Wednesday, 30 July 2014

[Travel] Koh Lipe, Thailand (Part 2)

Finally it's another holiday for me to update about my super belated Koh Lipe trip, day 2!! Not sure if my post still helps you guys after so long? Just keep reading then! :D READ PART 1 HERE.

Not gonna nag more but let's get started with tons of breathe taking of pictures on my day 2!! By breath taking I mean the scenario okay? And my bikini ootd too okay! But, brace yourself... tons of... 'fats' are coming out in pictures of me. Don't read when you're eating. Just kiddin', not that horrible okay? Although it is..

So in case you can't see the first image clearly, here's the close up look.

It was in the morning before we depart for island hopping.

And it's like you gotta wait and... photographing time!!! Or more like a modelling time?

I was still wearing outer wear and a shorts. lol.

To be honest, I'm so happy that my couz own a DSLR which able to take lotsa nice images! And her photography skills are not bad too! Just keep reading and you'll see more!!

Okay I'm finally revealing a little bit of my bikini. High waist yo!
Cause I want to cover up my tummy, and you can see it's quite fail :(

Aaaand we're finally leaving! We were brought to a motor boat because our first destination is quite far.

The wind is super huge as we were sitting at the open air area!

See my hair? It's getting worse omg

So this is what you will get if you didn't want to tie your hair and
still insist to sit at the open air area.

So after reaching at the first destination, we were brought to snorkel around the island. The tour guide was so friendly and brought me and couz Natalie to see the island's special under the water views, like super pretty corals and fishes.

Playing at the after a tiring snorkeling.

Look at that Tennis player's freaking body shape OMG.

The must do with your friends of family when you're at a beautiful beach!
We took a lot of times but the only prettiest success image is this one.
Because our hair has become the "after kena sea water" look, it's not gonna success though. 

The beach side Family portrait. lol
Spot the nigga hair Natasha got. It's quite a famous hairstyle there!

With both the super friendly tour guides. Forgotten their names but will never forget their kindness. :D

So we're finally leaving for another island hoping. Went to several places and we were like "Huh why island hoping again?! So tiring!" But we still have to go cause we paid. Anyway, coming up is my favourite part of Koh Lipe! They have the nicest view to take images, like swings and some tree trunk with nice decorations.

But first, lemme take a selfie with the 12 o'clock sun. Dammit.

Don't chu think it's really breath taking?? Look at the sky blue sea water!

It's so clean that I can see my feet under the water!

We actually had our lunch here. And I was like "Nat! Faster finish the rice and help me take MANY MANY MANY Photos!!!"

And here goes my photos. Just gonna post the best 6 out of hundreds of them. lol

In case you wanna know where's the place, here's the name!

Was brought to another place for snorkeling. Instead of dropping us to the beach, we went into the sea water directly. Trust me, you have to prepare more and more food if you're planning to snorkel!! It's very tiring!

Anyway, out last station is a place which is full of rocks. They believe that if you can stack 13 rocks and you'll have good luck.

So they success. I was helping to taking photos with Nat's DSLR
so I didn't involve in stacking

And that's all for our day! We went back around 4pm and have a rest before dinner.

We saw the round sun during sunset during dinner time at the food court.
This was taken by my sucky camera.

And this was taken by the DSLR.
It was really a memorable day, and ended with a beautiful sunset.

Nah we didn't ended with the sunset. We went to the street after that, for massage!! I still remember that my uncle and aunt keep mentioning about the massage they went last night was so good and definitely have to go again that night, after a whole tiring day! And yeah I went for the massage again too and it was awesome! Thai massage never lose!

So the day 3 is just a going back home day and not much pictures taken.

And that's all for my CNY trip to Koh Lipe! I hope you find it information in some way, although it's more like my personal travel diary. It's really a great place to travel with your love one. So save up some money for this trip from now onwards!

Thanks for reading till the end. xoxo


  1. Great to see you enjoy the trip ^^

  2. Omg! I fall in love with the sky blue sea water! so beautiful~~

    1. Me too! Haha must go there if have the chance ya!! ;)

  3. Nice, bring back my memory in Koh Lipe!

    1. Thanks! Wow you went there before too! Haha (Y)

    2. Yes, I drove to Pak Bara then took speedboat to Koh Lipe.

  4. Ow~~~wonderful trip!

  5. Hi , i like your photos so much .
    Btw , i would like to knw which is the nicest beach in Koh Lipe ?

    1. Pataya Beach at Lipe Island and Koh Khai Beach

  6. Hi, Nice visited to Koh Lipe. That is my place.

    1. Thank you! You have a nice place there! :D