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Human Nature Products Review + Giveaway!

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Can't believe it's September now! Ever since I started my university life, the beginning of all the Septembers are always a tough month for me because final exam is just around the corner! But the guiltiness of not being able to blog makes me can't even concentrate in my revision for the 30% of the time, so I decided to spare some free time for this awesome post (because there's a giveaway at the end of this post hohoho) after finish revising what should I study today.

So today I'm going to introduce you, my precious readers about a pretty awesome brand and their products called Human Nature. Why awesome? If you understand the word Organic or Natural, you might wanna continue reading because you will definitely wanna try these products that I'm going to review!

Human Nature's products are chemical free and suitable for men, women, kids and babies.

"We believe that a high quality product that is good for you, that won’t make you or your family sick, and won’t make you go broke isn't too much to ask. We also want to bring these amazing products straight to your door so you don't have to walk around endless shops just trying to find them. These products can come find you!"

All the products in Human Nature are
  • Safe to use
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Socially responsible
  • Never tested on animals
  • Environmentally friendly

They liase with the poorest farmers and buy their crops at a fair price to make the products. That's how they get them out of poverty so every single product in the range makes a real difference in someone's life.

Human Nature is based in Penang. This brand of products is also available in USA, Philippines, Singapore and Dubai.
So let's get started with the first product, their newly launched Strengthening series of hair care products, which Human Nature mainly want me to show you guys how awesome it is.

Natural Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner

I love how attentive the company is because they actually knew that I have fine and weak hair that I only mentioned them in my About Me section, and specially want me to try these hair products out. All PR should treat us bloggers like this!

So I got it in Soothing ALOE, which everyone knows Aloe Vera is one of the best ingredients to use on human!

As you can tell, they are mainly to strengthen you hair. Even you already have strong hairs, I still recommend you to maintain it by using the strengthening series of hair care. Don't wait until you have no hair anymore.

So this is WHY it's recommended to use their shampoos.

They have chemicals too but all are not harmful. You might wanna google and see if they are really not harmful. Hmmm. But 96.4% of the ingredients are natural!
I actually only noticed it needed to be shake before use when I'm typing this sentence. Oh well..

It's in a transparent liquid form where it's quite creamy to be lathered.

So now for the conditioner.

It's even creamier and thick which is not really easy to lather it, unlike other conditioners I used.

My thoughtsFor the shampoo, I love the smell! But not for the Conditioner. It doesn't smell as good as the shampoo. After using it for a few weeks, my hair fall problem does gone better comparatively! Recall back just few days earlier until now, the amount of hair on the floor really decreased a lot! I'm not sure is it only me or what, it's harder to be lathered into foams or bubbles while I'm using the shampoo. I need to add more water than I used to be, but no worries, it still does. I know that normally natural organic products need more time and use them constantly to see the results, so I can't really tell the changes in my hair texture yet. But, with their promise on the natural ingredients, I felt so healthy to use them! Overall, this product is amazing!

Product Information

Name: Human Nature Natural Strengthening Hair Care Pair
Key Natural ingredients: Coconut nectar (Cocos nucifera), Corn mint essential oil, Guar gum, Gugo bark, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Naturally-derived glucosides, Peppermint essential oil, Organic avocado oil, Anisic acid
Size available: 200ml and 500ml
Scents available: Aloe Vera & Peppermint
Price & Where to buy: Click here to direct link

All Natural Healthy Lotion

I'm not sure if you read about this on my previous posts, I'm a person who can never live without Body Lotions! Are you too? Let me know! I'm so excited while I was going to try this All Natural Healthy Lotion, like what it said, natural and healthy!

Got it in Blossom Beauty. Supposed I wanted to try the Vanilla Delight which I saw most people recommend about this scent, but too bad, it has been discontinued and I don't know why. But luckily there are still another scent which I loved.

So how natural it is?
  • Non-whitening
  • Non-tanning
  • No parabens
  • No synthetic fragrance
  • No harmful chemicals
  • 100% Healthy Beauty!

In case you don't know, products that has whitening and tanning effects are quite harmful for your skin. Especially if I was asked to use any whitening products on my acne skin, a big no no! It will trigger the acne and pimples and my face will be ruined!

I love how even the instruction can be related to what we really did in real life!! Never found one before until this! :D

As you can tell, it's very light and smooth, unlike any other lotions are thicker and some stickier.

It's slipping down very fast!

Yup, Relax, sing a happy tune and gently massage all over the body!

My thoughts: I love how it's so light and smooth, and easily absorbed! Never used such a light yet moisturizing lotion before! Unlike all the previous lotions, they are thicker and not that easy to dry. And yes, never felt any dry skin even though I'm using lotion everyday (because people might doubt that natural products might be milder and make my skin dry). Personally recommend this product if you're a lotion-addict like me! And not forgetting to mention, love the smell too!

Product Information

Name: All Natural Healthy Lotion
Key Natural Ingredients: Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), Naturally-derived triglycerides, Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Tapioca starch, Organic avocado oil, Anisic acid
Size available: 50ml and 200ml
Scents available: Blossom Beauty & Berry Bliss
Price & Where to buy: Click here to direct link

All Natural Feminine Wash

So this is specially for all the females out there! Of course guys if you're reading this, you might wanna put a little bit more concern because you will be marrying in the future or maybe you need to understand a little bit more to your wife!

Female's private part, let's call it varjayjay, are tend to be more alkaline if it's not cared properly. It's not that easy to be cleaned if you never use an extra cleanser on it. It will produce bacteria and cause weird odor too. In short, it's important to clean our private part everyday, by using a suitable feminine to balance the pH underneath.

