Tuesday, 28 October 2014

[Beauty] My Favourite Eyebrow Makeups

When it comes to the most important face feature, eyebrows are definitely the first thing that comes to my mind. Different shapes, colours and opaqueness makes a huge difference on your face. 

Ever since I started to know about the importance of the eyebrows on a face, I drew it everyday if I have to leave my house. So this post mainly is to share about my experiences and opinions on different eyebrow make ups that I'd used before.

The first time ever when I started to touch my eyebrow, my mom gave me the Silky Girl Natural Brow Pencil in Soft Black.

She just taught me to fill in the brows lightly. I personally don't like this colour because it's too dark for me, so I decided to get brown colours on my next purchases. Of course this one also able to draw the shape, but just the colour is not that suitable for me.

After I won the Holika-Holika Auto Eyebrow pencils and which was quite a recommended type of eyebrow pencil, I decided to hop onto YouTube and give myself a try on different kinds of eyebrow shape instead of just filling in. If you read before my 2013 Favourite Beauty Products post, you definitely can see this one in the list. Read the review here

Image from previous post

By the way, I actually went back to Holika's store and ask for this pencil, they rarely have stocks already. That's why I couldn't get a second one.

Then, I got myself the 3CE eyebrow mascara after knowing the assistance of eyebrow mascara, which it colours your brow hairs like how lashes mascara colours the lash hairs.

I got it in gold because I fancy of colour eyebrows (instead of just brown to black) all of a sudden. But the furthest colour I can get in my place is gold colour. I don't really like the brush, even though it is small and easy to apply (like how people said), the cream came out too much and sometimes it made a whole mess.

While realizing my Holika one is going to finish soon, I went to Etude House and ask for some recommendations during one of their Buy 1 Free 1 Sales. They recommended me these 2 types.

Tint My Brows which is just to fill up the brows for more definition looking, but not for drawing.

And their eyebrow mascara, Color My Brows which is used to colour the brows naturally after tinting with the previous one, literally the same function as the 3CE one.

I don't really like the tint one because I'm just so into obvious eyebrows, and I have to trim a perfect brow shape in order to get a nice eyebrows if I have to use this. Besides, the came out too light, unless I apply it many times to get a darker colour. But sometimes I use it as a super natural looking eyeliner if I don't want to put an obvious eyeliner.

After trying pencils, mascaras and tint, I still love the effect and the fun of drawing the eyebrows instead of just filling in them. After trying the angled type of pencil (the Holika one), I decided to go back to the pointy one, like normal pencil. So I got myself the Miss Hana Eyebrow Auto Pencil in Light Brown during #Mycybersales this year.

I never regret and it makes me gonna get this type instead of parallel type of the pencil next time! Not sure will the brand and quality affect, like maybe some other brand of pencil is not as good. But I really love this one because the texture is quite creamy and it's so much easy to draw the shape I want compared to the Holika one, although it's even better in drawing and fill in the colours.

So in overall, you can tell that I love eyebrow pencils more than others. If you want me to pick the most favourite, by far it's the Miss Hana Eyebrow Auto Pencil.

The only type of eyebrow make ups that I still haven't tried is the palette type, where I define my brows with different shades of colours. Heard that it requires techniques to get a perfect brows with that, but I would love to know that if this is better or not in your opinion!

Anyway, I hope this is something helpful for you in someway. Please do share with me which are your favourite or please suggest me which brand should I try next!

Till then! xoxo.


  1. I've tried quite a few eyebrow products too but i never seem to get it right.. Haha.. i take my eyebrow colours very seriously. xD .. Anyways, among everything else i have to say that my favourite one recently is simply any Daiso retractable ones in shade Dark Brown. :D

    Its cheap, it does the job very well and the colouration is not too overpowering so i have plenty of control whether to darken it up or simply wear a soft brown shade. I've tried the palette type but i find 'dipping and applying' method is quite a hassle since im such a lazy bum.. haha
    However i've been dying to try eyebrow mascaras since like, forever~

    1. Thanks for sharing with me, Nora! Surprisingly Daiso one is your favourite! And since I'm also a lazy bum, I shall not try the palette one next time. XD

  2. i always impress with ppl who know how to draw eyebrow nicely...ahhhh!!! me...will end up with 'cacat' eyebrow. hehehe

    1. Practise is all you need, Rina! It took me so long to get my perfect brows too! See more youtube tutorials XD

  3. i got the kate kanebo eyebrow palette, which doubles as my contouring shade.. not bad ooo. the 2 headed brush, one for brow and one for contour.

    1. wow the brush big enough to contour? or just for nose bridge? Anyway thanks for sharing, will try it next time if I want :D

  4. haha i supposed girls that good in make up should be good in drawing too right? or i should say coloring? haha

    1. Not really because I'm really bad at drawing and colouring XD But I realized lotsa make up artist can draw well :D