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[Event] Eskayvie Redianze & i-Qids Product Showcase

If you asked me to take supplement for my health of anything which is good to me, I either will reject or stop it within a week. To me, supplements are just too extra and I hate wasting my time to consume it, and I really can't stand the horrible taste even it's really good for my health.

But after attending the Eskayvie Blogger's High Tea Gathering with the butterflies last month @ Pullman Hotel, Bangsar, I'm impressed by Eskayvie's supplement for collagen and for brain - Redianze and i-Qids!

So why and how does it impressed me? Keep reading to find it out!

We were given a talk by the CEO of Eskayvie, Dr. Syid regarding the details of the 2 products. So allow me to share everything I'd learned from this event with you guys!

First of all, it's important to let everyone to understand how well-known is the brand before I start introducing the products they own.

What is Eskayvie?

Eskayvie Sdn Bhd is a bumiputra company led by two young Malay professionals who have the ambition and determination of precision. Eskayvie established with hope and confidence to emerge as a competitive company in the domestic market and globally in the production of health products and beauty. Eskayvie output products are the result of surveys and detailed development with emphasis on the characteristics of innovation, efficiency and high quality; aims to improve the quality of life of consumers.

Founder: Dr. Syid Ayob Syid Mustafa Al-Qudri, graduated from Vrijie Universiteit Brussels, Belgium in the field of Pharmacies. Honestly, Dr Syid makes me feel awake throughout the whole talk! He's a funny guy and he can make the whole thing sounds so interesting. Salute! XD

Eskayvie Recognitions:
  • Rated as 4 star company by SME Corporation in 2013
  • Recognized by TERAJU
  • Top 15 (out of 320) companies under MITI
  • Awarded as top 5 companies under AURA 2013
  • Won the SOBA Award
  • Won Best Seller Product of Her World MAgazine

Eskayvie Business Segment & Strength:
  • Huge market demands & continue to growth
  • Product ranges that are unique, natural, safe & effective
  • R&D Headed by Medical Doctor with collaboration with Scientist from Europe & America
  • Expanding locally & Oversea in SEA, Asia & Middle East

What is Redianze?

Redianze is a delicious drink suitable for men and women of all ages that provides the nutritional food supplement for you to look and feel how you desire.

Bringing the science of anti-ageing to the next level with its world strongest antioxidant & marine collagen. Redianze's powerhouse combination of skin-beautifying and health rejuvenating ingredients unlock the secret to look and feel younger. 

The effects of ageing have always brought unwanted changes to our appearance and health. While we cannot stop the age clock from ticking plus modern lifestyle and environmental pollution make us look and ages faster than we are. 

Thus, Redianze beings with a journey from within. By creating a solid foundation of beauty and health within our body. It will then be projected externally whereby nutrition is the key that goes beyond healthy eating.

Collagen is a connective tissue that strengthens 60 trillion cells in the human body. Human loses collagen as much as 1.5% every year after the age of 25.

The proprietary formulation of high quality natural ingredients contains in Redianze are:

1. Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides (HMCP)
  • Youthful & Radiant skin
  • Eliminates wrinkles and skin sagging, 
  • Enhance the skin's texture, firmness & elesticity, 
  • Diminishes dark eye circle and eye bags,
  • Less noticeble cellulite, 
  • Strengthens the hair and nails
  • Supports muscle growth and joints

2. Prunus persica extract: Packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, iron and potassium much needed to improve the skin’s vitality and complexion.

3. Vitamin C: Stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen internally.

4. AstaREAL®P2AF:
  • World strongest antioxidant.
  • The only antioxidant that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier effectively and offers protection to the brain and nervous system.
  • Prevent memory loss and brain degeneration.
  • Able to neutralize and change the harmful free radical into beneficial molecules to be re-used by the body.
  • Synergically enhances the potential of other existing anti oxidants such as Vit C, E and beta carotene.
  • Backed by more than 300 scientific researches published in the leading anti aging journals worldwide.
  • 6000 times stronger than vitamin C 
  • 3000 times stronger than resveratrol and quercitin 
  • 800 times stronger than CoQ10 
  • 560 times stronger than epigallocatechin-gallate (green tea) 
  • 550 times stronger than Vitamin E 
  • 75 times stronger than alpha-lipoic acid

