Friday, 10 January 2014

Both the first time

It's been a while for me to share with you guys about what am I up to recently! Decided to give my brain a rest before I continue editing on my Christmas and Cameron Trip posts' pictures! Yeah stay tuned if you're interested to read on my coming post regarding Cameron Highland! :P

So if you followed my Instagram, you surely know that I have marked down one of a check box in my 2014 resolution, which is to try my first hair dye in salon! Keep scrolling to view a clearer picture on my Pink Highlights!

As I always said, I wanna try on different and special colour on my hair! Especially bleached colour :o But since it's my first time, I decided to start with a little of it first because I don't want to take the risk to chop off my hair! To be honest, I have not entered into any salon for a hair cut for the whole 2013! Just because I wanna keep my hair length until I'm satisfied, and straightly give it a dye on 2014!

Okay I think I have talked too much. Let the picture do the talking now! :D

So it's my first time went to salon for dying and bleaching, so I have to post it out so that I can view it back in the future!

Waiting for my hair get bleached!

Credits to mom, she waited me there and helped my to take pictures cause my phone battery flat at that moment!

So this is how I look like after bleach highlight! Maybe can consider only bleach in the future? :1

The most exciting moment! I love how the magenta actually applied on my hair!
I really hope that it turns out that colour actually!

Behold, my pink highlight!

The before pic looks a bit got violet or red hair colour but actually it's lighting problem! XD

The colour was actually uneven, but I love everything which is unique on me! ;D

The under sunlight look!!

I really love my hair length now! Still keeping it until I feel like cutting it off next time! ;D

And since I was very free yesterday, I decided to try on curl!

It's like first time I finally understand how the curler work! Loll pardon me :P

Tadaa~ I loved it! How about chu? ;)

So I actually did a small photoshoot for myself with this look too :P
Stay tuned for more pictures in the future! ;D

So overall whatta ya think?? Let me know if you have any suggestion which you think I might interested to try on next time! I would loved to know your opinion! :D


I'm finally back to KL and I'm ready for my new semester! I actually came back too early and no one's home with me! It's kinda weird for me to walk out alone for food hunt x.x! So I decided to order delivery food from! Man I should have know about this website earlier because I tell you! How can it be this convenient!! 

I actually wanna order it few weeks ago but it seems not so convenient to order from them at my Penang house area? Luckily my KL house area has various food of choice to deliver! :D is an online food delivery portal which has more than 400 restaurants across Malaysia. It includes chains like Tony Roma's, Chicken Rice Shop, Chatime, Kenny Roger Roaster, Sakae Sushi, Starbucks, etc. We provide thus a large choice of cuisines and dishes. The whole online ordering process is convenient and easy! You can pay on delivery or online via Paypal. To make it even easier, you can order food via the mobile application (Android and iPhone). 

Before I know about foodpanda, I either will be like "dear ah, lazy go out, order pizza delivery can ah?" or "eh dear, no money dy leh, and lazy to go out, we cook maggie mee can ah?". TBH, these are really just my choice!! So sad D: But now I foodpanda has finally solved my first world problem! (kinda 'first' world huh? ^^")

So let's see what I'd ordered from foodpanda today!

Lunch today, Bento Set from Sakae Sushi!!

Sorry for the messy table as I'm still in the processing of tidying the mess!

I ordered Bento Set C : Salmon Teriyaki! 

Yes I actually craving for Japanese food since I know about foodpanda few week ago! Wanna try on their delivery service and the food after delivered! The food of course does not came as hot as it served in the restaurant, but the taste is still the same!

FYI, a person in charge actually called me and ask that is it okay if the food will arrive late a little bit due to rainy day. So you can just straightly cancel the order if you're in a rush! How convenient?!

Besides, the delivery man is quite friendly too! I'm not sure that whether other restaurant provide the same service or not, but if you're a Japanese food lover, give Sakae Sushi a try! At home!! XD

Happy girl with her Bento Set! Every Bento Set comes with steamed rice, edamame, baby octopus, Japanese pickles and 1 bottle of Twister Orange.

Salmon!!! Nom nom nommmm

Oops, if you realized I'm eating in my room :x 

I really recommend you guys to make delivery from foodpanda, especially for those people like me who has a big transport problem, plus living in a dangerous city (swallow saliva) and it's so unsafe to walk out for dinner in the evening! Luckily my place does provide this service! Big thanks to foodpanda for providing this awesome service! But of course, do order earlier as you can't estimate that it will arrive within an hour or not! :)

For more information, kindly visit:


So as I mentioned above, no one's home now! And le bf told me that he only will be back tomorrow... 

But he surprised me right after I finished my lunch by knocking my room door, hands holding a pink rose and a gift box! I stunned and shouted "werttttt"! I can't feel any happier with him! I love you!!

The rose that he gave, it's really pretty!! But I didn't take much picture with as you can tell it's withering!!

So far my 2014 was awesome! Really hope that everyday will be as happy as today I did! And wishing everyone for a better life everyday too <3

Last but not least, thanks for reading my random post of the day! Love ya'll! ;)


  1. nice hair color! all ready for cny? :)

  2. Hi, can I know how much you highlight your hair? =)

    1. Oh, so normally what's the price? And I found that your hair is way smoother after highlighting. Between, I love your hair! So long and nice!

    2. Okay! Thank you so much!

  3. Hey babe! interesting post on foodpanda.. haven't tried it before. Saw ur blog on blogger zone fb group. Btw i've followed your blog! Mind following me too? :-)

    1. Hello Sandra. Thank you so much! I'd follow you back ya ;)

  4. Hi Nicole! After look at your review about hair solution saloon, I went there for a scalp treatment and I just came back from there. It's really a recommended saloon in penang. The service that the hairstylist provided is good and she is knowledgeable about hair and the products. The most important part is the price is very reasonable. An incident that happenned just now was I have not enough money to sign up for a scalp treatment package, and as a businessman, she trust me and let me go out to bank to withdraw money. Personally I really appreciate the hairstylist, and I'm very satisfied with this saloon. Thanks for your recommendation Nicole! ;)

    1. Hi Jerone, OMG I'm glad to hear that! This just made my day :D And you're most welcome! ;)

  5. love the color of your hair and now history right? lol....never tried foodpanda yet!

    1. It's still in pink highlight now! Dont feel like changing cause I love this look!