Friday, 21 February 2014

[Phone App] Carousell, an online thrift shop??

Howdy peepo! How have you been? :) First of all, I have a question to all the shopaholics out there.

Have you ever think of opening your own boutique just to sell all of your brand new or unused and under-used preloved items?! 

Like clothes, skin care which doesn't suits you, accessories, cosmetics that bought extra and many more! But creating your own boutique is actually quite a troublesome, especially if you're still a student, or a busy office lady!

In case you're wondering what on earth is a preloved item:
Preloved: previously used or owned; secondhand. 

Introducing to all the shopaholics (of course also for those who are not but have bunch of unwanted stuffs), a phone application which you can sell your items in only 30 seconds - Carousell!

Homepage of Carousell app - Some of the categories you might interested to shop in!

Some products under Beauty Product and For Her categories. These two categories are my favourites!

They have an interesting category which is Tickets/Voucher! You can sell your unwanted vouchers or tickets there if you unable to make it for that event! Awesome right?! :D

How does it work

#1. Snap a picture of an item that you want to sell.

#2. Write the details about your item, i.e Item name, fill in the category, description and price for sale.

#3. And Voila! Just wait for notifications from buyers who interested to pay you for that item!

And of course, you can surf the categories and find some awesome deals, it's actually like shopping in an online thrift shop!

Some people do swapping too, means you exchange your item with the something you like from the buyer's profile. My first trading was actually swapping my Kitschen Ballerina shoes with a white dress which I think it's quite cute! Which means I didn't spend a single cent to get a cute dress, and since I don't want the shoes already, why don't I just think of the way on gifting it to a better owner who deserves it? *feeling awesome*

Of course I actually prefer to sell to earn a little bit, but my main purpose is just to let go my unwanted item and make space for new items I love in the future!

Aight back to the true topic.

Oh ya one more thing! If you're looking for something, there's a category "LOOKING FOR" for you to post a picture of stuff that you want, and if someone is letting go your stuff that you're looking for, they might just contact you! Look how awesome this app can be?!

And anyway, these are some of the stuffs that I'm currently selling in Carousell! Click here to check out my profile now. Don't forget to follow me too cause I'm going to post more of my awesome items! ;D

Yes, I'm giving away free mask if you make a purchase with me! :)

And yes, you can also meet up the seller at their COD area, and you saved up the postage fee! :D
*COD: Cash On Delivery.*

So what are you waiting for? Download this awesome app now!

For more information, kindly visit:


  1. wow superb info! i have alot of preloved items and didn't know what to do with them haha =D

    1. So you definitely gonna earn a lot through this app! XD

  2. Hello! Thanks for introduce this apps in your blog! I sign up for it once reading from here...and it is really a lot fun happening around there hehe ^^

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