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Monday, 21 December 2015

Carbon Laser, Skin Peel & LED Phototherapy @ Premier Clinic

December 21, 2015 9
As you all know, my skin condition hasn't recovered completely after so long and trying so hard. If you've been reading my blog since I started, you definitely know that my skin is really horrible, like active acne, scars and holes. Even my best friend who has recommended me some very promising product to try out, and they can't completely solve my problem.
Well I personally think that only special treatment from professional can help me to prevent the regrowth of active acne and majorly removal of the dark scars on my skin at this moment. Thanks to Premier Clinic for the invitation to experience their service at their TTDI branch 2 weeks ago.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Year End Beauty Giveaway! #NicoleYieGiveaway

December 17, 2015 2

2015 has come to an end, new year is coming soon, which means it's time for another giveaway! This giveaway is not just a christmas/new year season giveaway, but also as promised, I will hold a giveaway if my Facebook page hit 500 likes, and here it is! Thanks for all the support! Of course, it's also an appreciation gift for all of my beloved readers! <3

If you've joined my giveaway before, I usually will giveaway few sets of items in different category for you to choose. But this time, I decided to give out only one set which contains a total of 16 items from head-to-toe! This whole set of product is to help you to get ready for a brand new year of 2016! 

Impressive? Let's check out what I've got here!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Triumph's First Boutique Store in Penang, Queensbay Mall - Opening Day Special

December 15, 2015 0

Hey Penangites! Triumph is finally launching their new store in Queensbay Mall this coming Thursday, 17th December 2015! Like every other new stores, Triumph will be having Opening Day Special Promotion that you won't wanna missed!

For the first 100 customers that purchased any item from the store will get a complimentary Goodie Bag worth RM600 including Swarovski Necklace (worth RM300), Triumph Membership (worth RM150)Vouchers and Rose Briefs. Bet you don't wanna missed this chance, don't cha? :)

Besides, there will also be a Buy 3 Free 1 promotion on going, only on that day! Make sure you go and check out their new store to grab some nice offer cause Christmas and New Year is coming soon, right? :D

What's more? Triumph is also having a Stand to Fit contest where you can stand a chance to win RM1000 worth of Triumph products! All you have to do is get a complimentary fitting service with them in the boutique. (Contest ends at 31 December 2015)

So mark down your date and be the first 100 customer of Triumph's new boutique in Queensbay Mall and get as much as you can before it's too late! Enjoy shopping! ;)

Friday, 11 December 2015

[Fashion] Shopping Experience @ Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, Malacca

December 11, 2015 2
Freeport A'Famosa Outlet (FOA) was launched 2 weeks ago in Malacca, and I was honoured to be invited as one of the bloggers to have a shopping experience and shopping contest among the bloggers ("Style On a ShoeString Budget" Competition) around the outlet last Sunday.

Freeport A'famosa Outlet is a premium outlet centre located just outside of Malacca's famous A'Famosa Resort, which is surrounded by rolling hills and spectacular scenic greenery.

The location is about 30 minutes away from Malacca town itself and about one and a half  hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is easily accessible from the North-South Highway via the Alor Gajah Interchange.

The outlet has more than 70 brands including some of the favourite labels like NikeCotton OnForever 21Carlo RinoNature Republic and many more, with wide variety of bargains up to 30-70% discount all year round!

You can find the staple buildings of Malacca inside Freeport A'Famosa Outlet, which is the famous windmill setting aside a beautiful lake and park.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

One Tip to Style Easily and Effectively

December 05, 2015 2
This is a guest post from Ling Zi Apparel, a clothing store website with build-in blog that write about apparel and styling.

When you wear better, you looked better. When you looked better, people have better impression on you. Your fashion could influence you at social level. We human being judge someone else on how they wear, and most of the time we can't even aware of that.

A good news for you...
There's an easy one step to style yourself the way you want, and it's really effective. Pick your color.

In the real life, a lot of thing are designed in certain color for visual purpose. Red table or table cloth are often seen in restaurant, but we almost can't see a red computer desk anywhere. Bride gowns are always white, social media platform such as facebook, instagram, twitter are blue.

