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[Lifestyle] Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 Review

If you still don't know what is Worthy Book, there's only one thing that I have to ask you - Who doesn't like great deals, offers, promotions and discounts?!

Yes! Worthy book is an awesome book which contains up to 120+ and more than RM11,000 freebies and discount vouchers in a book for you to enjoy your shopping in a cheaper way. Besides, it impressed me that this small little book covers more than 50 shopping malls, features popular Shopping, Beauty, Fashion brands in Malaysia!! Everything you need are just right in a book!

There are 2 types of worthy book - Food Edition & Ladies Edition. As you can tell, ladies edition is the one that focus on beauty (skincare / cosmetics), fashion (clothing) and services (nail / waxing / spa) which can make all the ladies become prettier! Whereas the food edition is for everyone on earth because you'll have to eat everyday right?! Duh~ 

So I will be focusing on the Ladies Edition 2014/2015 in this post.

So this is how the 2014/2015 edition looks like! The cover page did attract me at the beginning! My favourite pastel pink and blue~

The content was categorized into 4 different parts :

#1. By category:

#2. By Area: (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor)

#3. By Malls: (KLCC, Pavilion, Nu Sentral......)

#4. Places other than Klang Valley such as Penang, Kedah, Melaka, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak!

So let's see how does the vouchers look like in the book! The first example I will be showing is one of my favourite fashion store, F block
The front page will show you the introduction of the store and the promotions available!
You only need to tear them out and present them in the stores!

So why I loved this store is because their clothing design are up to trend and most of them caught my eye so much! So don't missed the chance to pay them a visit if you've got the chance to pass by their stores! 

Whereas the back page will be the contacts and T&C of the voucher, like the expired date
and which outlet can be used and more. All the information will be provided in the page and you
can enjoy the promotion!

Another example is for online store, you will see some Voucher Code to key in during
your check out in their webpage, and the discount will automatically be made after that!
Yup, I mosaic all of them up already. I know I'm bad but I need to show respect to the company right? :)

The following will be some examples of vouchers under Beauty category:
The famous TT mask! This is a good opportunity for you to try it if you haven't!
Get 30% off by key in the code mentioned during your check out in

Not sure if you know about the online store of The Body Shop?
I only know about it through this worthy book, guess it's also a book of learning? Haha
You'll get a RM10 off + free delivery on your first online purchase!

Holika Holika, a famous Korean beauty store!
I'm using their best selling eyebrow pencil and my sis is using their colour eyeliners and lipstick!

Not sure if you know about this store but most bloggers definitely know it! I'm so happy to see
Supermodel's Secret in worthy book because I always wanted to visit their store and buy their hair curlers!

Yay for worthy book, so broke in spending yet so rich in saving! XD

Other than beauty and fashion stores, you can enjoy services such as nail art, spa and salon!

OPI Manicure service!!

The colourful page just made me wanna share it to you guys. Even their store name is so cute, Sugar Coat!

Heard that 'JoJoBa' is a good ingredient for skin? :D

Kimarie - Hair salon, everyone needs hair cut! So this is definitely a very good promotion for you!

And I know some of the girls are keening for abs and fitness. Present to you, Celebrity Fitness!
Free 5 days, freakin a lot! (for me lah)
I can just go for a 5 days (for free!) before an event so that I look slimmer during the event. LOL

They even have MyTeksi's app promo code!! Awesome right? My favourite Taxi app!

So get your worthy book now and selfie with it, and you'll get to enjoy another extra 5 promotions!

Some other famous stores & brands that are availale in Worthy Book are:
  • Christy Ng Shoes
  • Baleno
  • MUSE by Watsons
  • Bubble Gum Wax
  • Strips
  • Guardian
  • Shills
  • Himalaya Healthcare
  • theSkintopic
  • Yves Rocher
  • And so on!

My Opinion

I personally think that the idea of worthy book is good for both sellers and buyers! Sellers get to promote their product through promotions and offers to gain a further publicity to all the bookworms throughout the whole country, whereas buyers not only get to buy their favourite items in a cheaper price, but the opportunity to try out all the awesome services and products in Malaysia!

Besides, I love how they categorized the content page for users to search their favourite stores in only a short period of time! They never missed out the problem of users' time usage while looking through the book, time is money right?! Wise thought, impressive! RM25 for thousands of discount?! Yes please! 

Product info:
  • Price per book: RM25
  • Where to buy: MPH, Borders, Popular, Times, Kinokuniya and selected outlets in KL & Selangor. (Also available at their Website)

For more information, kindly visit:
Worthy Book

Heading out to shopping now! And I'm bringing my best friend, Worthy Book along! :D


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