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[Lifestyle] Ambipur & Febreze First Defense Range Review

I'm usually not a person who like to use air freshener especially for a person who has sinus problem like me. But I was asked to review on the new Ambi Pur and Febreze First Defense House Dust Reducer Range - the Ambi Pur Air Effects Clean Zest and Febreze with Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher Pure Refreshment.

The Ambi Pur First Defense Air Effects and Febreze First Defense Fabric Refresher go beyond creating a cleaner living space for families to breathe easier and happier. It makes housekeeping more efficient. 

With the help of Trap and Lock House Dust Reduction technology, inanimate particles such as dust mite, pollen, and pet dander matter that may be present in fabric materials or the air can easily be trapped, avoiding them from becoming airborne when there is an impact to the materials.

As I mentioned, a person who has sinus problem will never gonna like any air fresheners or even fragrance. But it says that if anyone who's prone to sneezing or have asthma, you should try this. So keep reading to see if it's true or not.

Ambi Pur Air Effects Clean Zest

When Ambi Pur First Defense Air Effects is sprayed to the air above soft fabrics, malodorous sare trapped and eliminated, while trapping up to 75% of inanimate allergens from becoming airborne. A fine mist of scent is released leaving behind a subtle fragrance that lingers throughout the home.

Basically what it means is that when Ambi Pur First Defense is sprayed into the air, it removes odors (up to 10x better than previous products) and also traps airborne particles which fall to the floor.

The sprayer head and button which I think that it's super easy to be hold and used!

Spraying in my space of the room. 

And bathroom! I was always reminded to do so because of the sweet fruity smell that I like to have in my bathroom!

My Opinion

First of all, I'm so gonna use it every single second! Nawh just kidding. So what I meant is I love the smell so much! It's sort of sweet fruity smell which is not too heavy for me. I felt that I wanna use it every time when the smell gone away, and also bring it out to spray on those nearby smelly guys with weird body odor! I can finish it in just a day I guess. Lol

Besides, the hazey weather period has just past but my room is still very dusty, and my sneezing actually gone worst after the haze period! Thanks to the Ambi Pur Air Freshener, I love the air in my room now.

The thing that surprised me the most is the freshener actually stays longer in my room than I expected! Once my friend actually asked me what was that sweet fruity smell on my body. I thought it was the new lotion that I was using but when I reach my room after class, I still can smell the super nice sweet smell at my desk.

Product Information:

Name: Ambi Pur Air Effects Clean Zest
Brand: Ambi Pur
Net Weight: 275g
Prize: RM17.50
Where to buy: Available at leading Malaysia supermarkets and pharmacies
Other Scents Available: Clean Splash, Pure Refreshment & Gentle it Leaves No Scent Behind

Febreze with Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher Pure Refreshment

Febreze First Defense on the other hand is to be sprayed on soft furnishings that are usually disturbed (sat on, moved) so that dust doesn't fly out of it. For example, spray a sofa that kids love to jump on and the amount of dust coming out of it is significantly reduced.

Spraying Febreze First Defense Fabric Refresher on soft fabrix can reduce up to 95% of airborne allergens from fabric while still eliminating odours, leaving behind a light, fresh scent.

It can be used on any of your fabric items that you wanted to.

Twist the cap to turn it on and turn in another way to turn it off.

Spray it on your pillow or mattress and wait it to dry, and then SMELL IT!

Okay so I'm not sure if I'm spraying it too much? LOL

I have tones of ignored soft toys so thanks to febreze!! No worries on the dirtiness and smelliness anymore!

And curtains too since it always reached to the sun and rain.

Besides, you can also use it on your car seats, fabric clothes, sofa and stinky shoes!

My Opinion

I used to ignore the overly-advertised-advertisement on febreze, but now I felt thankful that I get the chance to try it! It's very useful for me as I rarely have time to clean my bed and dusty clothes that I rarely worn, and add softener into my washed fabric stuffs while I was washing them. The smell is sooooo nice that I can't stop searching for smelly clothes to spray it on, like how I did on my pillow. LOL. And yes, I felt that my mattress has lesser dust already since I rarely have time to wash it recently. Thanks to Febreze, I can now save up some time to blog already. :D

Product Information:

Name: Febreze with Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher Pure Refreshment
Brand: Febreze
Size: 370ml
Prize: RM11.70 (Refill 320ml - RM8.70)
Where to buy: Available at leading Malaysia supermarkets and pharmacies
Other Scents Available: Clean Splash

In a nutshell, these 2 products are just perfect to make a clean breath at home! For anyone who didn't really use any refresher before like me, I recommend you to try these 2 to refresh your house and stuffs!

It is recommended to spray all fabric surfaces before cleaning takes place so that there will be less airborne inanimate allergens from fabric spreading to the air. Ambi Pur and Febreze works ideally when there are large movements around the house that may trigger allergens to become airborne, such as opening curtains wide open or having children running around the house and playing on furniture.

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  1. i am a febreeze person. i dunno why ambi pur don't agree with my nose

    1. I thought both are same fragrance thing? Haha but at least you can use febreze :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awesome! You definitely have a clean and fresh environment! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Haha just the pictures on the wall nice, I don't dare to show the stuffs beside my bed. XD

  4. I have Febreeze. Useful when the kids pee on bed.

  5. Febreze i use b4, but smell to heavy, i dun like @@

    1. Oh maybe is because the flavour? You should try this pure refreshment, I think it's not too heavy and smells great!

    2. pure refreshment, will try next time ^^

  6. Nice blog on this. I read about the origin of Febreeze when I read on a book about marketing. Initially, the function of Febreeze is to eliminate the unpleasant smells at home, especially for people who smoke, untidy or have a lot of pets. But it didn't turn out well because ppl are accustomed to the smell of their own home (not realizing that it smells bad). That's when the marketing change to linking it to pleasant smells and cleaning habits to produce the successful product. Personally don't think it'll make the house cleaner but it gives a comfortable feeling after cleaning the home. A spray just make it feels cleaner and better.

    1. Wow, awesome! Thanks for sharing, Billy! XD

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  7. I try febreze before but the smell too strong, have to open window to blow out, haha
    Next time, i try ambipur..