Wednesday, 11 June 2014

[Beauty] CLIO VF21 Cushion CC, Waterproof Pen Liner & Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Review

It's been a while for some cosmetic products' review. This time, I get to try on 3 types of products from HiShop which they were actually in my shopping wish-list! Yayy :3

Big fat thanks to HiShop, I now can own a few wishlist items without spending a cent by myself and this brand, CLIO, are just so surprisingly awesome! Keep reading because I will reveal the awesomeness down below, and as usual, discount code exclusively just for you!! ;)

So here's what I received from HiShop:
CLIO - VF21 Cushion CC, Waterproof Pen Liner and Virgin Kiss Lipnicure

VF21 Cushion CC

VF21, acronym of Volume face 21, will help moist and resilient skin back like 21 years of age.

This cushion foundation or bb/cc cream is currently one of the most up to trend cosmetic that everyone should own because it's more than the all-in-1 CC cream

It contains SPF50+ PA+++, good coverage and brighten up your skin! 

I was craving for a cushion foundation after seeing Laneige and √Čtude house are selling it on their on brand (because the sponge thingy just so caught my eye!), but I know that I have to finish my current foundation first or else I will be drowned into my 'cosmetic mountain'. The worst is they are all out of my budget! :( 

So I finally get to try on my own new one from CLIO (instead of trying the used dirty sample one from the stores). I know I'm so much outdated in the beauty world but at least I now get to know how it works and how amazing it is! Better that don't know anything right??

The only not so good thing is I received it in the colour which is much fairer than my current skin tone because they actually don't know the shades of my skin tone. What I got is in 001 Pink colour.

But maybe it's because to suit the bright red lip colour which I received together? Yup, only fair people suits bright red lip colour.

The first stain! Normally I saw it's already filled with the cream,
and now I get to see it's first time! Awesome~

I actually mean by "blending" haha, sorry! *blur*

So how to apply? Just dab from the cushion and dab dab dab onto the face! Easy doesn't?? ;)
Don't forget your under eye part (be soft to your eyes) and your neck part!

It doesn whiten my face a lot because of the not suitable skin tone.

My Opinion: Despite of getting a colour which is not suitable for my skin tone, it surprisingly looks kinda natural on me! The coverage is above normal, and I love how it blends well on my skin! Overall I loved it so much! So glad that I get to try this awesome product! 

Waterproof Pen Liner

It's not my first waterproof eyeliner but I promised myself that my next eyeliner have to be this type of liquid liner because it's way easier and better than other types I used before which I spent my own money to get it.

I always think that this type of head is the best and easiest for eyeliner!

It's liquid type, but you won't feel it wet your skin *sounds wrong* or need to wait for it to dry!

In case you want to know how I usually apply my eyeliner, click here to read my previous eyeliner post!

Close up look! The separation of the line at the end is to make my eyes looks brighter and larger!
What do you think?? ;)

My Opinion: I wore this eyeliner to my performance last weekend. It just totally make my eye make up so much easy due to the easiness of the application! Besides. it doesn't smudge at all after I dance sweaty. And the name of 'waterproof ' is not just the name, it's really waterproof! That's what I'm looking for!

*By the way, the waterproof test was made together with the other 2 products so it's right down below!*

Virgin Kiss Lipnicure

As you can te,,, the word Lipnicure is converted from Manicure, which mean it can make your lip become prettier, just like how you make your nails pretty!

A bright red colour lipstick is one of my current shopping wish-list item, and again, I now get to try this new product Lipnicure and at the same time, I get to try on bright red lip colour on myself! :D

The colour is so vibrant! Don't chu think so?? 

Trying time!

I just applied a little bit on top and bottom of my lips, and I used my hand to dab it.

Tadaa! My virgin bright red lip! I'm so not used to it (x.x)

My Opinion: I really love the concept of "Lipnicure", it's because the texture is almost like a nail polish, and even the bottle size! The colour is awesome, and it stays on your lip very long! Haven't dare to try it for my outing, but I knew it through dabbing it with my finger. It makes my finger strained with bright red colour too. And it's waterproof too so you don't need to afraid it disappeared after eating. So If you want a super long lasting bright red lip, this is the best choice! The only cons is it's not suitable for dry lips people out there. Overall, this little thing is gonna be my favourite!

Waterproof Test

So sorry that I separated the test right after all the reviews. 

So this is right before I make my waterproof test.

And yup, it still looks almost the same after rinsing!

After smudging with my finger

Of course, the cc cushion will be blended as it was meant to be!
Whereas for the other 2, it only become like this after I rubbed or smudged it with water!

So now let's see if it's easily removed using make up remover? Because if it's difficult to do so, you have to be ware of this make up because the content will be sucked into your pores and say hello to pimples or acne!

After a few swipes only, which mean it's able to be removed squeaky clean!
Therefore, it's safe to be used! :D

Back to my overall look after using the 3 products! What do you think? I personally feel that this look is more suitable for clubbing, but I never went for clubbing before, honestly. (O.O)

As I mentioned above, bright red lips is more suitable for fair skin. And I really love how my red lips matched with my fairer skin after using the CC Cushion! I tried on my normal skin tone and I feel so... ewwww. Haha.

So here are the links that you can direct to these items in HiShop:


#1. Key in the code "CLIOMAY" upon your check out to get a RM20 rebate off your total bill on a purchase of mininum RM99 from HiShop! (valid till 31 July 2014)

#2. Key in the code "NICOLEYIE" upon your check out to entitle an exclusive 15% rebate on your purchase in HiShop!

Thank you for reading till the end! Super long review for these 2 items and I hope HiShop can bring in more cosmetics from CLIO! Would love to try out more of their products in the future.

So tell me guys, what do you think of my overall look in thie review? Share with me some of your make up ideas! I would loved to update more for myself!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed reading it! Have a nice day ahead! ;)



  1. Love the red lips on you. Very striking!

  2. Like the last picture! Seducing much!

  3. big love for the lipicure!!

  4. look so sexy with your new red lipnicure!

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