Those are not coincidence, color have great impact on our feeling. It works on everything, it works on you and your clothing.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

[Tech] Sudio VASA Earphone Review

December 03, 2015 22
When it comes to choosing a good pair of earphone, I'm kind of a picky person. I always request for earphones with clear tunes with a natural bass which can really bring out the instruments, harmonizers and beats of each song. I guess it's all because that I'm a dance person who loves to listen to the bass of a song, cause each beat does inspire me to do certain movement, and that's how I normally choreograph my dance moves!

So recently I've been trying out a pair of earphones that a lot of bloggers and friends have been sharing about due to its elegant look and great quality sound - the Sudio VASA Earphone.

Sudio stands for elegant products with studio quality sound and exquisite quality. The Sudio VASA has been named after King Gustaf Vasa, who lead the Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark during the 16th century.

VASA is one of Sudio's premium models, to which a new generation 10.2 mm driver has been developed. This new driver was said to be by far the best driver from Sudio and with this, everyone are now able to hear every detail, in every instrument, in every song, giving a unique unforgettable sound experience, just as if you were inside the recording studio.

Well, how does this awesome thing work so well and, is it really that good? Just keep reading and we'll see.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

[Fashion] Wedding Dress Goal? | Aisle Style

December 01, 2015 2
I bet that every girls definitely have the moment where you dream of your wedding day, like what, where and how will it be. I admit myself that at this age, especially having a boyfriend now, I've been thinking of how my wedding would be in the future, especially my wedding dress! This is gonna be a once in a lifetime event and I want it to be PERFECT. I know it sounds horrible but I'm starting to worry that I will regret on my selection of the wedding dress design in the future already!

Image source
Recently I came across this website that specialized in wedding dresses designing - Aisle Style, and I have to say that their 2016 wedding dresses collection is amazing! Nope, still not getting married yet, but it's definitely time to gain some inspiration on the dresses already!

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

[Hair] Irresistible Me Clip-in Hair Extension Review

November 25, 2015 2
I'm a person who always wants a super long hair, like real super long until my leg! The longest I've went is only till my waist, but I can't bare it anymore cause the longer hair I have, the lesser hair I got on my roots! And honestly, I regret for going short.

But now, I don't need to wait further more for my hair to grow longer till my desire length because I have my Irresistible Me Hair Extension!

Now I can instantly go from short hair to long hair whenever I want!

Irresistible Me is a growing brand of 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. Irresistible Me specializes in high quality extensions at great prices.

They actually contacted me at the perfect moment because I just changed my hair colour few days ago at that moment, and YES! They have the exact hair colour as I did which is Rosewood, a purple tone red colour! 

It's a US based company and they ship worldwide! And guess what, I received my parcel within 2 days of making order! The origin of the product was from China and I'm super impressed with FedEx's efficiency! I've already fall in love with their shipping service!

Now let's get started by unboxing the hair extention first.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

[Video] My UTAR Ball 2015 Make Up Look

November 08, 2015 6

UTAR Ball 2015 was back in July, and I've taken a video of my makeup look for my ball night but only able to upload it today. I feel guilty for dragging!

Honestly it was my first time attending ball night, and I've been searching make up looks that suits me the most for special event like this. So I decided to record it down and share the tips and tricks I used on my make up here! Personally I'm loving it very much and hope you guys will love it as I do!

This was supposed to be a video on how I use Cerro Qreen Fashion Makeup Brush Set (click here for more details and review of the brush set) on my daily makeups, but end up I only have this. Hope this video will help!

Monday, 2 November 2015

[Food] Taste Café, G Hotel Gurney - Farm Friday Buffet Dinner

November 02, 2015 2

So this is my very first invited food review session in Penang after moving back from Kajang. It was an honoured to be invited by G hotel to try out their Friday night buffet dinner in Taste Café with other medias and bloggers.

Taste Café, which used to be G Café before 1st of September 2015, is a brand new exciting finesse coffee house which opens for all-day dining to fulfill guests' gastronomy from 6am to 11pm daily. The restaurant specializes in wide array of flavours from all around the world to enliven the taste buds.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

[Beauty] Edeve Skin Beauty Salon Penang - Facial Review

October 28, 2015 7
A lot of you actually have been asking me to go for facial because of my current skin condition (a lot of pimples and scars), but there are also a lot of you asked me don't go for facial because of my current skin condition (too serious and too sensitive, might be internal problem).

