Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 Flashback • 2014 Resolutions

It's my first post in 2014, and guess what?! It's my 400th post in this blog too! What a nice starting for my blog in this new year :D

Anyway, sorry for dragging the first post of the year as I started my new year with an awesome trip with my friends! A 5 days getaway from my home and laptop, and I have so many drafts to be updated before my new semester starts! Stay updated with my blog as I will be updating a lot in these few days!! ;)

Since it's the first post of the year, I will be doing my flashback and resolutions first. Brace yourself because it's gonna be a super long post with my flashbacks, prizes I won, new year resolutions and wishlist! I bet you're more interested in knowing my resolution and wishlist more than the reviews I did before right ")

Click here if you're interested to read my previous episode of flashback and resolutions. ;)

2013 Resolutions.

#1. Save money save money and save money. -Draw
I set this as a draw because I'd stop calculating how much I've used since March. But is it counted as a saving too if I bought almost everything (my skincare/make up products) in a discounted price? Besides, I'd saved half boxes of coins in my current Daiso coin box, it's still a saving! Bought quite a lot of stuffs, but save quite a lot of money too! So it's a draw! :3

#2. Improve in studies & CGPA. 
Nawwhh the syllabus is getting harder and deeper, and my lazy attitude is still there. Of course I'll fail to improve! But at least I haven't fail my CGPA yet!

#3. Decrease weight & increase height. 
As I mentioned in my check point post, I might gonna ignore the height increasing resolution! I believe I'm already reached my limit. So back to weight, if compare to 2012, my weight really decreased! From 48-50kg to 45-46kg now! :'D Okay I know it's still quite heavy because I used to dream of getting less than 45kg :\... I'll still keep it up!

#4. Get rid of pimples or acnes! 
Obviously now, scars and holes are increasing too! It's gonna be back to my 2014 resolution!

#5. Be positive. 
A yes for me! Even though sometimes I'm still very negative, but according to le bf, I'm more positive now! :3 Feel so good to be positive and happy!

#6. Learn time consuming + No more laziness!! 
Sometimes it's because of my mood... Sighh!

#7. Improve my memory!!! -Draw
Another draw because.... why did I actually put this into my resolution. =.=

#8. Win more prizes =P 
Keep reading to know what I'd won before! :D

#9. Get to go travel overseas again but this time more far than Singapore! 
It's like I totally didn't go for any vacation before! Whole year only travel from KL to Penang, and then Penang to KL! Supposed I get to go Singapore again with cousins and family but because I don't know when will be my final exams, so I asked them to go themselves instead of waiting for me! T.T

#10. Own a mirrorless and it's better to be in sweet PINK colour!! 
As mentioned in my 2013 resolution post, until I saved enough money first. And because I have a digital camera (better than don't have any camera) so.. DRAW!

#11. Join more event & Be active in uni! 
I did continue joining dance club's events and act as a helper role in some other society's event in campus, but in terms of be active... maybe this year only will get to be more active! And if it's outside event, I'd joined my very first blogger event! Looking forward for more this year :D

#12. Grow a longer hair!!! At least until waist. 
If I straighten my hair now, it has reached my waist! To be honest, I think I didn't step into any salon this year...? And I realized my hair grow really slow! And the longer my hair grows, the fewer my hair!!! And I'm still dilemma whether I wanna continue growing my long hair or not ><

So my 2013 resolutions counted as a pass? [5 , 5  and 2 Draw] :)

2013 Flashback.


#1. First time experience on hiking with mah bitches at Monkey Beach! Click here for the blog post! It's counted as experiencing new thing, and it was a fun time with them!

#2. Very first prize winning of the year - Candy Pluggy from Povy's blog! (Click the link to view the original giveaway post :3)


#3. Virgin valentine's day with the boy! It's my first time receiving true love's valentine's present and I'm so touched!

LOL i look so forever alone in this pic T.T

#4. Won Aeroline vouchers by doing random survey form!!


#5. The leaving of my grandma. She got into coma during April and stay in the hospital for the whole month, and I decided to take care of her while I get my ass back in Penang after I've finished my final exam at the beginning of May, but I'm too late. She left before my last paper ends.. I should have visit her right before my final exam! She's more than a mother, she lives with me for the past 20 years, and she's the housewife while my mom is responsible to go out for work. How can I accept the truth?!


#6. Get involved as a dance club instructor!! At first it's not a good news for me because I have to responsible on teaching the members no matter I have time or not. :\ But it's still not that bad actually ^^"

#7. Photoshoot for Bailey! It's for her assignment actually but it's still consider as a professional photoshooting right??! Love the outcomes!!

Click here for more pictures!!

#8. Won my virgin contact lens from Jessica!! Click here to read on my review! ;)

#9. Won a new Origins Ginzing Moisturizer from Chuckei and Nuffnang!

#10. Won my first ChurpChurp Movie Premiere tickets which is a movie that I wish to watch since the trailer was out - Despicable me 2!! Get to watch Premiere in Sunway Pyramid's TGV is an awesome experience!!

#11. Met JinnyBoy!!


#11. Won Nuffnang Limited Edition Umbrella through the #NNGotYouCovered instagram contest! Didn't get to take pic of the umbrella cause I'm to lazy to do so cause it's really huge and too nice to use!!

#12. The first ever prize that won from oversea! I won the Natural Make Up Set from Wengie, an Australia blogger!

I remembered that her Email was in my Junk Mail and I almost deleted it!
But thank god I came to her profile for a double check! That just made my day!!
These are just some of the products, and the make up on my face was learned from her make up tutorial in that post!!

#13. Won RM100 Tuesday Couture shopping voucher from Jessica, again!! :P

#14. Won Silky Girl hamper worth RM50 through their BB rescue contest!

I have 2 sets here because the other set is le bf's! I asked him to help me play with his account and help me win, and yes he did it! :3

#15. Won a random bracelet from Bellaccesories!


#16. Won Pharmaton gift pack from Chuckei, again!!

#17. Won Clinique new Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ from Chenelle!

As you can see, I saw this message at early in the morning before I head to campus! :D
At first I was like OMG CLINIQUE products!!!
But too bad it's for Dry to Dry Combination skin... and I have oily!! :(

So I visited Nuffnang twice this month just to collect prizes! *feeling blessed!*


#18. First phone cracked after using for more than 1 year! But luckily it's still able to use and see!

#19. Started concentrating on my blog. I also not sure what brought me back to my blogging spirit! Before this, I barely wanna touch my blog already.

#20. Had my virgin hair dye with Liese! Click here for the review.

#21. Won from another Silky Girl contest again (Save My Face Contest) - Limited edition lip gloss necklace, makeup pouch and mascara!

IKR the necklace is super cute!!!! So convenient to apply it on your lips while wearing this cute necklace!

#22. Met Nana the blogger!


#23. Started to wear my virgin contact lens that I got from Jessica! First time wearing and it's a mess! XD Click here to read on my review once again ;)

The first outing with my contact lens on ;)

#24. Had my first year anniversary with the love one in my hometown. <3

#25. Met some bloggers during #ChurpOut2013:

Cheesie and fourfeetnine!!
Sweetie Jessica Chaw <3
Pretty Melissa1010
Pretty Lumi a.k.a SesemaChestNut

#26. Received my very first sponsor beauty product from HiShop, which is the Skin79 CC cream! Click here for my first sponsored review ;)

#27. Won the September Mystery Beauty Box from Sarah!

The prizes in the box are super awesome!!!
Sweet message from Sarah <3

#28. