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[Beauty] YOKO Milk Shower Essential Kit Review

If you're a milk lover like me, you're doing it right, and I'll be introducing you something you will definitely love! But if you're not, you gotta keep reading because you have to fall in love with milk in order to get a perfect skin!

Few weeks back, I received a huge parcel contains 4 products of YOKO which included Hair spa, Body Scrub, Lotion and Butter Cream in Milk Range, plus a Dutch Lady Kid's Milk beverage from Natta Cosme! Oh maiii I love Natta Cosme so much!

Before we move on to the products review, let's talk about Milk!

Milk, besides that it's good for our health and bone formation, it has been used as a beauty aid for centuries. It plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of the skin and keeping skin problems at bay. Milk is a secret ingredient for Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra to achieve her smooth skin and beauty.

Slurrpp! Never get enough of milk in my life!

The benefits of milk to human skin includes:
  1. Moisturize and cure dry skin problems,
  2. Exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells,
  3. Renew skin cells and cleanse the skin naturally,
  4. Make skin glow instantly and keeping a radiant skin, 
  5. Achieving a smooth skin,
  6. Improves skin complexion,
  7. Soothes Skin Irritation,
  8. Treatment of Sunburns, and
  9. Avoiding aging skin

Milk also work as an excellent cleanser for our face. It helps to shrink pores and smooothens fine lines and wrinkles as well. Moreover, it can be used as a treatment for Dry and Rough Hair.

So does it sound awesome to you? I'm impressed by the benefits, never know that milk is so great and strong!

What's in the box. Thanks Natta Cosme for the Dutch Lady milk!!

So let's get started with the products! :D

YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich

The YOKO Hair Spa has triple benefits from Milk Protein, Coconut oil, and Argan oil that not only boost beauty shine hair but maintain moisture to scalp as well. Besides, it has an aroma scent.

I've tried other hair treatment with Argan Oil before, and I have to say that this ingredient is definitely good for the hair! It actually made my hair so damn smooth and silky, so will the YOKO Hair Spa does the same effect as well?

Just like other hair treatment, it's in creamy texture.
But it's not too thick to be apply onto our hair, feels good!

My thoughts

I have been using this as my conditioner for a few weeks (as stated that it can be used in place as conditioner too) and I have to say that I really love my smooth hair and the smell after showering! Even though sometimes I didn't blow dry my hair, I still can feel the smoothness of my hair after air dry. Recently I just got my hair dyed again (obviously it's gonna become dry). Thanks to this milk hair spa, my hair is still remain healthy looking (except for the bleached part)!

The only thing that I have to comment about is the packaging. I hope that it can come with a bottle packaging because it's obviously easier to be used and more control with a squeezing bottle.

Product Information

Name: YOKO Hair Spa Milky Rich
Country of Origin: Thailand
Main Ingredient: Milk Protein, Coconut oil, and Argan oil
Size: 200ml
Price: RM42.00
Where to buy: Natta Cosme (Link)

YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath

The YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath is for exfoliating and nourishing skin with Vitamin E, Milk Protein, with natural salt benefits. It provides nourishment to your skin with milk protein. It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new radiant skin.

I rarely own a salt body scrub because I never thought that scrubbing is important to body skin as well, and that's why I have some pimples on my back. I only use lotions to maintain the smoothness of my skin.

The salt is so soft that it feels comfortable instead of harsh on the skin!

My thoughts

I really, really love the feeling of the salt on my skin! The progress of scrubbing gone so enjoyable, and I became so hardworking on scrubbing my body now! After scrubbing the whole body, I feel so Baby! My skin is smooth and soft that I can't stop touching myself (yes, it's that good!). As I said that previously I have back pimples, but now I can feel that it has gone less.

Of course don't scrub it too fast and hard on your skin because you will feel friction and hurt. Normally I only put more effort on my elbow, knees and feet. 

I really recommend you guys to try this out if you're looking for a new body scrub to try! Trust me, it really smells awesome that you feel like wanna use it everyday! Of course don't use it everyday, just like facial scrub.

