Friday, 26 September 2014

[Food] Malacca Food Trip (Melaka)

It's been a while for a travel food post. Me and my boyfie decided to plan a Malacca food trip after his final exam since I never went there before. Since we only have limited time, we only get to choose on a weekend, which is a super bad idea. 

Never go on a weekend or school holidays and public holidays! Unless you only want to hunt for one particular food and you can bare with the jam and queues. A gentle reminder here if you're planning to do so!

On Saturday, we depart from KL Setapak around 1pm. ETA is normally 2 hours or less depends on your speed. But for a weekend, it took us almost 3 hours due to heavy traffic on the high way. So we reach 906 Hotel and check in at around 4pm.

We decided to have a rest for a while and hunt for dinner before 6, because you know, Malacca's street are not that big and it's definitely going to be jam every where during peak hours!

Our first meal in Malacca was at Restaurant D'tandoori House. As you can tell, they are famous in Tandoori Chicken - a popular North Indian dish consisting of roasted chicken prepared with yogurt and spices.

Tandoori Chicken (RM8).
I have to say that this is one of the best chicken I'd taste ever.
It's obviously made from a Kampung Chicken and the meat is super bouncy and juicy. It might be small for those chicken lover because they probably used to eat 'town chicken' (if you know what I mean) because their meat and larger.

Besides, we each ordered a Naan for the dinner. I'm not a big fan of Naan but since I'm at an authentic Indian Restaurant, I should try it to see if it taste different from normal mamak one or not. 

Cheese Naan (RM5.50).
I was expecting cheese taste, but turns out it is tasteless for me. Luckily they gave a sauce so it won't taste exactly nothing.

Forgotten the name but it's Lamb Naan. (RM6)
It taste much better because it has meat inside. 

The number of customer is quite low in the restaurant, probably is because the restaurant is small and they serve very slow, even though there are only a few tables of customers.

For the drink, you can try their Mango Lassie. The taste is like pure mango with yogurt only. It's delicious!

After we had our dinner, we went to Mahkota Parade, one of the shopping mall in Malacca, and then Jonker Street.

Along the way, you can see a lot of tricycle at the road side which was decorated into super bright and cute designs, with music and bass!

Ultimate Hello Kitty!

Yeah ikr, never thought will see something like this here. I guess their decoration mainly is to alert drivers that there are tricycle with tourists there. Attractive and Brilliant!

A statue in the jonker street's small park for the Mr Universe from Malacca.

We did not take out our camera or phone for any photoshoots of the stalls because it's super duper pack for the entire street as you know, it's a Saturday night. You imagine that yourself. I was sweating for the whole night and bewaring of pickpocketing. 

Some food that you can get from the night street is coconut milk shake (not the famous one), lively made potato chips (yes they peel and cut the real potato in front of you), an egg shaped ice-cream, fried foodsfruits, tanghulu (冰糖葫芦)soda drinks with cute bottle designs, plant pot ice-cream and of course some other random stuff which are not food! We managed to get some of these delicious food which rarely can be seen other that Malacca.

One thing that didn't make me grab any other stuffs like clothes or souvenirs because all of their stuffs are expensive! I always compare the price of those similar outfits that can be seen in Sungei Wang Plaza and honestly, they are so much cheaper in that mall!

And that's all for our day 1. Just spending some sweet moment walking and eating on the street with the boyfie. The most important part of the trip is the food hunting during day time!

Traffic jam, traffic jam everywhere.

Yes, even the tricycler work in the morning.
So our plan on day 2, after check out from hotel was supposed to be:

  1. Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball
  2. Visit the Stadthuys (Malacca Red Square, the historical buildings)
  3. Nyonya Asam Laksa
  4. Durian Chendol
  5. Duck Noodles
  6. Klebang Coconut Milk Shake

And then go back KL and attend friend's birthday party at night.
That's why I said never go on a weekend because we only managed to try 2 out of 6 of the famous foods!! Every where is long queue and traffic jam! Luckily we managed to find a good car park despite we need to pay freaking RM6, but for safety purpose, I guess that's worth.

Another gentle reminder - Save up your smartphone's battery life, or get a book along with you! You won't wanna get bored during the long queue, aren't you? ;)

First stop, the Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball's long queue definitely gonna make us late for friend's birthday party at night (just imagine I might need 24 hours to get my lunch). So we decided to go for a shorter queue one - Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball.

After seeing Chung Wah's queue, I felt that this queue is so damn short.

Because of the long queue, they don't make soups anymore, and they stated at the door that they will not give 100% of the rice ball, but a plate of normal chickien rice plus a few chicken rice ball only, due to the limited time they have to prepare. Yeah we still get to try the rice ball. And you can add Asam Fish Head if you want.

So this is how it look like. Everyone was just raving for the cute rice ball only.

I personally not a big fan of hainan chicken rice, but the chicken really taste different and special.
Boyfie said they did hit the taste of Hainan Chicken, so I guess that's the reason of long queue.

Overall for 2 person plus a drink, it cost us RM20.50.

Because the queue took us half an hour, our time to try other food were decreased a lot. But both of us said that Durian Chendol at Jonker 88 is a must try no matter how long the queue is!

Super full house. Those who just ordered Ais Kacang or Chendol have to stand since they didn't order hot food like Asam Laksa. So we decided to stand too since we just want the Baba Durian Chendol.

And we never regret! Honestly this is the best Chendol I've ever had! Price: RM5

Nancy's Kitchen, famous with Nyonya Asam Laksa, with long queue too.
We didn't try their Laksa because we're out of time.

After that, we decided to go for Klebang Cocunut Milk Shake because that's the most famous drink in Malacca, and it's a must try! But when we reached there, the long queue is almost like Chung Wah's queue that long. So end up we give up and straightly went back to KL.

It's a tiring trip because of long queue-ing every where. But at least it's a memorable trip with my boyfriend and I tried their Durian Chendol! Anyone who's also a big fan of durian too? :D

I'm looking forward for another Malacca trip again on weekdays and I must try their Asam Laksa and Duck Noodles! Do let me know if you have any other suggestion in Malacca! Will definitely give it a try next time!


  1. So Yummy!! I am feeling hungry now!! ><

    1. Me too, looking at my own photo makes me so hungry ><

  2. the chicken rice shop always long queue

    1. Yes because it's one of the signature food in Malacca

  3. good experience and enjoyable after all those bad traffic. I used to go to Malacca like every quarter!!! but now me so bz bee...maybe next time again.I love Bibik Nyonya Cendol!

    1. Wow every quarter? Do you see any difference in the amount of people there in different month? Sounds great to go there every quarter because we definitely won't get bored with their food!

  4. you make me miss the food there! TT btw their trishaw really.... bling bling! lol

    1. Haha i myself also keep craving for their food whenever i see this post! XD

  5. try pak putra tandoori next time!!the best in Malacca!!and also aunty koh cendol but only on weekend!!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion cindy! Will definitely try them on my next visit! :D

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    Happy Travels Everyone!


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