Thursday, 22 May 2014

[Fashion] My Shopping Experience in adidas NEO, Queensbay Mall

It was an honoured to be invited by adidas Malaysia to do a shopping experience review at their new adidas NEO outlet in Queensbay Mall, Penang. They have just launched their latest Spring/Summer 2014 Collection - Selena Gomez.

Before that, let me ask you a question. How much do you know about adidas NEO? What's the difference between adidas NEO with normal adidas and adidas Original??

adidas’s latest fashion forward label adidas ‘NEO’ is part of the adidas Sport Style Division (home to adidas Originals, Y-3 and SLVR). Each of these collections represent a different aspect of fashion.

adidas NEO Label is line inspired by the latest mainstream trends seen in today’s upbeat generation that features a multitude of colours, styles and designs suited for today’s fashionable youth while still maintaining the brand’s original inspiration in sports fashion.

The adidas ‘NEO’ label is targeted at teenagers who are into pop culture and marking trends in fashion from influences in pop culture and through friends, with an accessible price point.

In short, adidas NEO label is designed for youngsters today with up to trend styles.
So I had paid my visit to their newly launched store at 3rd floor of Queensbay Mall, Penang last wednesday.

Featured shoes were displayed at a special corner,
easier for people to see what's their best seller.

Male Sections

Since I will be only getting female items for myself, here's some preview for guys out there who are interested in getting some items from adidas NEO.

The shadows make the picture looks so complicated, but artistic! Haha

This design attracted me the most! I will definitely get this if I'm a guy. Heh.

Look at the kids' shoes! How adorable! Especially after seeing the adults' one!

So have you spotted any favourite male shoes designs?
I personally think that the high ankle one is so trendy and cool!

Female Sections

Selena Gomez, global style icon and guest designer for adidas NEO Label launches her new Summer 2014 collection with the release of beautiful new imagery.

The established adidas NEO Label guest designer has added 27 hot summer pieces to her range, taking her inspiration from street style and creating a collection that blends soft pink tones with tough monochrome looks.

The summer collection is perfect for dressing up and dressing down. Whatever the occasion, Selena’s collection offers tough summer style with a girly edge.

The one in full pink is under Selena Gomez's summer collection. There's a signature of hers behind the shoes.
I love how the glossy pink make the whole thing look kinda special and unique!

One of the most special design, camouflage with studs behind!

This section is also under Selena Gomez's summer collection
Did the pink pants make you feel 'heart itchiness'??? Haha!

More Selena Gomez's summer collection.

Female tops, that you won't wanna leave your hand away after you've touched it!
Yes the material is super comfortable!

So as you can see, most of the Selena Gomez's summer collections are either in pink, black or white.

Let's Start Shopping!

I was given RM1000 shopping spree to choose my favourite items in the store! So let's see what I've shopped and at the same time, you get to preview some items here before you pay them a visit!

"Introducing the Adidas NEO's super duper comfortable and unique designed shoes!"
Yup, honestly, it's really super comfortable!
Don't believe? Go and give it a try! And if it's not, I give you throw the shoes on me! :x

So did you make the right guess that I will look for that pink and white designed shoes first??

Yes, I always looks for the pink and white design in any sport shoes store first
because they are just so pretty and so me! Pink and white is always the best match!
But after so many times wearing pink and white, I decided to choose others now!

I tried a few size of the shoes, and with a few walk in the store, to make sure it doesn't hurt my feet.

Can't decide which to choose! Look into the mirror for so many
times to make sure the shoes looks good on me.

If you wonder that will the shoes rub your ankle badly, NO, it doesn't!
On the other hand, it's really light and comfortable! As you can see from my previous images,
I walked many times in the store to feel the comfort-ness.
So don't worry and grab yours now if you liked it!

Continue my shopping with the clothes! 
Never bored of shopping even if you asked me to choose only T-shirts! ;P

So I've finally picked my favourite clothes and it's changing time!

Didn't really take pictures of what I tried and picked, but I'll be doing my ootd post soon with all the items I bought! Stay tuned! ;D

Happy girl with 3 big bags of adidas NEO items worth RM1000!

My Opinion 

Overall, I love shopping at this new stores! It's not too big to view the items, and everything is well displayed! The service is very good too, I asked for different size of the shoes so many times and the staffs are still willing to help me out. I spent quite a long time to decide which shoes, clothes and other items to get to hit the RM1000, but they never felt tired or annoyed, and still give me some advice on picking the items.

Exclusive Discount

So here's a voucher from adidas NEO exclusively for my readers! Just click on the voucher image, print it out, and enjoy your RM20 discount at Queensbay Mall's adidas NEO store!

For more information on Selena's new summer collection and to stay up to date on all things NEO, go to or visit the NEO Twitter account @adidasNEOLabel.

Also stay tuned for my upcoming posts regarding my ootd from adidas NEO! I will be uploading more preview on my Instagram and LookBook so follow me there and stay up to date! ;)


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