Monday, 29 September 2014

[Food] Coffee Smith | Maritime Piazza, Karpal Singh Drive

It's been a while for a food post in my blog. Since I'm quite free today, I'm gonna do a small sharing about a cafe that I went in Penang few days ago - Coffee Smith, Maritime Piazza (Karpal Singh Drive). 

According to my sister, this cafe is quite new at the moment and it's always full house during peak hours. Besides, you might get the chance to share the large table with some other bunch of people. We went on a weekday lunch hour but it's not full house. Just a gentle reminder before anyone get disappointed. 

I really love the design and the concept of the cafe when I first enter the cafe. It's a little bit vintage and old school type (in my opinion). But for the ambiance, I saw quite a few tables of office workers that might be those who are working nearby, chilling in the cafe, so it's not that quiet.

The menu was mainly in Chinese with explanation, and an English translation for the food name. As you can tell from their Facebook page, it was initially from Taipei, Taiwan, but the food were something western, such as Spaghetti, Sandwiches, Eggs Benedict and Chicken Chop.

Let's get started with a few food that me and my sister ordered.

Caramel Machiato - RM11 (I think)
Not a fan of coffee so I didn't try it, but it's my sister's favourite drink and you can definitely give it a try if you love caramel!

Banana Chocolate Smoothie - RM12
It's a drink, but the whole thing looks like a dessert.
It is definitely a good pick if you love both chocolate and banana like me. It has 4 pieces of banana in the drink. The portion looks small but it's just like normal size other restaurant serve.

Sorry that I couldn't remember the name and the price but it's under the Appetizer section.
Their fried chicken is a must try if you love to eat chickens because it taste really good!

Because my sister was so hungry when we arrived so she decided the order an appetizer and a main course, and expecting the appetizer to reach our table first. But the main course arrived faster than the appetizer. Don't chu know appetizer means before main course? It's is a big minus mark for any restaurant or cafe or anywhere to serve main course before appetizer. Anyway, it's not a first time I met this kind of situation already. A few restaurant in KL were like this too. I really hope that I will never meet this kind again anymore.

Scallop and Mentaiko Cream Linguine (北海道明太子干贝奶油宽面) - Rm 22
Hands down to the best seller! One of the best spaghetti I'd tasted so far! The sauce is really delicious and look closely to the pasta, it contains ikura (fish eggs)!

Seasonal Fish with Pumpkin Risotto (Pumpkin Cream) (时令鲜鱼佐南瓜炖饭) - RM22
Because I used to taste some great pumpkin sauce so I ordered this to give it a try. The rice mixed with the pumpkin sauce is nice, but it's easy to feel very full. The fish is fresh and tasty.

And that's all for the foods! Didn't managed to take picture of the cafe because it's getting more people while we're leaving.

Not a great food blogger in explaining the foods but I tried my best and hopefully you guys can understand something. :D

Coffee Smith

No. 29C-01-11, Maritime Piazza, 
Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 
11600, Georgetown, 

Opening Hours: 
11.00am - 11.00pm (Opens Daily)

Contact Number: 


  1., coffee, coffee, i love coffee....

  2. 之前去过那儿~但人潮太多,整个咖啡厅闹哄哄的~很不喜欢...

    1. 我也是听说经常很多人~ 所以说我很幸运咯 当时的人潮还好 :D

  3. pumpkin risotto look delicious and that appetizer look tempting!

    1. i know right i now saw my own post i felt hungry too T.T

  4. If the food tastes as good as Nicole looks, i will go everyday lol !!!

    1. Wow thanks for praising?? Haha they actually taste really not bad ^^