Saturday, 27 December 2014

[Beauty] M.A.C Cremesheen + Pearl Lipstick (Coral Bliss A92) Review

If you read my previous lipsticks or lip products review, you'll know that I've been mentioning about how important it is to have nice lip colour.

Not to be long winded about it anymore, and let's move on to my short review on my most favourite lipstick of all time - M.A.C Creamsheen Lipsticks in Coral Bliss (A92)!

I know that it's not the latest colour nor which special limited edition, but it's my first ever M.A.C lipsticks, so please let me share my thoughts to some of you who haven't try any M.A.C lipsticks before!!

M.A.C cosmetic is consider a high-end brand for me. Since I'm currently just a student, I never thought that I will be getting a M.A.C product until I have a stable income.

But I'm glad that I get to try their lipsticks first because I realized a lot of beauty YouTubers' favourite lipsticks brand is M.A.C, which itches my heart to own one! 

This Creamsheen lipstick texture is creamy. Not very sticky, looks glowy and quite moisturizing (surprisingly!) It's quite an all in one lipsticks for me, but not expecting to work like lip balm.

I picked this colour because I was looking for a light and natural colour lipsticks for my daily no make up look. Personally think that it's suitable to match with heavy eye make up as well.

When I first got it in my hand, I used it almost everyday, even just went to class. No one asked why the heck You put on lipsticks, Ki Hiao? But of course, you can just choose the intensity you like.

Recently I'd controlled myself because I'm afraid that I'll finished it too fast. I either mixed with some other darker colour to neutralized it, or try not to use it everyday. I love to use this to make a Korean gradient lip.

My lips are always dry (as you can tell). Although this lipstick is moisturizing, it will still look dry and cracky on my lips after a while, which people think that it's ugly (while I actually never mind lol). You have to reapply if you want it to keep you lip glowy and moisturized.

It does have the typical lipsticks smell that most people don't like, but it's still acceptable for this one. 

So will I repurchase it? It's a yes for me, but not so soon because of the price, unless a super duper sales? Still dilemma whether should I get back the same colour on my next purchase. Feel free to share with me any favourite natural colour of yours please!

And tell me girls, any recommended brands of lipsticks for me to try? Please let me know whether a normal or high-end lip product is your favourite as well! If it's really good, I'll make a review for it next time!

Till then! <3

*This product is purchased by myself.
*The colour of the product might look different in computers.


  1. Very pretty shade I absolutely love MAC lipsticks :)

  2. wah, Nicole lip so sexy...

  3. Look sexy after use it, i like mac too. But a bit expensive.

  4. the color suits you well...lovely

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