Yes of course, I did go for facial before, but it was back in secondary school period, did by my mom (yes she used to be a beautician). But my skin never recovered after undergoing so many times of painfulness and down period (red skin and more scars after the extraction), so I thought that facial is one of the reason that worsen my skin.

Few weeks ago, Edeve Skin Beauty Salon approached me to review on their facial service, which I personally think that it's a great opportunity to give myself another chance to try out facial service after so long!

Edeve Beauty Salon is located along Jalan Tun Mohd Salleh Ismail (Farlim Area). It's actually a housing area but you can see the huge banner of the salon between the houses. There are plenty of parking spaces in front of the building.

Monday, 26 October 2015

[Hair] Purple Tone Red Hair by C.Michael London Salon, Bangsar

October 26, 2015 0
I know this must be shocking but honestly, I've never been to a salon for a full hair dye before, besides the time when I first tried on highlighting in a salon before (read it here). Yup, finally I decided to give my hair a full makeover after having so many weird colours on my hair.

I'm glad that I have the opportunity to try out C.Michael London Salon's service compliment with their signature Apple Stem Cell Treatment!

Saturday, 24 October 2015

[Beauty] Bourjois Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres Review

October 24, 2015 4
Here's another review of Bourjois product, the Lash Machine Volume Boosting Fibres that I received from! Read my previous product review on the Brow Beauty Touch Eye Illuminating Pencil HERE now.

In case you haven't know, is Malaysia largest beauty review community for everyone to share info and make neutral reviews about beauty product.

So as you can tell from the name itself, it's a product which was made of fibres that helps to boost your lash volume. It's the perfect lash booster for lashes that are too short, too thin or not full enough. It claims that by using it with your mascara, your lashes will thicken as if by magic and lengthen by 15%.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

[Beauty] Swissbel Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS+ Review

October 22, 2015 6
I never knew that a lot of Bloggers and YouTubers from Taiwan or Hong Kong are loving this moisturizing cream, Swissbel Vitamin B12 Cream PLUS+ from Switzerland, until a few months ago I received it from TofuDofu to write a review on it.

I was so excited to try out this product after knowing all the positive reviews from every reviewers! The main reason is from its name itself - Vitamin B12 which I know this main ingredient is gonna help me to improve my skin condition.

This vitamin B12 cream is an advanced moisturizing that visibly hydrates, tightens, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenates, smoothes new and old scars, soothes sensations of heat, reduces redness, uplifts and firms the face and neck to rebuild skin's youthful and healthy appearance.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

[Beauty] Bourjois Brow Beauty Touch Eye Illuminating Pencil Review

October 20, 2015 5
Few weeks ago, has sent me a few products from Bourjois for review purpose. Today I will be sharing one of the products I received - the Brow Beauty Touch Eye Illuminating Crayon.

In case you haven't know, is Malaysia largest beauty review community for everyone to share info and make neutral reviews about beauty product.

Highlighting and contouring has been something that practiced by makeup gurus for a while ago because it will definitely make your face look more dimensional. This Brow Beauty Touch Pencil works as a highlighter, mainly for eyebrow to instantly enhances and shape your eyebrows, and makes your eyes look brighter, more open and younger. It can also be applied to the inner corner of your eye to brighten up the area.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

[Beauty] Mireica Nutri-peau, Perfecting Your Skin from Within

October 18, 2015 0
After having bad skin condition for so many years, I always think that I might need some skincare supplement to change myself. But I don't like to take in capsules, so I go for internal skincare beverage, like MIREICA nutri-peau!

MIREICA is developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland. These scientists are leaders in their individual field of specialty within the interesting and exciting science of anti-aging.

Monday, 12 October 2015

[Beauty] éPure Membranous Jelly Masque Review

October 12, 2015 9
éPure Membranous Jelly Masque has been available in the market for quite a while ago, and it was so popular among famous bloggers as it has instant whitening effect and super hydrating, which makes me wonder if it's really that good or not.

