Wednesday, 9 July 2014

[Beauty] bloop duo lipsticks (Swanky 03) Review

Do you know that besides a good looking eyebrow, another important face feature that will make you look more catchy, vibrant, healthy and awake is the colour of your lips? I still remember that my previous work (as a waitress), the company manager always scolded me for not applying any colour on my lips because I look pale and sick everyday, which might scare away all the customers! 

And now I understand why and I will never skip the lipstick part anymore if I'm heading out for an interview or any events because I want to look gorgeous and fabulous! (Too much confident? :x)

So recently I started to collect different shades of lipstick from different brands after understanding the importance of the lips colour on a face. Different colour of the lips can literally change the feeling on a face.

One of my current favourite lipstick is the bloop duo lipsticks!

bloop brings you the Urban Style by launching 5 different colors of Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Duo Lipstick convenient pack with matte lipstick & lip gloss to complement the City Chic’s fast-paced lifestyle needs.
  1. Jetsetter 01 - Natural Brown matte color lipstick + lip gloss 
  2. Sovereign 02 - Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss
  3. Swanky 03 - Fuschia Pink matte color lipstick + lip gloss
  4. New Yorker 04 - Light Mocha matte color lipstick + lip gloss
  5. Eco-Chic 05 - Dragon Fruit essence matte lipstick + lip gloss

So as you can tell, I got it in Swanky 03.

Inspired by the funky Fashionista lifestyle, bloop Duo Lipstick - Swanky 03 with Fuschia Pink matte color lipstick + lip gloss – helps create trendy makeup styles from street to vogue. Perfect fit for a Swanky Chic who likes to mix & match. The Spirit of a Trendsetter.

It tells you all the benefits of their lipstick in a small paper box.

It's not because I'm a pink lover and I'll definitely choose pink colour. I actually owned a neon pink and bright red lipsticks, but not a swanky one! I personally think that my skin is more suitable for a darker pink lips instead of a soft or light one.

The first thing I love about it is the duo type of packaging! It comes with a lipstick for the lip colour and a lipgloss to enhance the colour on your lips! Of course, you can only use the lipgloss itself in a daily basis to moisture your lip and still looking great!

The lipstick!

It's so easy to use because you just need to slide it up and take it out.

Don't Chu think the pink is so pretty? It almost look like my nail colour!

The lipgloss!

Same as the lipstick, you only need to slide it up.
The difference is it's like a normal bottle which require you to twist it out.

Look how pretty all the colours are? I personally love the mixed one so much!

So let's see how it looks like on my face, shall we?? :D

My naked lips before applying anything.
Like most of the people, I have pale and dry lips, and this is sad.

Only with the lipgloss itself. It looks even more glossy and healthy compared to my naked lips.

So now, lemme try on the lipstick.

It did surprise me at the beginning because this is my all time favourite pink colour!
Not too hot pink and not too sweet pink!
Besides, it's really matte! 

I iz a happy girl with awesome lips nao! :D

So let's add on the lipgloss!

As you can tell the huge difference before and after adding the lipgloss!

On the other hand, the glossy feel after applying the lipgloss is another sexy!
*Sorry I don't really know how to apply a lipstick well* Haha

Cause I felt that I applied too much lipgloss and I blended it out with a tissue,
and end up I love it even more because of the half glossy and half matte!

And I'm ready to go out now! :D

My Opinion

To be easy, here's my thoughts towards this product:
  • The lipstick's matte texture is a mad love to me!
  • My lips feel so smooth after applying it. 
  • Couldn't say it's moisturizing but it doesn't dries out my lips.
  • It's really easy to apply.
  • The duo packaging is a genius invention. When you're bored with the matte feel, just add on the lipgloss to make it glossy feel! 1 stone kill 2 birds, right?? XD
  • It's too small and light to fill into the spaces in my bag! Like I almost forgotten there's a super convenient lipsticks in my bag. LOL *It's a praising! Haha*
Overall, it's really worth to invest in this little thing! Only RM38 for 2 items in a cute pack!

Unlike my previous reviews on bloop's products, now you can get the lipsticks from their new online store!!

First 50 customers with any online purchase will get 
1 Lip Gloss (worth RM 28) for FREE! :D

Loving their new online store's design so much, like seriously!
Can I have my blog design like this too??? XD

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Alternatively, you can visit bloop in these Parkson stores:
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  2. KL Festival City 
  3. Kota Bahru Trade Centre
  4. Ipoh Parade
  5. Gurney Plaza 

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