Tuesday, 20 May 2014

[Fashion] Heidi's Shop

The 'rocker' boots that I'm wearing, it's one of the most trendy leg wear. It can be matched with lotsa different outfits, like the one I'm wearing - skater skirts, shorts and even dresses which is not so princessy. I'm not sure if this can be considered as a rocker boots, but for me, it's kinda rock because it cannot be matched with any girlish type of outfit.

So I got mine from Heidi's Shop. Heidi's Shop is an online shop offering you the best items at the most affordable prices! They not only sell shoes, some clothing, but a wide range of all trendy phone casing too! I'm currently using one of the most famous phone case too - The Inspired Chanel Perfume Phone Case from Heidi's Shop.

I got a new trendy outfit for my S3 baby!

I love that it comes with the sling which is so easy for me to bring out!

And most of all, it can be matched with any types of outfit!!

Even though it's kinda huge for me, but I really love the feel when I grab it. You won't feel that it's slippery or easily get rid from your hand. I have been using it for almost a month and I personally think that the case has a superb good quality, won't get spoiled easily, so why not own one and save up other future casing's expenses? :P 

So if you still haven't own either of these 2 items, grab yours from Heidi's Shop now!! Don't get outdated ;P Like and follow them to get latest updates of current most fashionable and trendy items!

Heidi's Shop:
Whatsapp/WeChat: 016-4528918

Also, stay tuned for a few more coming up OOTD post! For more of my OOTD pictures:


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