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[Sponsored Post] Dettol pH Balance Shower Gel Review

We live in the city with full of germs, bad weather and pollution, contacting with objects that contains full of bacteria and viruses such as doorknobs, electricity switches and stuffs we have to touch everyday, and even our own hand phones!

Our skin is the shield of the body to protect from being attacked by these unwanted living things and caused various sicknesses and diseases. Many of us tend to take our skin for granted.

Hygiene is an important factor in ensuring skin health and preventing body odour. And then, a trustable body wash with antibacterial properties are helpful to fight germs on a daily basis, which also act as an extra shield to our skin.

As you can tell from the title and the image above, I'm holding Malaysia's leading germ protection brand - DettolEveryone knows Dettol. It can be seen in every supermarkets and convenient stores all over Malaysia.

Before we move on to the product, let's get to know more about our own skin protector first:

The Acid Mantle
our natural skin barrier

The acid mantle is a very fine, slightly acidic invisible film on our skin that's naturally secreted by our skin to protect our skin. It protects the skin from bacteria, viruses, and contaminants. It has a healthy pH of approximately 4 to 6, which means a healthy skin's pH level lies within that range.

So how does it work?

Germs and contaminants are neutralized by the skin's acid mantle. Then, it prevents growth of bad bacteria and enhance good bacteria. Besides, it keeps our skin healthy, soft and supple, free from dryness, cracks and abrasions.


Acid mantle can be damaged if no caring is made. The biggest cause can be what we come across everyday: stress, inflammation or infection. The following are also the factors that will damage the Acid Mantle:
  1. Central heating in the body
  2. Air conditioning
  3. Environmental changes such as UV Rays
  4. Exhaust fumes, pollutants, dust, haze, heat and oxidants
  5. Harmful microorganisms such as germs and bacteria
Yes, you see it right! We can barely avoid these situations everyday!


Protecting our own natural skin barrier can be done easily. It's just like our face skin, all we have to do is to cleanse with slightly acidic cleanser & moisturizer for a healthy skin.

Besides, a pH balanced antibacterial protection is needed to attack germs for a germ free skin. It's important to use products that are compatible to your skin's natural pH level cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural lipid layer, maintaining the skin's moisture and ensuring truly healthy skin.

Dettol has introduced new improved Body Wash range with pH-balanced formulation which not only 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria, but also helps to retain skin moisture, preserving the natural barrier of your skin.

I was invited to join a special experiential session with Dettol's new improved pH-Balanced shower gel few weeks ago.

We also get to see the comparison between Brand X shower gel and Dettol pH Balanced shower gel on Rose PetalsSome rose petals was immersed into the shower gels for several hours and the results shows the petals remain red in Dettol pH Balanced shower gel but not Brand X.

Close up look: Left side is Brand X, Right side is Dettol pH Balanced.

The rose petals on the left turns black after 6 hours, while the right side one remains red until 9 hours. This experiment tell us that the new Dettol pH Balanced whower gel does protects and locks up the moisture in the petals, which it definitely does the same thing to our skin.

Talking about pH, How do we know if it's really pH-balanced? And how well-balanced it is? How do we know??

After the talk, we were brought to try and test the products by ourselves. Most importantly, we get to test the pH value of the products using the Surface pH Pencil from Hydrion.

It's something like a marker pen, but it only works on liquids.
It comes along with the paper that shows the pH values.

The instructions.

Now, let me show you how balance the Dettol's shower gel's pH is, compare to Brand X (also an antibacterial shower gel) using the pH pencil given. Let the competition begin!

Dettol pH Test Challenge!

Comparing with Water, Dettol pH Balaned Shower Gel, Dettol normal shower gel, and Brand X.

As you can tell Dettol's shower gels are as neutral as water, while Brand X is more alkaline which is quite harmful for our Acid Mantle.

Products with pH 2.0 - 3.0 (acidic) will cause skin to peel, and 
pH 8.0 - 12.0 (alkaline) will cause your skin to age prematurely!

Check out my demonstration video using the pH Test here:

Therefore, the pH-Balanced challenge winner goes to......*drum rolls*...... Dettol pH-Balanced Shower Gel! It has the nearest pH value to water! 

Dettol did it! Since Dettol has won it, why don't you start pampering your skin with Dettol starting from now on?! How? Keep reading as I will be showing you more about the shower gel. An exclusive promotion is waiting for you down below as well!


Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash is available in 7 variants at retail stores nationwide:
  1. Original (green) with pine fragrance
  2. Skincare (pink) with added moisturizers
  3. Re-energize (orange) with fresh citrus fragrance
  4. Fresh (yellow) with citrus fragrance
  5. Radiance (peach) with unique blend of Vitamin C & B3
  6. Cool (blue) with revitalizing menthol
  7. Nourishing (not shown in picture) with the goodness of natural olive and almond

After the event, I was given a pack of 4 bottles of 250ml Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash to try out, along with a convenient toiletries bag, and the pH pencil.

Dettol Original comes with pine fragrance. It cleanses and protects your skin for a hygienic clean and healthy, refreshing feeling everyday.

Dettol Fresh has refreshing citrus fragrance. Respects skin's moisture barrier and leave skin feeling healthy and fresh. 

Dettol Re-energize with zesty mandarin scent. Respects skin's moisture barrier and leaves skin feeling healthy and fresh.

A dermatological pH-balanced formula with Dettol's trusted germ protection. Helps retain skin's moisture and preserve skin's natural protection for a softer-smoother skin feeling.

All of them has the same function to keep your skin germ-free and moisturised!

Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash Recommended Retail Price

250ml: RM6.90
625ml: RM15.90
950ml: RM21.90
Refill 900ml: RM14.50

My Opinion

I've tried all 4 of them in my shower. I always thought that all drugstore's shower gel has the same effect that my skin will feel squeaky clean but not smooth after showering, but turns out I was wrong! Dettol pH-Balanced Shower Gel does makes my skin feel so smooth and soft, instead of squeaky or sticky feel! I felt that it's been a while for me to feel such a soft skin on myself right after showering.

Besides, they smell awesome that I couldn't really decide which one to use first! I'm really impressed because I never know that Dettol's products are really that awesome, although it's very famous! In a nutshell, I'm madly in love with this range of products now!

If you ask which of them are my favourite or most recommended, I will say go for the Skincare one! But it's still depend on yourself, like if you often go to gym, pick the fresh one maybe? :D

Exclusive Promotion for You!

Well, you've learned a lesson about pH level from my post. Now, it's time for you to take this challenge!

Hop onto Dettol's website now and take the pH challenge to get a RM5 discount voucher for your purchase on any Dettol pH-balanced 625ml shower gel variant, on top of in store discount at guardian from 30th October to 31st December 2014!

Yup, you heard it right, it can be used on discounted price as well! It's really worth to give it a try! What are you waiting for? Get this awesome offer before it's too late!

Let's keep our skin healthy and moisturized with new improved Dettol pH-Balanced Body Wash! 

Extra tips for you:
To enhance your skin protection, use sun protection products like sunblock or sunscreen daily.

So can you guess which is my favourite one? 
(Just to test whether you read my wordy post or not XD)

Do let me know which one is your favourite if you have tried them! 
If you haven't, get it at the cheapest price by taking the pH challenge now!

Stay Moisturised. Stay Healthy.


  1. wau, very technical analysis on DETTOL. Anyway, my family are using Dettol due to we have skin allergy....

    1. So it's really that good for so many years already! :D

  2. I using Dettol for quite the smells and it don't dry my skin that most important!

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