Saturday, 25 January 2014

[Advertorial] Enjoy your CNY with Gaviscon along!

Can't believe another festive holiday is arriving in a week time! I'm so damn excited! Holiday again! :D
I'm so proud to be a Chinese because Chinese New Year is so huge and so happening every where in Malaysia! Of course the happiest moment is to reunion with the family! Unfortunately, it's our first year for not having our beloved granny to celebrate CNY with us... 

Recall back previous years. Granny is always the one who prepared the most in cooking! She always cook anything we love to eat during this special festive season since it's just once a year, without thinking that will it make us 'heaty' or 'coldy' or not. The main purpose is just to make us happy and not picky to eat! Normally we tend to ignore those healthy food which taste bad! :x

All time favourite - Kuih Kapik! Super heaty and I don't care whenever I sees it! XD
*Picture taken in February 2013 *

Steamboat we had during last year's CNY! Look at all the 'heaty' foods! 

And of course, you won't forget about this when you feel super hot during the visiting!
(CNY is all about hot weather XD)

This year's Chinese New Year, since our family can't get to celebrate like how we used to (We children can't visit relatives and the parents can't give angpau), but I'm going to Koh Lipe, Thailand with my cousins for the first 3 days of CNY! Since we can't do anything for this year's CNY, this trip is gonna be so memorable cause we're definitely going to have lotsa tasty but heaty food and get tanned there! *Oops! XD

I hope I won't get sick before or during the trip, so what I'm going to do is to get myself few sachets of Gaviscon along with me during this trip, just to prevent sudden gastric or fever during the journey! So damn 'potong' right if someone get sudden sick in the middle of having fun?! I don't want to be a person who ruined other's mood!!

Now let me ask you another question first, 
do you know how to determine your body type, whether you are a hot, cold or neutral person? 

I'm obviously a HOT person! Can say that all my favourite food that mentioned in the picture above are in HOT type! Oh gosh! Besides, my eyes get dry, tired and itchy easily, my heart rate increased rapidly whenever I'm fast for something, and I breath so damn loud! And then I checked back the cold type, I don't have any of the symptoms it mentioned... :\

So what will you do if you really get 'heaty' or 'coldy' during this annual festive season after having your favourite hot or cold food, once a year?

The reason that I said that I'm gonna bring along a few sachets of Gaviscon it's because I have the problems of both heartburn and indigestion!

  • Gaviscon forms a 'raft' over the stomach contents which helps prevent acid coming back up into the esophagus (food pipe)
  • The raft acts as a strong physical barrier and helps keep all the components of the stomach contents in the stomach where they work, not letting them seep back up into the oesophagus where they hurt
  • It works in 3 minutes to provide long lasting relief of up to 4 hours*. (The effect on individuals may vary) 

I'm so happy that Danee mentioned about Gaviscon to me because I'm always thinking that how can I heal my heartburn and indigestion besides changing my eating habit! It's really irritating and disgusting!! Besides, I learned that how does it work!

So if you have met this situation like me before, get your Gaviscon now because it's just 5 days away for our reunion dinner! You can find it in any watsons or guardian outlets ;)

For more information, kindly visit: 

So tell me guys, which body type are you in?? Feel free to share with me your experience in facing the problems too! :D And please tell me that I'm not the only person who just knew about Gaviscon few days ago! T.T

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  1. no, you are not the only person who just knew about Gavixcon.... Me too~~~
    But, I still don't have the idea to write the post T.T