Thursday, 30 January 2014

Happy Horse Year!

Just gonna be a small update here! Sorry for being quite inactive in my blog recently! Been busy and sick for few days.

Well, I have to blog this is because I will be leaving malaysia for few days for a CNY getaway and will be inactive in social networks! Hopefully I get to connect wifi in Thailand! :D

It's just my first year CNY trip with family because we couldn't celebrate CNY much this year... you may refer my previous post regarding the reasons. Anyway, I just can't wait for this trip!!!

So have you done your bonding with family today? I mean reunion dinner of course.. I'm glad that I get to have my reunion lunch and dinner with my beloved family every year. It was the most awesome moment every year!

The only thing that annoyed me is I'm having difficulty in swallowing food! It's a super long story, so in short, I'm having gastric. Sighhhh

Alright! Gonna have some rest now and be prepared for my CNY! Happy Chinese New Year guys!!! ♥