Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sneak peak

I'm finally back from a hectic week! 3 tests in a week, like... crazy!! It's a BIG NO NO for the last minute person like me! Plus, the water disruption case in KL is @#$%^&*!

Although my tests and mid terms are all over, but that doesn't mean I'm totally free now - FINAL EXAM is getting nearer! I can tell that I have not prepare anything yet before writing this post. Not gonna pray for good results as I know how far can I go and definitely not gonna expect much!

So it's gonna be a short update with some sneak peak photos of me in Koh Lipe! I actually have a few travel post which was pending in my list for more than 3 months already! Feeling so guilty for my friends and family! I don't even have time to edit all the pictures and blog about it! I really hope I can just edit and post it without typing any words lol.

And yes, I went to Koh Lipe during CNY 1st day to 3rd day, which IKR, super delay! Soooo sorry!! But no worries! I'll definitely find some time to do it during my sem break (which is on May oops!)

It's so much fun and I can't wait to share it with you guys!! Bet that you can't to see the pictures too right?? Stay tuned! :D


  1. can I know how much for the whole koh lip trip for one people ?

    1. so sorry that I'm not sure about this as I'm just following my family ><

  2. It's so great to have a rest after hard work. You are a happy person. The pictures are cool.