Wednesday, 12 March 2014

[Phone App] Printic - Print & Share from your phone in a Snap!

Have you ever thought of printing all your favourite pictures in your phone and put them into a photo album like how our parents did during old times (i.e our childhood photos)?

Thinking of of giving your friends and family a surprise by sending them their favourite photos of some memorable moment?

Wanna do either one or both of the question above but too lazy to step out to printing/camera shop to do so?!?!

Your solution is here now! Introducing you an awesome phone app which you can print all your favourite pictures with few clicks through your smartphone - Printic!

Printic is an IT company base in Paris. It offers you the easiest and fastest way to order HD Polaroid-style prints from your smartphone (iOS & Android), Instagram and Facebook. With few clicks, you can send your lovely photos to everywhere you want in the world without delivery fees! *Awesome~~*

Printic is working well in Europe and America The most fascinating news is they are newly launched in Singapore and Malaysia!

Normally, you will receive the mail within:

Europe, North America, HK
Australia, Newzealand
Asia: Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, China (Mainland), Macao SAR, Taiwan

How does it work?

#1. First of all, download your Printic App from App Store or Google Play Store! Duhh~~
So here's mine! The logo looks exactly like the orange envelope they sent to me! XD

So this is the homepage after you enter Printic.

They provide the normal type, the box type which you can gift it to the special person,
and in calendar type, with your personalized pictures on! Awesome right???

#2. Register yourself in Printic!

#3. Choose your pictures!!
Printic will then scan all the pictures in your phone. You can select any pictures to be printed by them from your album! Easy doesn't? ;)

Besides, you can sign in into your Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and Flickr account and select the pictures in these accounts!

My Instagram Album



As you can see, I actually chose and moved all the pictures that I wanted to print into an album in my Dropbox because it's easier for me to select!
Because I don't want my phone get hanged because of my thousands of photos in the album.. =X

So these are the pictures selected and let's move on to editing!!!

#4. Edit your photos!
There are 5 types of editors for you to enhance the view of your pictures - Crop, rotate, change the frame colour, change the text, font and size, and change the number of photos you want that picture to be printed!!
I love how Printic provide this editing service so that the pictures can be printed in an excellent condition!!

To scale and crop, press and hold on the frame line
and start moving it to the perfect size!!

Yes you can choose the frame colour according
to your picture colour too! :D

Now, change the font and colour of the texts!!
Anyway, I really love this picture of me and my family! :)

#5. Add message and recipient address.
After you have done editing all the pictures, let's move on to writing your addresses and messages!!

You can add a message letter to your recipient!!
But do note that it cost the money of a picture as well :)

Now, wait for the pictures to be uploaded to Printic!
*Ignore the Cindy Loke recipient because I thought I was going
for their Valentine's day buy 1 free 1 promotion, but end up there
were some error so I only purchase it after the promotion*

#6. Upload and Voila!
Since it's sponsored, so I don't need to pay for anything.
Thanks Printic for giving me the free trail!! :D

So after you have confirmed your purchase,
just click Great, go for it!!

After you received the confirmation e-mail, you're done!!!

Easy doesn't??! If your house is far away from any printing shop, Printic is definitely easy and convenient to use as your photo printer!


As you can see from a table above, I'd mentioned that we (Malaysian) will only receive the mail after 7 working days, but actually I received it in less than 7 days, which surprised me when I open my mail box!

Of course it comes in a white envelope with my Name and Address.
The true envelope from them is this cute little orange one!!

*Puking rainbow!!* Haha!

I'm so happy when I see all the pictures are in a perfect condition! Except for the Question Mark
there(?), I didn't know the heart shape () cannot be used! So sad ><

So what I did is I took out all my polaroids and some other photos I got from events, with the Printics pictures, I decorated them into my own wall art!!

So what do you think?? Feeling colourful right??? Haha I love it!!

Close up look. 2 pictures are from the TopShop events and another 2 are from The Butterfly Project High Tea event!

The polaroid I framed them into the colour frames I got from Mr. DIY together with the clips and string!!

"?" ? XD

My siblings and my awesome family. 

"Confident is the key of beauty"
Daily reminder for myself!!

The origami bow that I made it long time ago!

It's really happy to see this wall art that I decorated by myself every day with the people you love the most, and the all colours of hope!

My Opinion

I personally think that there are still a lot of improvement have to be made to satisfy fuzzy customers, such as some minor problem like the cropping and scaling. They did not follow the cropping and scaling I did during my editing. I'm not sure is it because of the system problem or programming problem, but this has to be fixed! I actually spent quite some time to edit 12 pictures because my phone is lag while using the app, but end up my pictures are just like originally unedited. Feeling quite disappointed. 

UPDATE: The staff explained to me how come my pictures were not follow in the cropping I did. The cropping were actually saved after I click the arrow button to the next stage, but I went back to the editing part after I go to the recipient section, which the edits were not saved anymore, and that's why.

Besides, I actually faced quite a few problems and bugs while using the app on my phone, so I emailed back to the person who emailed me regarding the sponsors and complained to her the problems I faced. She replied and explained to me patiently, which turns my mood from bad to good! She still thank me for finding bugs for them as they can improve the app before someone else get pissed off! The customer service is actually very good!

However, I love this app very much in overall because it brings convenient and fun at the same time. The photo quality quite good too, except for few which I think my pictures are originally blurred a little... The customer service is definitely big thumbs up for them! Like I said above, I found some bugs and they actually respond to my feedback and update the version for me, which impressed me a lot! (that's why I dragged so long only get done with my purchase and to blog about it!)

Really feel so thankful for the friendly staffs from Printic! I'm ovarall satisfied with their services! :D

Good news for newbies out there who interested to try on Printic!!
Key in "MAILLOVE" code to receive 2 free prints!!

So I actually recommend you guys to give it a try using the code given above and see if you satisfied with them or not! Don't forget to let me know in the comment section below after you'd tried it!! ;)

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Download the app:


  1. wow cool app! thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks nice! I haven't printed photos for ages.

    1. So you should try this app! ;D

    2. Hmm, I just lazy to print out and organize the photos. Hehe!

  3. its niec but i think its a little too pricey after convert to myr.

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