In case you don't understand what is Free Radical and how harmful it is
When free radicals are on the attack, they don't just kill cells to acquire their missing molecule. Free radicals often injure the cell, damaging the DNA, which creates the seed for disease. When a cell's DNA changes, the cell becomes mutated. It grows abnormally and reproduces abnormally and quickly. Normal cell functions produce a small percentage of free radicals, much like a car engine that emits fumes. But those free radicals are generally not a big problem. They are kept under control by antioxidants that the body produces naturally.

More benefits of AstaREAL®P2AF:
  1. Skin: Prevent wrinkles, moisturizes, enhance skin elasticity, smooths and soften the skin, banishes skin pigmentation and uneven colour tone of the skin.
  2. Muscle: Increases strength and stamina, reduces muscle ache and fatigue after exercise and enhances sport performance and energy
  3. Joints: Relieves pain and joint inflammation (carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow), overcome sore and stiffness of muscles
  4. Heart: Reduces CRP (a heart attack risk factor), promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure, increase high density lipoprotein (HDL) and minimizes the infected region after a heart attack
  5. Eyes: Improves vision clarity, overcomes eye fatigue, increases a healthy blood flow to the eyes, reduces eye inflammation, improves eye's accommodation process.
  6. Immune System: Enhances the body's immune system and production of antibodies, minimizes the damage to the DNA, reduces the risk of cancers/tumors, prevents cancer cells proliferation.
  7. Stomach: Heals gastritis/ulcers, prevents liver cirrhosis and cancer, promotes healthy liver detoxification function, prevent pancreatic damage that can lead to diabetes.
  8. Brain: Reduces the risk of stroke and intracranial hemorrhage, prevents dementia and memory loss, overcomes the negative effect of stress, prevents Alzheimer disease.

Eskayvie has confident to tell you that you only need:
  • 6 days of visible results,
  • 30 days for a friend's praise, and
  • 90 days for believing your mirror
after you start consuming Redianze! Awesome right? :D

What is i-Qids?

i-Qids sets a strong early foundation for growth and learning so that your child has the best possible start in life. It comprises of branded ingredients that provide all the nutrients children need on a daily basis.

A child’s growth is more than just physical. Children grow, develop and learn throughout their lives, starting at birth. The early years of a child’s life are very important for his or her health and development. Healthy development means that children of all abilities, including those with special healthcare needs, are able to grow up where their social, emotional and educational needs are met. Proper nutrition can make a big difference.

I-Qids is a cutting edge formula, combining well researched brain nutrients of Memofortex™ (Phospholipid concentrate) and Omegalinol™ (DHA and Alpha Linoleic Acid) along with the health supporting benefits of Co-isolate, Vitaral™, Colostrum and Algalithe®. I-Qids is a truly revolutionary formula, delivering DHA, ALA and PC in one synergistic drink!


i-Qids is actually also suitable for adults like me! Our brain still able to receive some nutrition from the supplement~ Speaking of the brain, our human brain contains 100 billions of neurons and 60% of fats.

The active ingredients in i-Qids includes:
  1. Omegalinol™
  2. Algalithe®
  3. Colostrum
  4. Malt Extract
  5. Memofortex™
  6. Vitaral™
  7. Co-isolate

With the awesome ingredients mentioned above,  i-Qids promises to improve the 3 important component in our brain, which are:

1. PhosphatidyIserine the 'RAM Booster'
  • Vital element to boost the brain performance
  • Enhances connection
  • Increases the speed of nerve signals transition
  • Curbs mental stress & improves athletic performance

2. PhosphatidyIcholine the Photographic memory
  • A precursor to the neurotransmitter acethylcholine, essential for memory and cognition.
  • Repairs and maintain neurons.

