Saturday, 18 January 2014

Christmas 2013

I am almost one month late for this post! But as you can see, I actually updated a few posts which should be updated earlier than this. Well anyway, here's how I celebrated my 2013's Christmas!


This preparation part is for the Christmas Eve Potluck party, which me and Bailey came with this idea to celebrate our Christmas Eve at her house. Yup, potluck is all the guest have to bring their own food for the party. But we're afraid that the food will be too less, so we decided to bake our own cookies, muffins, sausages, nuggets, mash potato and keropok, which they are easily to be prepared.

Few days before Christmas Eve, I went to Bailey's place to learn cookies and muffin from her auntie! I'm so happy that I finally know how to bake cookies and muffins!! :D

So actually we TRY to bake it first before we bake it for the party. Luckily the recipe are prepared and the taste were nice, but in terms of decorations on the cookies...... For a not so creative in art person like me, you'll see how ugly the decoration I made later on! xD

So we decided to bake butter cookies with ginger bread man shape. We don't really like ginger taste so... Yea our butter cookies are awesome!

So this is how we made our cookies!

Some of the decorations. Those pretty cute one are definitely Bailey's creation
while mine are those you seen is ugly. (like the first pic)

Besides learning to bake cookies, we also learned that we cannot put the unbaked cookies too close to each other, like this:
See the result! XD I know it's cute but..... LOL!

So for this first batch of cookies we learned to bake, I gave most of them for my family and some are eaten by both of us.

On the day before Christmas Eve, Bailey asked one of her classmate Tiffany to help her to bake cookies for the party because I was not free on that day.

See how nice the art students can draw!! I feel so shameful for myself ><

And here goes the muffins! BTW in the picture below, I used different days of photos to show the process as I didn't capture the full procedure on both the days.

So same as cookies, I learned to bake chocolate chips muffins few days earlier, and then we baked the Green Tea one on Christmas Eve for the party, right before the party starts!!

First 3 pictures are the Green Tea flavour and others are in Chocolate Chips flavour.

It looks weird but it taste nice!

Housewife look?!! :o

And now, be hold! The foods that we prepared and brought by the guests!


Decoration of Bailey's living room. On the pink balls,
they actually have their own companion which is 'Miley Cyruses'. 
If you know what I mean!! XD

And ze pretty Xmas tree which was prepared to fill with presents! :D

Christmas Eve Party

Credits to Bailey's DSLR.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!!

We played Killer and Lie with the poker cards, and then exchange present session. And that's all for the awesome night! I stayed overnight at Bailey's place after that cause we know that it's gonna be super late after the party.

Christmas Night BBQ

So for the next day, I went to ze cousins place in the afternoon to prepare the BBQ with the family!

The decorations were made by couz and auntie, with some of our old time pictures, mini little xmas tree and presents!!


More pictures of crazy faces here

Natalie (the biggest face) got her new DSLR which is her present from her dad for getting straight A's in PMR! Woots! Grats!

So finally it's time for the BBQ!!

Selfie using couz's DSLR

I'm so obsessed with this xmas tree and idk why!
I actually have tons of pictures of me with this tree in my folder now! x.x

Nat, Me, Leo.

Random photoshoot by couz. Got feel ya??! XD

And le me with the little tree again, using my wide lens for my phone!

BTS loll

More BTS with photobomb

Fav <3 !

BTS again

Cousin loves to stalk me loll

OK now here comes the present exchanging session! Few days ago, all of us drew the names that whom we're gonna gift to (so that we know what to buy), and keep it a secret! Cause we wanna surprise them at this moment!

Saw the super huge box under the tree in the picture above? I tell you something. That was actually from my aunty. The little cousin Natasha thought that it's gonna be my present and sneak it out to me! But actually, my aunty want to keep this secret away from her so she told Natasha that's for me!

And this is the real big surprise for her! And wanna know what's in the box??!

Skateboard from fourskin!! So awesome that I wanna own one now!!

So who's the one who gonna gift present to me??!

Le brother! He's disgusting in this picture i know XD

And uncle got mine! I got him a shaver :D

Awesome Family portrait, with our awesome presents! <3

So is gift opening time!

I got an extra present from Jay, which is a power bank! Thanks Jay!
And the pink watch which is the gift from le brother!

#random: Roxy wants corn... Awww!


To be honest, the most that I spent for xmas presents is definitely this year's xmas! Firstly, for Bailey's home party! I got the exchange session one gift, and 3 for Bailey, Fok and Weline each!

Secondly, for family's exchange session, which is for my uncle. And I got all my siblings each of them a present too! That's so far a total of 9 boxes of presents already!

Lastly, there's another present exchanging session with the uni-mates during our Cameron trip at the beginning of January! And I got le BF another presents too! It's a total of 11 presents... x.x

I hope I didn't missed out any presents but I guess I'd spent more than hundreds for Christmas presents already! 

Because I didn't really celebrate xmas together with friends and family which has the presents exchange session so many times, of course this is the year that I spent the most for presents! Of course there will be more in the future right?! Maybe add on colleagues and more friends next few years?? I love the moment of presents exchanging so much actually!

Alright enough for my nagging. Let's see what I got for people and what I got from people this Christmas!

  1. The box with some tools inside are for the Uni-mates cause we still don't know that whom will we gift the presents to, so I felt that the tools that I got from Daiso are super useful no matter a guy or a girl received it.
  2. For the rocky and rainbow candies/chocolate, they are for Bailey's friend.
  3. The belt, I got it for Le BF.
  4. The Schick shaver is for my uncle. I didn't know he likes shaver so much before I gifted it to him and now I know. :1
  5. The 3 cute little soaps from Fresh Desire are for Bailey, Fok and Weline which is in their favourite colours.
  6. And the stationery, Stabilo pens are for the straight A girl Natalie; Sharpie pens for the future artist Leo; Koko and May May book for Natasha.
  7. And last but not least, a concealer for le sister.

So here are the gifts I received!

I got this Body Shop shower gel from Tiffany from Bailey's party.
The smell makes me feel like drink it wtf!!!

A random xmas gift from le Brother (ikr I got 2 gifts from him wtf)
He said it's in promotion on that day so he decided to get them for me! How sweet he is <3

Left is from Leo the bro, and right is from Jay (as I mentioned earlier)

Lastly, this is an early present from Natte Cosme because I wrote a blog post regarding the Typhoon in Philipine (click here and you'll understand) and I got a token of appreciation from them <3
Thanks a lot!! They actually wrote every card for us (50 bloggers) by themselves!

So I guess that's the end of my Christmas post! Feel so blessed that I can end my 2013 happily! :)

Anyway how did you celebrate your Christmas 2013? Leave me a comment below or your blog post link so that I can read it!

Thank you for reading till the end! Well as for New Year Eve and New Year 2014 post, I will not be updating about it cause I just celebrated it simple with my family. We had Steamboat this time! :)


  1. wow, what a great celebration you had there! :)

  2. The pictures look fun.

  3. The cookies looks so good!

    1. Yes because it's drawn by art students! XD And it taste good too ;)