Monday, 22 September 2014

[Event] Carousell x Community Meet-Up Party @ Little Wonton Cafe

It's been a while for me to start a friendly intro... Hey waddup guys! I'm having sembreak for a week now! :D So as you can tell from the title and the image above, it's gonna be a post relating my favourite phone app, Carousell, again!

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So I was invited by the lovely Reshma from Carousell to join their meet-up party with the founders who came all the ways from Singapore, other bloggers and the power users of Carousell at Little Wonton Cafe, TTDI.

I was late because I just had an exam that afternoon and rush home to prepare. Besides, it's freaking 6 and it's jam at every highway that I have to pass through. Luckily it was just a relaxing event which was made to meet new friends with the same hobby (sell preloved items lol) and communicate with each other! So when I reached, I only able to take a full house picture like above.

In case you don't know, yes it's mainly about wonton (wantan in hokkien), but it ain't ordinary wonton that you can get from other wantan mee stall! You can choose your wonton flavour, like chocolate banana, kaya banana or tuna (I know, wtf?!)! I thought that it was epic because it' has become a combination of dinner and desserts, weird!

Since it's an event and we get to try them for free so.,.. why not? We get to choose our soup (you can get dry one too) and 2 flavours of wonton. I picked ABC soup because I love it! For the Wonton, I picked Chocolate Banana and Kaya Banana! They come in 3 pieces for each flavour.

This is in Chocolate Banana. Yes, it has chocolate syrups inside and some bananas! 

This is in Kaya Banana.

You definitely will ask it if taste nice or not. I personally felt that I can't get used to it because I'm used to normal fried wonton! Plus I picked soup based of noodles, it's weird if I put the wonton into the soup, what if it turns into chocolate or kaya soup? But I managed to finish them because I actually felt it's getting better in my mouth after the second piece. It's really a good try. In overall, I just have to say who created this has a huge sense of creativeness.

#NicoleYieMOTD #RandomSelfie. :D

The crew was nice enough to arrange a performance from a special guest for us.
Believe or not, she actually finish this drawing in 5 minutes! Too talented girl!

Image adapted from Carousell Facebook Page

Get caught in action.
Image adapted from Carousell Facebook Page

So after having our dinner and chit chating with new friends, photo time!!

Carinn the little pretty blogger girlfriend!
She's one of the crew member of the Carousell!
Glad to see you again dear!
Image adapted from Carinn's Facebook

With the super friendly Jessica, the KL Chic! Met her the second time too!

Famous blogger Chanwon was there too!
In real life she's as pretty & friendly as she is in her pictures!
Glad to meet you in real life babe!

Behind the scene :PImage adapted from Carousell Facebook Page

Met Zhi Xin for the first time! Or I guess it's the second time, but we chatted in real life for the first time. Glad to meet you dear!Image adapted from Carinn's Facebook

(From Left) Carinn, me, Chanwon, Jessica, Sarah, Amelia and Kishya!
Glad to meet all of you girls!! <3
Image adapted from Carinn's Facebook

With the Carousell founders from Singapore - Siu Rui, Marcus and Lucas.
It's awesome to chat with them because they are so damn super duper friendly! And so tall... x.x

Group photo with the attendees of the event!
Big fat thanks to the photographers of the day for taking all the awesome and memorable photos!
Image adapted from Carousell Facebook Page

#NicoleYieOOTD - nothing much but Hello Kitty! :D
Photo credits to Michelle

So here are what we received from the event, Goodie bag with a Carousell notebook, stickers, postcards and poster. Polaroid photos were taken that night too!

They are too sweet to make us a special small cover for our polaroid photos taken that night! And also the little notebook, we were allowed to use their cute stickers to decorate our own cover page! I know mine is very ugly and normal because I am never creative in designing, and I'm always excited to see pretty designs by others!

I never regret to attend this event even though it's quite rush for me and TTDI is quite far away from my place. But at least I step out from my house area to discover the place! I really enjoy throughout the whole event and I hope to attend more soon!

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  1. great! you gals and guys sell prelove item on fb? I need to check it out then.

    1. No not on fb dear, it's in the Carousell phone app :)

  2. I heard Carousell is very popular in Singapore now?

    1. Yes it is, and it's also getting famous in Malaysia now!

  3. Seems really fun! hahha love your blog!

  4. Haha omg you damn cute lah. I'm glad you enjoyed the event! See you soon dear! <3