Friday, 21 March 2014

[Beauty] Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Review

Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetic that every girl should have, even though if they don't make up often! So what's so important and powerful about an eyeliner? Lining a black or brown eyeliner on the eyes will make an illusion of larger eyes! Using different method of drawing can change you into another person... perhaps? Haha, you'll see the huge differences in my post so keep reading! *Exclusive gift for my readers as well! ;D*

What I'm holding here is Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme!

Btw, I'm actually having a bad skin condition so my photos will be quite a lot of obvious MTXX editing (like this pic above,so that my terrible face won't kill your eyes! XD)

I'm loving the design!!

Perfectly sealed! Super brand new ;D

Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner comes in 4 colours:
  • 01 Night Black
  • 02 Galaxy Black
  • 03 Choco Brown
  • 04 Golden Brown

I've gotten the one in Nigh Black colour [Code: 01] and Choco Brown colour [Code: 03]

As you can see from the picture, it doesn't look like a normal pencil liner, it looks like "crayon" and it's actually in a gel form!

I'd did some research from the internet on the benefits of using gel eyeliner. First of all, the gel is thick enough to make your eyes pop! Most people use gel type is to prevent eyeliner from smudging after sweating as gel eyeliner are smudge proof and sweat proof! Besides, most of them mentioned that it's long lasting! 

Normally the gel type of eyeliner comes in a small container and we have to use an extra eyeliner brush for it. Now, Miss Hana uses the combination of best of both world and here you go, the Gel Eyeliner Pencil! What I meant of "the best of both world" is the quality of gel eyeliner combined an easy holding pencil, and you get a perfect eyeliner!

So does it really waterproof as mentioned in their product name? Let's see!

To test that is it waterproof, of course you have to drop some water onto the eyeliner and test it whether it will follow the water turns smudgy or fade away with the water or not.

In this GIF picture, I used one of my liquid liner which always smudged on my eyes and made me look like a panda. I thought all the liquid liner are waterproof but turns out.......
See! It fades away with the water! I don't think I'm going to
continue using it any more cause I'm having oily skin and I
easily shed tears whenever my eyes got itchy!

So let's see if my 2 Miss Hana's eyeliner and the other brand's eyeliner I used are really waterproof or not...
It doesn't smudge as you can tell, proven that it's really water proof!

So let's start drawing!!!

First of all, the naked eyes!!! Only with eyebrow and CC cream.
*Make sure you clean your eyelids before applying anything!!*

Let's start with my simple daily eyeliner make up. Actually I don't draw eyeliner everyday but when I want to draw a little bit to attend classes, I only use brown colour eyeliner because it looks more natural. I don't wanna make my lecturers think that I'm going to campus for fashion show instead of study. =.=

What makes me wanna draw eyeliner is because I wanna look awake and of course, prettier!! Or maybe sometimes I have too much time before leaving for campus! XD Trust me, it makes changes even if it's just a line, without any extension or design!

The very basic lining, without extending! Can you see the difference already?
It sometimes also look like I have long lashes! :D

Note: If you're a beginner in drawing eyeliner, I advise you to search "Eyeliner for Beginner" in YouTube! Else, go to a random cosmetic store and ask the make up artist to help you!

To have a rounder looking eyes, add a bottom lining of about 1/3 of the eyes
Click the image below for a larger view!

Tadaa! Voila! Easy doesn't??

A better view under the sunlight! Try to close one side of my face and see the difference!!
I felt that I look pale on the right side compare to left!

Both eyes! I always love this method of drawing because it does make look prettier! ;P

I normally can just apply BB/CC cream, eyebrow colour and a natural
brown eyeliner and walk out from my house for a whole day!
It just make me feel so confident! ;D

So here's another method I used while attending event or dating!

People usually extend their eyeliner at the corner of the eye to have a bigger or longer eyes. If you notice my eyes, I have inner double eyelid and weird eyelid which I can't just extend my eyeliner like how they do. If I do so, I'll have a drooping eyes which makes my eyes look smaller and sleepier!

To achieve that look of brighter eyes, I'll have to extend the line upwards! 
Click the image below for a larger view!

In the first pic, I marked down the place that where I want my eyeliner extend to, with my eyes opened. 
As you can tell, it's really long and high, but after I opened my eyes, it turns short! Why I must have drooping eyes :(

And voila! Do I look happier and brighter eyes now? :D

A closer look on how my line was drawn in night black colour! 

So far I think that my eyes only suitable to extend it upward. It's quite weird looking if I extend it side way and idk why! :(

So whatta ya think?? I personally love this drawing! :D

I've been trying this look for a few times and I actually love most of the selfie I took those time!

My current profile picture in Facebook!

Selfie before going for Mr Dakgalbi's food review!

My Opinion

Overall I think that this brought us lotsa benefits in wearing eyeliner! All the benefits I mentioned above was actually fulfilled! It's easy to use, it does last longer than my previous eyeliner (which is also waterproof one) and it doesn't turns me into a panda!! Haha! The only thing is the tip is kinda thick and obviously it's not suitable for people who only want to apply thin eyeliner. And we have to own a sharpener to make the tip sharper.

As I mentioned in my first paragraph, special gift for my readers!

Apply discount coupon "MISSHANA" to get your RM5 offer when purchase any colour of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme!! (Valid till May 15th, 2014) 

Click here to purchase now at the price of RM34.90 RM24.90 only!!!

*Natta Cosme is having monthly best comment contest in their Instagram now! Make sure you follow them for more information!*

So tell me guys, which type of eyeliner you always use and most suitable for you currently? Share with me by leaving a comment below so that I can give it a try after finishing this 2 eyeliner! Would appreciate it very much! ;D


  1. Nice photo and beautiful eyeliner ♡♡

  2. so prettty! i dont even know how to draw properly :/

    1. Thanks Camy! Practice makes perfect! Try few more times and you sure can draw it very nice too! ;D

  3. Nice! make me wanna get one :/

  4. that's one cute liner! i love the packaging ♥ and yes, i agree eye liners are must-haves in every girl's make up kit :)