Tuesday, 27 May 2014

[Beauty] Nail Service at home

I'm not sure about you, but I'm not a mani pedi person because I'm super lazy when it comes to spending money (except for food and shoppings! Nyehehe). Yes, especially if you asked me to step out from my house, take a journey to visit nail salon just to do manicure or pedicure.

No please, I rather search for nail art design tutorial on YouTube and DIM (Do It Myself), but usually it's during my "nail art design mood". Honestly, I never let people helped me on my manicure and pedicure before yet, except my siblings when we're playing with nail art designs together.

If you insist to ask me to go and get some manicure for my ugly nails, I will ask you to come my home and help me to do. So few weeks ago, I received the news that my friends are currently doing door-to-door medicure and pedicure service in Penang! 

I was like WOW yes please, welcome to my house! I have a cute puppy for you to play with! XD Besides giving my nails a brand new pretty outfit after so long, I get to try on the current most famous gel polish. 

If you haven't tried the gel polish out too yet and wondering what's so special about it, here's my review on it because beginners (like me) might wanna know what will she be doing if she came to your house!

Last week, Cindy, my manicurist came to my house with some huge bags of items.

These are the gel polish that she use, which imported from Singapore

Fully utilized! Especially the UV lamp for the gel polish.

And I'm ready to get my little nails pretty outfits!!

The naked nails that has been naked for like... months.

  1. Shape the nails using a file
  2. Remove the shine of the surface of the nails (roughen it, so that the gel polish can stay longer on the nails)
  3. apply primer and then base coat
  4. apply 2 coats of base colour
  5. draw your chosen designs (You can choose it from her Facebook Page here)
  6. apply 2 layers of top coat
  7. apply cleanser 
  8. Voila!

Every time after applying a layer of the gel polish, she will cure the nails under the UV lamp for a while. Until the very last step, you will be needed to cure for 2 minutes (120 seconds).

While drawing a hand, the other hand's nails will be cure under the UV lamp. This saves a lot of time.

Concentrating... on looking at my cute nails to be done.

And voila! Sorry for my ugly shaped fingers but yay for my cute nails!
Feel like eating them cause it's so shinny and sweet (I mean the look)!

I'm sure that there will people commenting asking me for the price. For gel manicure (only plain colour, can be different colour on each finger nails), it will be RM50. Price will increase according to the additional designs and accessories used.

So here comes the good news for ya'll Penangites! You can now get 1 time free gel type manicure if you do 2 times! Which mean it's only RM100 for 3 times of the gel manicure!

You can fully use the 3 times by yourself, or share the promotion with your friends together! (3 friends do it together and share the RM100) *You'll have to make an appointment with her regarding this promotion

Besides doing gel polish manicure, she also do normal nail polish nail arts and other nail services

For more information, kindly PM them at

Facebook Page: DD Nail | WhatsApp: 012-2332725


  1. you know, I really like nail art and nail stuff...how unfortunate she's not in KL, if not I could have called them over my house and get my nails done! nonetheless nice sharing tho! =)

    1. Ohh I bet you can find it in KL! Haha thank you anyway! ;)

  2. waaaa. so cool worrr! didnt know medi & pedi got house-to house serviceee! and cute news!

    1. Haha ya I didn't know that too before my friend came to me for this! Haha thanks dear <3

  3. Wow! 6 years ago! It is time to dress up your nails again :)