Sunday, 7 December 2014

[Event] Carousell's First POP-UP Market in Malaysia

I'm finally free to update about what's happening 1 month (almost) ago! Yup, Carousell finally had their very first bazaar and it ended so successfully!

With my babes, Carinn and Chanwon at the photobooth
Image from Carousell Facebook Page

So if you still don't know what's going on, read my previous post here now!

Beside's saying that I had a great time during the event and gained new experience, I guess I'll leave my story for my images below. Enjoy! XD

Ze entrance.

Day 1.
So here's my booth at Day 1. The items are lesser while my sis was still not there with me yet.

Selfie of Day 1 with mah all time favourite hairstyle.

I was quite energetic on Day 1 because there are free Redbull provided. I only drank less than half and it stayed me awake until after the event and also after shopping at Ikea Damansara! My first time trying Redbull and I'm super impressed!

Day 2.
More accessories, bags and shoes.
Ignore my exhausted face (because no free redbull T.T).

Appreciation time! 

Thanks to the #JayZel (Jay and Hazel) came down all the way from Penang to help me out! 

My lovely Sisty <3
Obviously the lighting makes my skin looks horrible :(

Because I love this pic of me the most compare to others XD
Thanks to Zhen Liang for waking up so early to fetch me and help me out on the first day!

Carinn is the one that I have to thank the most for the whole thing! She's the one who approached me to write about Carousell at the beginning, and I became their one of their media bloggers after writing a few posts. Without her asking for my help, I will never have the chance to join Carousell's first Pop-up Market as a blogger and vendor myself! Thank you Carinn, I love you!! And hope to see you again soon! :D

Selfies with ze bloggers

Sorry that I only managed to wefie with a few of them ;(
With Rebecca a.k.a Becky whose booth is just right beside me
(luckily her stuffs are not as many as mine XD)

With Chanwon sweetie!

With Audrey~

With Jessica a.k.a JessyTheKLChic

With Grace who came on Day 2

With Sarah who also came on Day 2

Group photo with all the bloggers and vendors on 2nd floor!

Image from Carousell Facebook Page

So, my thoughts? It's a great experience for being a vendor for the first time and it's not as easy as you think! I'm glad I had my sister, Jay and Zhen Liang came to help me out! Really couldn't appreciate more for everything happened and all the helps from everyone in these 2 days! The Carousell Team had made a great job as well!

Looking forward for the 2nd pop-up market in Malaysia already! :D

You can go to Carousell Malaysia's Facebook page or Carinn's Facebook Album to see all the images taken during the event. :)


  1. Whoa! great experience. I was in Malacca that few days. I wish I could drop by to check out the event.

  2. inform me when next event available ;) i always visit malacca ...

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