Saturday, 12 July 2014

[Lifestyle] bloop germ blaster - Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel Review

Did you know that our hands are actually one of the body parts that contains the most bacteria? We use our hands to touch our phones, hold things, press lift buttons, pick up rubbishes and even just waving your hands will contact with any bacteria in the air!

As seen in any hand soap or body shampoo advertisement, yes, bacteria are everywhere on our skin. But it's impossible to bring along a hand soap everyday in your bag right?

Present to you, bloop's newly launched hand sanitizer - bloop germ blaster. 

I got it in this cute little Travellers Germ Blaster. 

So finally I get to try it in hand after I shared about it here. Most of the details were written in that post including the promotions they are having with HiShop! So don't forget to check it out! ;D

So what are the benefits of using hand sanitizers? 
  1. No water needed,
  2. Small and convenient to bring along in your bag, and 
  3. It smells great!

Maybe you will think that it's just an ordinary sanitizer. I'm not sure about you but it's different to me! I previous hand sanitizers smell too much alcohol and it makes me rather go to the wash room to wash my hands. But it makes me feel even sick when the washroom is out of soaps or tissues!

Bloop hand sanitizer of course act as a same role as other sanitizer, kill hands'bacteria. What I love it more is because it smells awesome, it's sort of like a sweet pink smell! No alcohol smell, and the blue colour is just too irresistible! Don't chu think so? :D

Another impressive thing is it contains small beads which act like a scrub! With these little buds, it cleans our hands more effective than other sanitizers.

It's kinda watery and it dries very fast which doesn't stay sticky or thicky on your hands.
And surprisingly, it doesn't dries out my skin!!

So I'd actually written all my opinion during my explanations above. I just have to say that I'm glad that I received it in this flavour because the colour and the smell did make me fall in love with it! And it's now one of my MUST BRING ALONG item in my bag!

Sometimes even though I don't feel my hands are dirty, but I'll still use it when I think of it because it's very cooling and refreshing. So if you're interested to get one, try this, the Traveller Germ Blaster!

Product information
Name: bloop Germ Blaster
Brand: bloop
Active Ingredients: Triclosan 0.3%
Price: RM4.90 for a single unit
RM12.90 for a single unit + an adorable holder (5 designs)
RM24.50 for all 5 designs each and FREE one adorable holder
Where to buy: HiShop


Key in the code "NICOLEYIE" upon your check out to entitle an exclusive 15% rebate on your purchase in HiShop!

For more information, kindly visit:




  1. germ blaster, sounds powerful but tat would be a good one from the review :)

    1. Thanks Nick, yes it's really good and you shud give it a try! ;)

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