Got it in Chamomile COOL because some reviewed said that it does feel cold after using it! And I was like WOW, is that true? 

No Harmful chemicals at all! Super safe to use and no worries on hurting our sensitive part! :D

It's a little bit creamy, easy to be hold and lathered, unlike those watery one I used previously.

My thoughtsAfter seeing lotsa ppl review saying that it's so good and so refreshing after using it. Well it makes me wanna witness myself. So I did with no regrets! After rinsing, it does feel cold under my varjayjay! So refreshing, it's kinda like Ice Bucket Challenge is on going in my varjayjay! *lol*

The cooling effect does last for a while but definitely not the whole day or half. Even though I just received a small size to try and review, it makes me wanna buy it myself after finishing all my current one!

Actually I saw a lot of reviews saying that a boyfriend bought it for his girlfriend. So take note to un-single boys out there. You might wanna make your babe's day! :D

Product Information

Name: All Natural Feminine Wash
Key ingredients: Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), Chamomile extract, Menthol, Naturally-derived glucosides, Anisic acid
Size available: 50ml and 200ml
Scents available: Chamomile FRESH & Chamomile COOL
Price & Where to buy: Click here to direct link

All Natural Spray Sanitizer

If you're a person who's lazy to use sanitizer because you think that it's so troublesome, you gotta check this one out! This sanitizer is used to spray instead of squeeze out from the bottle. Most of the bottle type tend to be a little bit troublesome because you need to wait it for like 10 seconds to dry.

Before Human Nature send all of these items to me, the one that makes me excited the most is this sanitizer, because I never tried spray one before. Besides, it's in COOL BURST scent and makes me wanna try it so badly!

So it never lied. Awesome idea!

Never thought that a sanitizer can be used to easily!

It's super watery, which mean it dries out easily!

Just spray, and rub, and you're done with a clean hands! Easy doesn't?

Besides, it was also made to clean the public toilet bowl's cap before sitting on a bacteria-lized seat! Most of my friends include my family told me that they never sit on public toilet bowls, they choose to squat. With this, now your problem is solved, even though when you're in a rush!

My thoughts: Never thought of getting myself a sanitizer which is to clean the toilet bowl's cap! Thanks to human nature, I don't need to worry about the dirtiness of the public toilet bowl anymore! And if you're at the place which are either out of water to wash your hands, this could help too! Just 1 spray on the hand, it dries within 2 seconds! This product never disappoint me after reading those reviews! Love it~

Product Information

Name: All Natural Spray Sanitizer
Key ingredients: Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis), Corn mint essential oil, Natural ethyl alcohol, Peppermint essential oil
Size available: only 50ml available
Scents available: CITRUS BURST & COOL BURST
Price & Where to buy: Click here to direct link


In a nutshell, these items that I'd tried did amazed me a lot! A lot of other natural products doesn't really help much because normally chemical products are more effective than natural one, but not Human Natures!

Besides beauty products, you're able to find home care items like biodegradable laundry detergent and dish-washing liquid made with no harmful chemicals. I'm not sure if these products did the same as beauty products or not. If you will be giving them a try, don't forget to let me know how was it after using it! :D


Everyone's favourite part right now, GIVEAWAY TIME!!

Thanks to Human Nature, they are giving away all the items that I'd just review to my precious readers! Everyone of you no matter you're a dude or a babe, uncle or baby, are invited to join this giveaway!! 


The prizes will separate into 2 sets:

Set 1 - The Human Nature Natural Strengthening Hair Care Pair (ALOE) which consist of:
  1. Shampoo (200ml)
  2. Conditioner (200ml)

Set 2 - The other 3 items:
  1. All Natural Healthy Lotion (Blossom Beauty) (200ml)
  2. Chamomile COOL Feminine Wash (50ml)
  3. COOL BURST All Natural Spray Sanitizer (50ml)

How to join?

All you have to do is just fill in the rafflecopter app below.

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  1. Giveaway only opens to Malaysian.
  2. Giveaway ends at 21th September 2014, 11.59pm.
  3. All mandatory entries must be fulfilled to entitle in winning.
  4. All the account of entries (GFC, Facebook, Twitter) must set as PUBLIC or else entries will be disqualified if the account is private.
  5. Winners must reply my E-mail before the stated date and time in the mail or else a new winner will be generated.
  6. NicoleYie has the right to amend the T&C of the giveaway.

Good luck all my dudes and babes!

For more information, kindly visit:
Human Nature

Update: Winners

Once again, thank you all for joining! I know it's long-winded but I have to say that I truly appreciate all the supportive participants! It's so far my most successful giveaway because I never received so many entries before! I'm really really happy and appreciate that!

Be hold, the winners are...

Congratulations to
Set 1 winner - Li Na 
Set 2 winner - Miss JasJas 

I had E-mailed both of you so make sure you check your inbox or junk mail and reply me!

TBH, I'm glad that both of them won because they are the one who has the most entries in the list, which means they gained a lot of entries through sharing in Facebook and Twitter! Logically, you gain more entries, the higher chance you win. 

Do note that the winners are selected by the service in the app. I do not pick them myself.

Anyway, don't feel sad if you're not a winner! Most giveaway will be coming soon I promise! Yea I never break my promise because it's already my third giveaway this year, thanks to the sponsors! :D

I really hope you guys can keep supporting my blog! I'm always planning to have my own giveaway instead of sponsored by certain company, but I need time! Please forgive me as I said I will be doing a 21st birthday giveaway but I failed.

Once again, a big fat thanks and hope to see you again in my next giveaway! ;)


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