Friday, 16 May 2014

[Fashion] Sweet Fit Dress | Endless Fashion Boutique


Outfit Details:
Fedora from Carousell
Red and Black Fit Dress from Endless Fashion Boutique
Heels from Te Chi Chi 

Much thanks to Jasmin, the owner of Endless Fashion Boutique for sending this awesome piece of dress for me! I loved it so much!

In case you missed out my previous Fashion post, Endless Fashion Boutique is a new online boutique that provide good quality clothing and bags in an affordable price! You should definitely check them out! Not forgetting to mention that, the owner is super friendly!

Why I said I loved this dress so much? It's because it fits me so well, and I felt that I look so thin on it! The cutting is just so for me. The best of all, le bf loves when I wear it too! If you realize from the pictures above, I actually have bloatings! It's quite embarrassed to share about this, but tbh, I can't really wear any fit cutting dresses cause I look horrible with an extra tyre on my body!

This is a really recommended piece for every girls out there! The quality is superb, the material is very comfortable. The dress is not too short, suitable for a shopping date and even events or classes!

So check them out now! They have lotsa ready stock dresses too! Or just PM them if you wanna buy this piece of dress too.

All you have to do is just visit them at, PM your details to their page:
  • Link of the item : 
  • Colour : 
  • Address : 
  • Contact Number : 

There are a few benefits that you can get from Endless Fashion Boutique if you make purchase with them:
  1. Purchase RM 50 and above - you will get your own printed photo from them for free!
  2. Purchase RM 150 and above - FREE postage + FREE your own printed photo from them!
  3. Purchase RM 250 and above, FREE postage + FREE Endless Fashion gift + FREE your own printed photo from them!

So much awesome right?? Furthermore, there will be a new surprise for all the customers when they hit 250 likes in their Facebook page! So Like them nowget your favourite pieces and be prepared to be gorgeous! You won't wanna miss this awesome chance to own a few pretty and comfy pieces! :D

Also, stay tuned for a few more coming up OOTD post! For more of my OOTD pictures:


  1. you look pretty in this dress! :D

    1. Thanks Camy! I personally love this dress very much too! ;D

  2. love your outfit!

  3. Love the colour of the dress! You look really nice in it :D

    xx Mandy

  4. lovely dress and sweet model!

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