Even though it was so famous before, I never had the chance to try it yet because I have too many masks to be finished. This time, thanks to éPure for sending me a trial pack of 3 to try it out for review purpose. Words can't tell how excited I was when I know that I finally get to try it out!

Monday, 5 October 2015

[Phone App] "Where to eat?" with OpenSnap!

October 05, 2015 1
The biggest problem of all time - WHERE TO EAT?! If you're one of us, fret not! Here's a post dedicated to everyone who is always facing this problem!

Introducing you, OpenSnap - a phone app where it gathers food lovers to share or find restaurants and foods all over the country.

I've actually did a surface review about this app in this post. Since it's been a while, plus they have made some updates in this app, so today I will be reviewing it in a more detailed way, like what are the awesome and special features about this app and how to use it like a pro!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

[Beauty] Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT Review

September 30, 2015 2
As you know, I'm currently having a serious skin condition with lots of spots, scars and pimples or acne. Even though the number of pimples has decreases, the spots and scars can never fade away. Recently I've been trying out a new product - the Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT that helps me with this problem.

The Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT is a light emulsion, a new product range in the Avène Cleanance line. It's an innovative creation by Avène Dermatological Laboratories that provides those with oily- and blemishes-prone skin with an ingenious solution to your acne and blackheads problems, i.e. helps to eliminate mild to moderate blemishes like spots and blackheads.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

[Fashion] Outfit Ideas with Letter Jackets | ZAFUL

September 16, 2015 0
After sharing some of my fashion diary, styling tips and tricks, it’s time to share my ideas of styling with trendy jackets! Jackets are very important in my life, not just keeping myself warm from air-conditioners but also makes my #ootd looks more interesting. I can literally turn myself into a different person with just a pair of stylish jackets.

In this post, I will be taking some examples of jackets from a fashion online store called ZAFUL. The theme would be letter-jackets because I seriously love jackets with interesting designs, even though basic colours are gorgeous as well.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ways to explore Fashion without being a Fashion Victim

September 12, 2015 2
The Fashion industry is a fast pace world where designs go in and out without us realizing. Besides that, it cannot be denied that it is difficult for the fashion enthusiast to keep track for the fast changing trends and sometimes become a fashion victim. Yes, the runway trends are stunning but most of them are sometimes not fit for every occasion.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dirty Benefits All Natural Coffee Scrub - Get dirty for benefits!

September 10, 2015 4
Hey everyone! My very last final exam in my university life is just around the corner, and it's time to change my daily life routine to eat-sleep-study-repeat! Every semester at this period of time, not just I feel extraordinary tired but my skin condition will be worsen day by day, and I'm ready for this to happen for my very last time!

If you know me well, you know that coffee is not my kind of thing. I used to take coffee for 3 days in a row during my internship because I don't want to fall asleep in the office, but end up my lips gone so dry and hard after 3 days! Since then, I rarely drink coffee. Besides, I have the problem that my urine contains coffee smell after taking coffee! Anyone have this problem as well?!

Hence, to avoid a worsen health condition, I will not take coffee as my beverage at this moment. But instead, I will scrub coffees onto my body! I hope that doesn't sounds weird or scary but recently, I'm so in love with the All Natural Coffee Scrub from Dirty Benefits!

Dirty Benefits (DB) is an All-Natural skincare brand created for the bold and adventurous. Their Coffee Scrub battles cellulite, acne, scars, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, age spots and other tough skin problems in a natural, dirty way.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road @ Mid Valley

August 27, 2015 2
To all the youngsters these days, if you haven't heard about the Laneige BB Cushion, I really have to say that you're outdated! Why? Because it's one of the most highly raved K-beauty product in the world of cosmetics! Even our all time favourite makeup guru from western country, Michelle Phan loves it!

I was so honoured to be invited to join Laneige's FIRST global beauty tour, the Laneige BB Cushion Beauty Road @ Mid Valley as a blogger/media with other bloggers from the Butterfly Project!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

JWEL Ice Cream Sticks Review

August 25, 2015 1
I'm finally back with another review post. Again, not any usual beauty products review, but the JWEL Royal Ice Cream that everyone is definitely interested about!