3. Docosahexanoic Acid the Brain food
  • Essential fatty acid
  • Unable to produce internally
  • Combines with PC & PC
  • Sources: sardines, tuna, salmon etc.
  • Supports healthy level of 'happy neurotransmitter i.e Serotonin
  • Low omega-3 levels, especially DHA levels, have also been associated with anger and hostility reactions
  • DHA boosts the speed of neurotransmission and cell signalling between neurons
  • Propels the p-300 wave that enhances memory and cognitive function

Besides, i-Qids is also fortified with
  • Organic Calcium
  • Colostrum IgG
  • Multivitamin and minerals

The drinks tasting section. So glad that we all get to taste both the drinks after the talk!

As you can tell, they actually have other products besides the 2 that I mentioned. Puke rainbow? XD
Click here to check out other awesome products from their website!

I'm more excited to try on i-Qids than Redianze because it's in Chocolate flavour which makes me think of Milo!!

My partner of the event Carinn
Most of the selfies in the post are taken by her Sony Camera! 
Seriously her camera's quality has such a big difference compared to mine! #noedit ya'know!

Happy girls with their tasty healthy drinks - Redianze! :D

The stuffs in the goodie bag!
Love that they gifted an Eskayvie pen and calender, instead of other useless gifts!

Products Review


Direction: Mix with ice cold 200ml of water. It is best taken daily preferably one hour before or after meal for maximum absorption.  One sachet per day would suffice. Each sachet contains the effective dose enough to live up to its age defying actions.

This is the way I drink it. Of course it's recommended to use a shaker.

Product info:
  • Malaysia (W) Price: MYR 160.00 
  • Malaysia (E) Price: MYR 176.00
  • Size per box: 20 sachet X 20 gram
  • Flavour: Peach


DirectionMix 1 sachet with 150 ml of cold or room temperature water and it’s ready to drink. Take I-Qids before breakfast
  • For children ages 1 to 12 years old, take 1 sachet daily
  • For children above 12, take 2 sachets daily.

Product info:
  • Malaysia (W) Price: MYR 59.00 
  • Malaysia (E) Price: MYR 64.00
  • Size per box: 20 sachet X 20 gram
  • Flavour: Chocolate

My Opinion

I'm really satisfied with both the drink's taste, not a big fan of peach flavour but Redianze does make me wanna continue taking it as my daily supplement. I actually drank them all quite fast everytime because they taste very nice! 

I did consumed Redianze during my performance week and I felt that my body is even more healthier than the usual time. I'm supposed to be super tired for the entire week but I still can conduct my dance class for 4 hours! Looks like there's really a good effect reflected on me!

Whereas for i-Qids, the first reason for me to start drinking it everyday is I want to have a good memory! I know that my brain is kinda weak so i-Qids is definitely gonna be my saviour! :') For the taste, it's not as good as milo but it's another tasty chocolate drink for me!

Overall it's a recommended supplement to try on! Don't forget to check out their website for other function's supplement! 


This was only my second time joining events with other bloggers. Big thanks to The Butterfly Project for the invitation again! Really, it's a priceless experience, I get to understand more about collagen and brain, get to try out awesome products for free, and I get to meet new blogger friends too! I must not missed any event in the future because it's fun to meet new friends! :D  I'm trying to be socialize these days! :D

And also, thank you for reading all the information that I'd given if you did! Hope you gained some knowledge like I did! ')

Lastly, let's meet my new blogger friends that met during the event!

My partner Carinn. Seriously, I look huge standing beside her. Haha!
Btw I feel like lending her camera to selfie for the whole day XD

Us with the awesome Mamasan of The Butterfly Project, Tammy!!

Met new friend with the same name, Nicole Sim

Another 2 new friends, Bing Xin and Ridley!
And surprisingly Bing Xin is from the same campus with me! I remembered I just told Carinn that
UTAR has so few bloggers, and poof! Meet Bing Xin, the future Architect! #happy :D

Emcee of the Event - Tamina

I only realized that I's forgotten to ask for a photograph with Dr Syid! I guess it's because I chit-chatted with Carinn for too long. :o 

Group photo! *spot me :P*
Image taken from Eskayvie's Website!

For more information, kindly visit:
Website | Facebook

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