Monday, 19 May 2014

[Travel] Koh Lipe, Thailand (Part 1)

It's been so long for a travel trip post! Went to 2 trips this year but never update any of it yet. So finally I'm here to share with you my trip to Koh Lipe, Thailand as I promised in one of my previous post here

Guess what? I went for this trip during CNY 2014 but now I only have the time to edit the pictures and blog about it now. It's a 4 months past blog post, omg so sorry guys! But it's better than not sharing it to you guys right??

At first I thought I wanna blog the 3 days into one post, but seems like.... I need at least 2 posts for this 3D2N trip! So here you go, the part 1 of my Koh Lipe Trip!

In case you wanna know, Koh Lipe means Lipe Island in Thai. It's located at around north west of Langkawi if you see from the map , which means it's quite near to Malaysia actually!

We went there through a Travel agency called Jolly Travel. From Penang Island, we depart 6am in the morning from Sungai Nibong's Bus Terminal, straight ahead to Kedah then Perlis, and we had lunch in Perlis and straight go into Thailand.

Selfie in the bus! A must do task for girls XD
Oh and that's cousin Natalie.

So normally the custom will be like this during noon hour...

Yup, super long queue! Waited for an hour plus, maybe?

So here's what we do while waiting our turn to check the passport - picture time! Glad that cousin own a DSLR. Most of my pictures are with HD or super clear are taken with her Canon EOS 700D.

Obviously, I look really different from here with other review or selfie pictures,
if you're my constant reader. This is a more natural me. ^.^"

Anyway, here's my OOTD! Bustier Dress from Tuesday Couture :)

With cousin Natasha. I brought 2 shades cause I thought I need it. But one is enough of course, unless you're rude. Hah

With my aunty, who used to look like Gong Li (a China actress)! XD

Done with the custom, and we're ready to go into Thailand! :D *Peace!*

The bus continue the journey to the jetty that we get to sit the boat to the island.

On the motor boat that can fill more than 100 people.
Quite packed but still get to feel the strong wind!

The ladies

The journey from the jetty to Koh Lipe took us around 2 hours. The whole journey is just looking at a super wide and clear sea water, without seeing any mountain or island. Yup, what a nice view. The only thing is the motor boat is super loud.

So we arrived and had our first lunch at the resort's restaurant. We went with travel agent so we were given table numbers and every time we will be sitting family by family together.

Varin Beach Resort, that's where we stay!

And yup, taken outside my room. In case you wonder about the room (cause I didn't take picture of it, because it's too messy. Hah), it has a double bed, a cupboard, a dressing table, a bathroom with heater and some spaces for luggages. It's quite big for 2-3 person.

I feel so excited when I saw this! Must-go-and-sleep on it!!


Typical tourist post on the net swing?

Brace yourself, is time to see the most beautiful part of Koh Lipe - The beach!!

It's just so clean!! Compare to Penang Island's...........

Can you see it? Can you feel the smoothest of the sand!!??

Sorry for my ugly bare feet, but I just can't stop sharing the picture of the sands!

It's like standing on the mud, but it's the clean, soft and colder version!!

And yes, the clear sea water!!

Spotted nemo?? Cousin keep reminding me that's a clown fish lol.

Play time! Since it's already evening...

Love these 2 shoots so much! The must-do when you go to the beach! 
Of course we took many times to get the perfect one. It's tiring but it was so fun! 

And the snacks we get from their mini market. Guess what?
Their Lays were just so much better than Malaysia's!
Not just more flavours, but the size matters!!!

So I end my post with this picture of the prettiest model in Koh Lipe. Ya I can see almost all Koh Lipe post has her. So cute right? XD

Click here for Part 2.

Oh and for the price matter, I don't know how much is the whole trip because my uncle paid all and he doesn't want me to know about that. But I guess it's approximately RM700-800, included 3 meals per day, and those island hopping fare.

Hope my post does give you some information. Do leave me a comment if you have something to share with me about this island or anything!! Appreciate it very much!

Till then. xoxo.


  1. wow! such a long queue! been there 2 years ago! not bad they are still nice! from your photo! haha love the jump shot of urs! =D

    1. Haha thanks Henry! Wow 2 years ago, I bet it's even nicer and cleaner back that time. :D

  2. I stayed in Varin resort too!

  3. never been here before and would love to visit one day...

    1. Yes you should! Awesome place for vacation :)

  4. I am going to Koh Lipe next week and look forward to getting my toes in that sand. Lovely photos

  5. Hello. Can I have the travel agent. I would like to get the package information. :)

  6. Hello. Can you give me the travel agent contact? I would like to ask for the package information

    1. Hi, I don't have the contact with me, but maybe you can try to look for "Jolly Travel" on the internet :)

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