Monday, 23 June 2014

[Fashion] My hauls from adidas NEO

If you're only my blog followers, you might realized that I've been MIA for a week. For all my social media's followers, they might know that I've been busying with lotsa dance related events lately.

Well, actually besides those dance stuffs, I actually took other free time I got to catch up with all my tutorials and lectures which I don't understand before it's too late since it's still quite a beginning of the semester. Besides, I was also busying searching and applying for internship and I just did my first internship interview this morning!

But starting from this week, I will be back to my normal study and blogging life! Hopefully I still have extra free time for dance and maybe to swim! :D

So sorry for the long wait, after sharing with you guys about the latest collection of adidas NEO and my shopping experience in their new store, finally I'm showing you my hauls that I got during my shopping!

As mentioned, I was given RM1000 shopping spree and here's what I got in 1k:
A total of 7 awesome items!

The 3 pretty tops.
I can still remember that struggle moment on picking the t-shirts because I loved em all!
*If you realized I picked a lot of tops to try in my shopping post XD*

Favourite comfortable sport shoes! Still can't resist to get a pair of pink white shoes!

The best design that I picked! Camouflage + Studs!

To be honest, RM1000 is really not enough for me because I loved almost everything in the store! Not that I want to be greedy, but of course, the more the better right? XD

So here goes my #ootd look with my hauls!

#1. Red Sporty

This red adidas NEO label top was actually the very last piece in the store and it's in L size, but it's the only love at first sight top that I saw in the store! Besides the simple clean design, the comfort-ness is irresistible! End up I took it as an over-sized tee and match it with my black legging.

The best shoes I can match with is my favourite camouflage with studs designed shoes!

And I'm ready to go for a jog! Or badminton perhaps? XD

As a fashion blogger, I really loved to mix and match my outfits, without just matching it with 1 style, but change my sporty look into a girlish look with a cute skater skirts, using the same top from adidas NEO!

Of course, a simple T-shirt can be match with anything. It's really a recommended piece to get if you're looking for a long lasting T-shirts and can match with infinity styles.

#2. Pink Casual

Pink-black-white outfit is always my favourite choice to match with because it does makes me feel more confident! This pink lips designed top was another top which caught my eye and decided to get it right after I tried!

I always love to wear just a simple yet pretty designed T-shirt matching with a simple colour shorts everyday to class or even just to have dinner outside. I'm a shorts-holic too and this pastel pink high waist shorts (was the only shorts in the store lol) is one of the Selena Gomez summer collection, which is a MUST BUY!

If it's a pink day for me, my favourite pink and white sport shoes is definitely the pick of the day!

Sorry that it's a little bit dirty haha

#3. Black Casual

*I'm out of title for my ootd, anyone have any suggestions? Haha*

Mad love this black sequins top which is also under Selena Gomez's collection! The material of the top is so nice! It comes with white colour with pink sequins too, but I decided to go for black because I look slimmer in black outfit! :x

I picked the monotone shoes because I don't have this kind of shoes before, and I think that it looks more casual, easy to be mathced and it feels lighter.

In case you can't see the top and bottom clearly, here's the pictures taken from adidas NEO's website.

Both of these are from Selena Gomez's collection. 

I actually loved most of the items in the collection but it's so limited in the store at that moment! Hopefully it has more in the store now so that you guys can get what you liked! I'm not sure if I will visit back to the store myself and get those items that I can't get to buy during my shopping spree? XD

So what do you guys think of my hauls? I'm quite satisfied with what I received and I felt really thankful to adidas NEO for giving me this opportunity to share this awesome brand to my readers! 

Before I received the news about this campaign, me and my boyfie actually visit adidas NEO often because we keep on spotted nice shoes in the store in KL! I did shopped with boyfie quite a few times and helped him to pick his favourite shoes from adidas NEO, while I was always in the consideration mode because I have too many shoes at that moment. But this time, I can't resist anymore!


In case you haven't read my previous posts, here's a good deal for my fellow readers! Just click on the voucher image below, print it out, and enjoy your RM20 discount at their new store at 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall, Penang!

For more information on Selena's new summer collection and to stay up to date on all things NEO, go to or visit the NEO Twitter account @adidasNEOLabel.


  1. that adidas top is nice! i like it too!

  2. adidas, i like! :) ambassador soon to be? :)

    1. Haha hope so? But I'm just a normal blogger ><

  3. so lucky!
    i like the third look the best

    1. Thanks Ann! I personally love the pink shorts very much! :D