Saturday, 22 November 2014

Peripera X Disney Frozen Cosmetics Collection

Frozen, the first Disney movie that has blown everyone's mind with a different story ending, compare to previous Disney princess movies. Instead of a Prince saving a Princess, they show that True Love can be sister's love as well. 

Peripera has launched a limited edition Peripera Disney Frozen collaboration collection, and I was honored to be invited to join the Peripera Disney Frozen Cosmetics Review Event.

Inspired by the cute and confident queen Elsa and her cute sister Princess Anna, this collection has various products that have been designed to help create the look.

Are you excited about it?? I am!! Let's have a look at every items in the collections now shall we??!

Products Review

Peripera Frozen Enamel Elsa Pouch (RM39.90)
I'm obsessed with it (the only thing I own from this collection) because it's not too big and easy to use!

Eye shadow kits, Tap Tap Eyes (RM59.90 each)
It comes with purple shades (#1 Let It Go) and orange shades (#2 I'm Chiristophe)

Close up look for #1 Let It Go

Close up look for #2 I'm Chiristophe

The beautiful and soft coloured lip tint, Magic Glam Tint (RM35.90 each)

It also comes with 2 shades - Hot Pink (#1 Let It Go) orange (#2 I'm Chiristophe)

I was told that the tint was very long lasting, no reapplication is needed. Besides, it has a very nice and sweet smell.

Wholly Deep Auto 'Gel Liner (RM39.90 each)

From left: Shade #2 (Brown), #1 (Black), #3 (Purple), #5 (Light Pink), and #4 (Hot Pink)As you can tell, the shades are quite glittery. It's quite easy to apply as well.

The Wholly Deep Auto Liner also comes in a kit with another 5 different shades of gel liner,
the Wholly Deep Liner Kit (RM79.90)

Purple, Red, Black, Yellow/Beige, Brown

The cushion pact, Watery Face Pride Up & compact face powder, Snow White Pride Up (RM69.90 each)

Watery Face Pride Up comes with #1 Peach Beige & #2 Vanilla Beige
Snow White Pride Up comes with #1 Peach Beige & #2 Milky Vanilla
In case you wonder, the Watery Face Pride Up is just like the Laneige BB cushion.

And last but not least, the high gloss and glittering nail colours, Nail Story Glam (RM16.90 each)
From left: GWH 20 (White), GRR 23 (Purple) & GGR 21 (Blue)


During the event, we were given a demonstration and make up tutorial for Elsa and Anna as well. The 2 models were dressed up like the 2 princesses.

Elsa's look. (Before touch up)

The make up artist did a touch up look with the product as well.
It's better to touch up for a night outing or dinner.

The Final outcome for Elsa.

Anna's look. (Before touch up)

Anna's look. (After touch up)

Le shorty me with the real life Princess Elsa and Princess Anna.
Their pretty costumes were sponsored by

Exclusive Promotion & Discount!

Peripera Malaysia is running a few promotions whereby customers may collect the redemption cards which are available inside the products packaging to redeem special Frozen pouch as well as a Frozen party which will be organized at Neway, One Utama Shopping Centre in December 2014.

In November 2014, customers who purchased Peripera Disney Frozen cosmetics at Watsons store will also received a special 20% discount vouchers for Frozen The Songs album, redeemable at CD Rama outlets. The voucher is valid until 31 March 2015.

The Peripera Disney Frozen cosmetic range of products is available at major Watsons store.

For more information, kindly visit 


  1. Certain pictures looks blur, anyways nice sharing.

    1. The lighting condition is quite bad at there ><

  2. wow I waaaant the tont and eyeshadows!!! gotta get my hand on this! thanks for your review^^

  3. wow never thought that they will tap into the market of cosmetic!! really good business idea!

  4. lovely!!! I bought that frozen liner kit...