In case you haven't read my previous post about JWEL roadshow, click here to read it now! I received a box with all 5 different flavours of JWEL Ice-cream after the roadshow.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Enjoy Cashback when you shop in Taobao!

August 21, 2015 0
At this moment, I assume that everyone knows about Taobao right? I used to be an addict shopper in Taobao. Yep, used to be. I've stopped my Taobao shopping for a while ago because even though I found lots of products or clothing in a low price, the shipping fee to Malaysia is too expensive for me. End up it still cost me a boom! Somemore need to wait for 2-4 weeks. I might as well buy them directly from Sungei Wang. The worst experience I had is I used to wait for nearly 2 months for my parcel to arrive from the custom due to festive season!

But now, with ShopBack Malaysia, my problem has been solved! No, not about the shipping fees or parcel stuck in the custom, but I can get products from Taobao not just with a better price, but with cashback as well!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

BloomThis: Luxury Flowers by Subscription

August 19, 2015 25
I'm personally not a garden or flower person and I have no knowledge about anything about gardening, like planting, how to fertilize them and even flower arrangement. I even told my boyfriend not to buy me any real flowers cause I just don't know how to take care of them.

But I told myself that being a female, I need to have at least once in my life that I try to own a live flower because from here, I will definitely learn something new.

Thanks to BloomThis, they gifted each and all the bloggers who attended Blogging 101 Workshop a bouquet Gerbera! That's so sweet of them!

Gerbera in 5 different colours
I know... I'm a bad flower arranger... And I don't have a vase alright.

I was so excited to take picture of the flowers and I didn't really take picture during my unboxing, but I swear that the box protects the flowers and they will still be perfect when they reached your home!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

JWEL, The New Royal Range of Ice Cream Sticks

August 11, 2015 10
Hey everyone! I know I have been so inactive in my blog recently. In case you don't know, I'm currently in my final semester in UTAR, gotta really work harder on my studies and also my FYP, hopefully I won't extend my course anymore!

But busy or not, I still have to enjoy my student life at the same time, right? So today, I'll be sharing something EVERYONE LOVES. Not any beauty products, fashion posts or restaurants, but an important thing to distress myself -- ICE-CREAMS! 

Introducing you, JWEL, the Ice Cream Empire!

JWEL is a distinctively delicious premium ice cream treat that created by F&N Creameries. Yes, the same company as your favourite F&N drinks, 100PLUS and so on! And you can already tell that it's a luxury ice-cream from the packaging itself, don'tchu?!

"Through JWEL, you get more than just a luxurious ice cream experience, you’ll also be invited into a world of indulgence and intrigue." - JWEL.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

[Beauty] My shopping experience with Althea Korea + Haul + GIVEAWAY!

August 01, 2015 11
Online shopping needs no intro to anyone of you because it's something necessary to everyone now (I assume? XD). What people wanna know about is where to get the cheapest price and the best deal of the products they want.

So here's to all my beauty babies, or not, especially all the big fans of Korean Beauty Products. No matter you like beauty products or not (because you might have beauty geeks friends like me), you definitely need to know this new website because it is selling by far the cheapest Korean beauty products in Malaysia!

Introducing you, Althea Korea!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

[Beauty] NEESYA LumiScience°® Brightening Eye Contour Gel Review

July 28, 2015 3
I'm back with my third post on my NEESYA's product review. Yes, it's my third post about Neesya already! Read the previous post about Hydrating Serum here and my first review on the Intensive Overnight Radiance products here now!

This post will be reviewing about the NEESYA LumiScience°® Brightening Eye Contour Gel. I don't really use eye products often, but this product from Neesya is by far my favourite! Keep reading cause you won't wanna missed this chance to check out this magical product! Is this considered as a spoiler? XD

Sunday, 26 July 2015

[Beauty] NEESYA LumiScience°® Hydrating Serum Review

July 26, 2015 2
Received another 3 products from NEESYA again and finally I'm reviewing their products again after MIA for a while. You definitely have to know this brand because I've reviewed their Intensive Overnight Radiance range of products before, and it's a local brand! Click here to read if you haven't!