Product Information

Name: YOKO Spa Milk Salt Shower Bath
Country of Origin: Thailand
Main Ingredient: Vitamin E, Milk Protein, with natural salt benefits
Size: 250g
Price: RM20.00
Where to buy: Natta Cosme (Link)

To maintain the softness and smoothness of your skin, body lotion is a must to keep skin hydrated as well.

YOKO Milky Body Lotion

The nourishing no-greasy formula body lotion enriches with Milk Protein,which consists of many valuable nutrients for nourishing and moisturizing your skin. This lotion swiftly hydrates, yet very effective moisturizer from Vitamin E and Licorice extract leaving your skin smoother, lighter, more supple and healthier looking.

Most of you definitely know that I can't live without lotion, and I mentioned this like EVERYTIME in any of my lotion products review. This milk lotion gave me an excitement, because of the packaging and the MILK!

The lotion is quite light, suitable for all of you who dislike thick and sticky feel after using lotions.

My thoughts

This is currently my favourite lotion, the end and thanks for reading. Nah just kiddin'! All I want to say is the lotion is really a good one to invest in! Love the smell and feel after using! I felt that my skin has gone extraordinary smooth and soft after using the milk salt and the lotion together. If there is a travel size bottle, it's definitely gonna be my on-the-go lotion in my bag!

Product Information

Name: YOKO Milky Body Lotion
Country of Origin: Thailand
Main Ingredient: Milk Protein, Vitamin B3, Licorice Extract, Vitamin E
Size: 400ml
Price: RM35.00
Where to buy: Natta Cosme (Link)

YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein

This rich cream but fast absorbing Body Butter Cream is blended with Milk Protein, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile extract creates the exclusive body cream. With all these valuable components, they help retain skin moisture to combat wrinkles, brighten your skin and improve your skin condition for softer and smoother.

Body butter is something that I've seen often in some beauty stores, but never thought to own one and try because I'm a super lazy person to use to many products after lotions. Since I used lotion more often, I only use this body butter on my dry skin parts such as feet, elbow and knees before I sleep.

I thought that the texture will be as thick as a real butter, but it doesn't. It's just a little bit thicker than the lotion, which is acceptable for normal skin as well.

My thoughts

I have to say that this product's result is something out of my expectation! After applying the butter onto my dry skin parts, the smoothness remains until the next day morning! My feet is now not as dry as how I hate it feels before, I'm impressed! What motivates me to use it every night is the smell as well!

The only thing that same goes to the hair spa, why didn't it came in a bottle packaging? I hope the packaging can be upgraded to a prettier bottle because it's really easier to use. I don't really like when the cream got stuck in my long nails. But other than that, it's overall a recommended product for dry skin babes!

Product Information

Name: YOKO Body Butter Cream Milk Protein
Country of Origin: Thailand
Main Ingredients: Milk Protein, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile extract
Size: 200g
Price: RM30.00
Where to buy: Natta Cosme (Link)

Difference between  Lotion and Body Butter:
The lotion seems to be lighter and more watery than the Body Butter.

Extra knowledge

Body butter is heavier and more emollient and have a more luxurious feel. It contains lubricating ingredients. They are occlusive or coat the skin to create a barrier between the skin's surface and outside elements. It protects the skin from environmental impurities and damage from harsh environments.

Lotion has lower oil content, are not lubricating, and accommodate all skin types. In general, it can be used more frequently than butters because of the lighter ingredients and texture they contain.

I finally understood why Yoko's product is so famous in the market now. The products give amazing results with affordable prices! It comes in various flavours as well. I'm definitely going to try on some other flavours like Lavender or Green Apple once I finished these amazing milks!

Exclusive Promotion

So here comes a good news for all of you, my babes! Natta Cosme is giving all of you a 10% discount for any YOKO products! Simply key in the coupon code "LOVEYOKO" upon checkout to enjoy this promotion! (valid until 31/12/2014)

Do let me know your comments on the products as well if you've tried out any of them! I would love to know it! 

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