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[Beauty] bloop Nail Strips Review

So after reviewing on bloop's nail polish, finally is time to introduce you their awesome product which is so easy and fun to use with - the bloop's Nail Strip!

So as you can see, it's a kind of nail stickers/tattoo which you DIY. 

It can't be compared with nail polishes because they are two different products serve different beauty needs.
If you just want a simple nail colour, or you want to have your own design that you able to draw them by yourself, you definitely need to use Nail Polish!
For those inexpert in drawing but #NailArtExpertWannabe like me, and you don't have time/money to visit nail salon for pretty nail art - Nail Strips are your best solution!

A pack of nail strips comes with a small little cute nail file, which you will see how useful is it later on!

So let's get started!

How to apply Nail Strips

Something you need to take note before playing with the nail strips:
  • Clean your nails with nail polish remover! 
  • Make sure your finger nails are a bit longer (at least 1-2mm of more) to apply Nail Strip, because it will be easier to file off the remaining extra nail strips nicely, and of course, longer nails with more designs are nicer right?
  • Apply base/top coat or even nail polish if necessary on your nails. You will see some nail strips are a little transparent and you can match it creatively with different base colour on your nails! The base coat of nail polish colour will stabilize the Nail Strip and make it even last longer!

  1. As seen on picture #2, I cut out that particular piece (from picture #1) to do a better measurement before I stick it onto my nails. -It's easier to measure the cut out nail strips onto my nails because the size might be larger than my nail. (a normal nail?)
  2. If it is really too big, cut the edge by using small scissors as shown in picture #3, and make it fit to your finger nails, as shown in picture #4. (Note: the rounded end should be facing the cuticle)  -Nail Strips all come with standard size hence we need to alter it to fit our finger nails. It maybe a bit trouble but it's worth it after everyone praise on your DIY nail art. Trust me. Furthermore, it would be even time consuming if you do nail art at salon? :)
  3. After you have ensure the right size, pull off the strip as shown in picture #5 and stick on your nails as shown in picture #6. Smooth nails to remove any excess air bubbles. -Remember always start to stick on the center then follow by pressing left and right edge. If you saw some uneven area, press or rub it gently to make it even. Make sure you stick the strip on the finger nails nicely and not on fingers (As you may find it easily peel off due to not stick on your nails properly. Remember, nail strip are designed to stick on nails ya.)
  4. To file off the strip, position the file at vertical direction and downward motion to file off the strip gently as shown in picture #7. -Do not do up and down motion as it may spoil the strip due to our nail strip designed was a bit thinner to ensure your nails are breathable.
  5. And Voila! You're done! (picture #9) For longer wear, seal with a layer of bloop top coat nail polish.

With my matching pink top, purple lens and pink eyeshadow make!!

I really love this designs so much! At first I thought it will be very dull for me, but end up it looks really nice on my finger nails! In addition, it makes my hand looks fairer, like how the bloop's blue nail polish does! So what do you think of it? ;)

Transparent Nail Strips

Now let me show you on the transparent design of nail strips! The transparent one is more fun to play with because you can match it with different base colours of nail polish before you apply your nail strips!

The steps are the same as I mentioned above. The only add on is the colour. As seen above, I applied the bloop's nail polish which I used for the nail polish review here. Be creative to play with it!!

So I did played it with different colours in different finger nails:
The index finger's was actually taken from the left over strip from the toe strip!
Keep reading and you will understand why =P

Look how my nail polish turns out after applying the transparent nail strip? Interesting huh? :1

Toe Strips

And the same procedure goes to Toe Strips as well!

The shape is cuter as our toe nails are normally wider and shorter.

I'm so sorry if I disgusted you with my ugly foot! x.x

My toe nails are always short. So instead of filing the strips of vertically, I do it horizontally because it's easier to do so!

So guess what?! I mad love my toes now! Almost everyone saw my feet and were like "Woahh so nice!":

I'm so sorry my feet are really ugly ><

Extra Tips

#1. You might find a bit hard to file off the strip nicely. You can actually use your own finger to press the strip to make it folded and make the edge line of your nails to be appeared first before you start filing off it, as seen in the picture below:

#2. Sometimes our nails changed in shape day by day! You may find that the strips will out of the edge, or maybe it's because you are too lazy to resize the nail stirps! ;1 So what I did is I used my small nail cutter and cut of the extra strips around my nail! Refer to the picture below:

#3. You can try to reuse if you're filed off nail strips are still nice! Look at mine, I used my largest toe nail's extra nail strip to apply it on my index finger! And then I use my nail cutter to resize the edge of the nail strips! Awesome right?! Just Be Creative!! :D *Maybe this is not recommended by the company but it's up to you! So far I only reused 1 strip ;)

How to Remove Nail Strips

  1. Remove the top coat with a nail polish remover (If necessary)
  2. Dip nails into warm water for 5-10 minutes. 
  3. Gently peel off nail strips.
  4. Remove any excess glue with bloop nail polish remover.
  5. Voila!

*So don't wear it to a sauna if you want it to last long since hot water can remove the nail strip! XD

My Opinion

I'm really impressed that how time consuming and cost saving the nail strip did to me! I'm just gonna say that, bloop's nail strips is going to be my favourite nail art design to play with starting from now on! It's super easy to use and save a lot of time! Besides, it does last for a week! Not really fully last but at least I can have it for some special event few days earlier instead of making appointment with the nail salon! What's more?? Even removing it was fun! :D

Especially CNY is arriving soon, and I mostly will spend my CNY eve with my cousins for nail art designs! Thanks for the great invention, I can use my remaining time to write my blog now instead of drawing nail art designs! :D

Sometimes I really love to DIY own stuffs or anything on myself is because I learned something new every time when I try to do it by myself!! If I didn't get to try on this nail strip, I won't experience on how easy making own DIY nail art is! It is really as easy as applying nail polish, in addition, it's more fun to play with!

I didn't tell my little cousin (10 years old only) that I did anything on my nails, but after she saw it, she said "OMG your nails so nice! You went to nail salon right??!" And I was like "Nawwhhh I do it by myself! ;)"

  • No drying time needed
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Can be DIY at home with affordable price
  • No chemical and alcohol content (If you didn't play it with nail polish)
  • Super thin and realistic on nail
  • Last 5-7 days
  • Wide range of nice designs are provided
  • 1 packet only can be used once for all fingers
  • Designs are limited, even though it has a wide range, but sometimes it doesn't have those that we wish to have in our mind.

But I'm happy that my toe strips can be used 2 times! The remaining strips are enough for my 10 toes:

And this is how my finger nails look after applying the nail strip for 9 days:
I actually peeled off the left thumb nail's strip few days ago when I was in Cameron because I used my thumb to do a lot of things like open bottle cap and wash dishes, so of course it will drop!

Get it now!

Want to try it on now?? Here's a good news for you! HiShop is selling bloop's nail strips at only RM38 for 3 packs!! Which means each pack of pretty nail arts cost you only RM12.67! (Normal price: RM12.90 each) It's still cheaper than go to nail art salon right? :3 Click here to choose your favourite design of bloop's Nail Strips now! 

EXCLUSIVE FOR MY READERS! Key in the code "BLOOPNAILS" upon your check out to get a RM20 rebate off your total bill on a purchase of mininum RM99 from HiShop(valid till 31 January 2014)

For more informations, kindly visit:




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