Tuesday, 13 May 2014

[Beauty] My Shopping Experience in Mr Lens

Ever wanted to have a service which you can get your contact lenses monthly right in front of your door step instead of stepping out of your house to the optical stores to get one every month? Introducing you, Mr Lens.
At Mr Lens you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface.  -Mr Lens

What I love about Mr Lens is
  1. It's really easy to choose the types of contact lenses you want
  2. You can get to see featured products from the home page and try on the new exclusive lenses
  3. They have a section of weekly special pick for you
  4. And yes, refill express! You get to select how long do you want them to send you a new pair of contact lenses at the end of your order!
No lie! That's what I saw after I've done my order!!

The benefits you will get if you purchase your contact lenses from Mr Lens are:
  1. They provide Nationwide Delivery
  2. It's convienent & fast service
  3. They have wide selection of lenses
  4. Most brands are in stock
  5. It's a brand that you can trust!!
Not forgetting to mention that, they provide free shipping within Klang Valley! 

So are the benefits mentioned above are true? Let's see. 

#1. I did my order on the 28th April 2014.

#2. So obviously the page is super easy to be used. I ordered 2 pairs of Colorvue 3 Tones in Green, with different power.

FYI, if you need to order 2 pairs of the same colour of the same brand, you'll have to add one pair first and click "Continue shopping" at the cart page so that you can add another same one. That's how I do as I need 2 pairs of same colour with different power.

#3. And right after I've done my order, an Email was received to confirm the order.

#4. As you can see from the previous image, I did it at 12.23pm. And it's now processing at 12.32pm! It's only 10 minutes! #TooFast

#5. And right on the same day, my order has been shipped! I really can't believe that, and did not expect that I actually received it on the next day afternoon!!

#6. Yes, it's really a surprise!

#7. Not just surprised in the rapid delivery, they gave me 2 lollipops and one contact lens casing!

My Opinion

I'm really impressed by their services, rapid shipping and friendly staffs! I did asked something through their Facebook page and they give me advises patiently. That's how customers will continue loving an online store! It's really a recommended online store for people who can't live without! :)

Besides having contact lenses, they have various choices of glasses frames to be chosen too! So what are you waiting for? Be friend with Mr Lens here now and let him treat you like a queen now! 

Mr Lens