In this post, I will be reviewing the NEESYA LumiScience°® Hydrating Serum first. Stay tuned for another 2 reviews in my coming posts!

So before I start my review, here's my skincare routine on how I used the product everyday.

My Daily Skincare Routine

Cleanser > Toner > NEESYA Hydrating Serum > NEESYA Eye Gel > Moisturizer > Acne Cream > NEESYA UV Shield Sunscreen

Saturday, 11 July 2015

[Food] CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House | 1 Utama

July 11, 2015 10
I've been always a big fan of Japanese Curry because it's tasty and not spicy at all. But things gone a little bit different after a famous Japanese curry restaurant, CoCo ICHIBANYA stepped into Malaysia because they have Japanese Curry with 5 different levels of spiciness! Like finally, this is for those who loves Japanese curry (like me) but want it to be more spicy.

This world largest Japanese curry house from Japan, with more than 30 years of history since 1978, was well known in most of the countries in Asia. They've finally reached Malaysia and had their first Malaysia branch in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, PJ and another one in Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

[Beauty] MON CHÉRI Tinted Sun Créme SPF50 PA+++ Review

July 04, 2015 3
Sunscreen is always an important skincare routine step for me. I've been loving to wear sunscreen that consist of light coverage effect to cover up my skin flaws as I know foundation or BB cream tend to be more harmful to my acne-prone skin compared to sunscreen which is a daily needs.

Introducing you the NEW Sun Créme collection from Mon Chéri. I received the Tinted Sun Créme SPF50 PA+++ from Mon Chéri one month ago to write a review on it. I was so excited and can't wait to try it out because it's another sunscreen with a little bit of foundation effect!

MON CHÉRI is a skincare line that encourages people to cherish their inner and outer beauty, to be comfortable in their own skin and to be confident in parading their natural beauty. MON CHÉRI , in short, is a brand with a well-defined attitude with the etat d'edprit of being a unique individual.

Friday, 3 July 2015

[Beauty] ElishaCoy CC Cream & Magic Lipstick Review

July 03, 2015 4
Not sure how many times I've been receiving products from Natta Cosme to write reviews. Feeling awesome to be a nattalicious! This time, I received 2 ElishaCoy products - Always Nuddy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick.

As always, they sent in with some extra surprise! This time is a bunch of Fruit Plus strawberry candies to match the strawberry magic lipstick! #Sugarlicious

Monday, 29 June 2015

[Beauty] Andalou Naturals Skincare Workshop | BMS Organics

June 29, 2015 10
Some of you already know that I'm currently facing a serious skin condition. Huge acne, inflammation, pimples and scars are conquering my face since the beginning of this year! :(

I've read several reviews from the internet saying that they were always using chemical type skincare products, but after they change to organic/natural type of skincare products, their skin turns better and some even cured!

A lot of my friends suggest me to go for new range or organic products, but I was still struggling to get myself new skincare products because I'm afraid that they doesn't work, and I know that buying a new full range of products are gonna cost me a boom!

2 weeks ago, I received an invitation by BMS Organics to join their skincare workshop at BMS Organic Sunway Mentari to try out Andalou Naturals' skincare products. Like finally, I have the chance to attend an organic brand's workshop! I know that I can definitely learn a lot through this event!
BMS Organic is Malaysia's Largest Organic Retail Chain that carries only reputable and reliable brands, including international brands from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

During the workshop, we were taught about the face mapping and about the products from Andalou Naturals by Resha, the marketing executive. Andalou Skincare are 100% natural origin, contain at least 70% organic certified and non-MGO & vegan skin care products.

Andalou's products are using Fruit Stem Cell Science which provides 'universal cells' to renew awaken cell to be young, repairs improve cell longevity & vitally, and regenerates stimulating cell production. The fruit stem cells used include Apple, Grape and Argan. Click here to read more about fruit stem cells.

Wait no more, let's move into the products introduction and the workshop!

