Wednesday, 7 May 2014

[Fashion] Gadgets can be your Fashion Accessories!

Another quick update before I head to revise on my last paper (yayyy sembreak gettin' nearer! :D)

Remember that I once blogged about My favourite camera from i-Pmart? Read it if you haven't! Haha. So today I'm sharing a quick fashion update relating gadgets that you can easily get them from i-Pmart!

As a fashion blogger, here are some tips for you to get full use of your gadgets! Trust me, mix matching is really fun and you won't wanna miss these awesome ideas!

I personally love the "NERDY IS THE NEW SEXY" very much! Whatta bout you? ;)

Now, lemme share some other blogger's favourite gadgets here so that you can have some idea on what's gonna be in your next wishlist! Haha! *Spot my name and blog link in the picture too ;D*

Hope these little info-graphics inspire you in some way!

Wanna see through all gadgets in just a website? Visit i-Pmart now!

So tell me guys, which of the outfits in the first picture is your favourite? What are your facourite gadgets? How would you style it with? (of course you don't need to answer all haha)
Share your thoughts with me by leaving me a comment at the comment section down below. :)

Hope you guys have a great month so far! Have a nice day ahead! ;)


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