition come out one, they just pick themselves. Thanks anyway! *shy*

  5. detail. Anyway, good luck and happy for 2015!

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