*Click images to zoom in*

These are the 4 ranges of skincare products from Andalou. From top to bottom:
  1. Sensitive range (new!) with Alpine Rose Stem Cells is for delicate, dry and reactive skin.
  2. Age Defying range with Fruit Stem Cells + Resveratrol Q10 is for dry and sensitive skin.
  3. Brightening range with Fruit Stem Cells + Vitamin C is for normal and combination skin.
  4. Clarifying range with Fruit Stem Cells + Willow Bark is for active and oily skin.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

[Beauty] VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Care Set Review | Uniquehomebeauty

June 25, 2015 10
Ever since I started my university life 3 years ago, facing the laptop for the whole day just to blog and do fyp, playing games with my iPad and scrolling through my Facebook news feed using my smartphone in my bed before I sleep has been a necessity in my life. But all of these are the main reason of my tired puffy eyes and dark circles!

Thanks to Uniquehomebeauty, I get to try out the VIRO Anti-Aging Repair Eye Care Set which contains 2 types of eye masks from them! Is time to take good care of my eyes now before it's too late!

VIRO's eye masks helps to activate cells around the eye area, improve blood circulations, reduce wrinkles, dark circles, eyebags, red eyes and swelling eyes. It's also suitable for people who have insomnia and vision problem.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

[Hair] Ultrasonic Iron Treatment Review | Number76, Publika

June 18, 2015 20
Yes, don't envy. I received an invitation from number76 hair salon to go for a hair treatment 2 months ago. You can just imagine how excited I was when I received the invitation email, some more is 1 hour before one of my final exam! That paper's gonna score so goooood! XD

In case you still don't know about them, number76 is a well known hair salon Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan since 2001. They already have a total of 6 outlets, and 5 of them are in KL!

Please be excited for my review because it is gonna be honest. This salon has received 99.9% of good feedback, whether you believe them or not, my review will tell you. Is it really that good and worth the price to invest the money to a better salon for your hair? Keep reading then! ;)

So I was actually late for my appointment that day because I was moving house the day before, and I overslept! The cashier called me and asked that if I can make it within half an hour, so do expect for them to call you if you're late for the appointment, or perhaps you should call them and say you'll be late. [Professional service #1]

After I reached their Publika branch, it was like entering a Japanese cafe or restaurant. Not just the entrance looks like a cafe, the workers will greet you "irasshaimase" (It means 'Welcome' in Japanese), just like when I was working in a 5 star Japanese restaurant few years back!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

[Beauty] Love Nail - Instant Nail Applique Review (Sweet Goddess)

June 17, 2015 1
It's been a while that I talk about nail art tutorials or reviews. Actually it should be, it's been a while that I didn't dress up my little nails because of my pack schedule since the beginning of the year.

I've always wanted to make my nails pretty 24/7 like other pretty girls do, but y'know, I do all my housework by myself, and the nail polishes never stay even after wasting so much time drawing dem cuties, and clumsy me always smudged and messed up my pretty nail arts.

So few weeks ago, I received an instant nail applique product, Love Nail from Sasa which has literally solved my first world (not really) problem! Keep reading to know how and why!

Monday, 15 June 2015

[Beauty] Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Peeling Cream Review

June 15, 2015 18
Does this ever happened to you?

Yes, I am talking about those days of having dark armpits. I bet that 90% of you definitely have this problem. But have you ever thought that what causes dark armpits?
  1. Melanin Pigmentation such as damage pores from stains, friction of inappropriate clothing, depilatory, razors and UV rays and so on!
  2. Dirt, sebum and clogged Keratin
  3. Ingrown hair

Some of the people (like me) only shave their armpit hair when they need, but they've neglected the fact that the products they used on their armpits and the foods they consumed might cause dark skins as well! Don't chu think that it's very disgusting and embarrassing to let people see you dirty-looking armpits while you're wearing sleeveless top?!

Now worry not! Shiro Waki Hime is here to rescue you with your dark armpits by whitening your armpits in just 30 seconds!

Shiro Waki Hime is currently the best seller in catalog shopping and mail order. It is the care item for underarm that has peeling, moisturizing and foundation effects, which means it peels away the dirts and make your armpits look flawless and bright at the same time, like applying foundation! Don't worry, the peeling is not hurtful or painful at all.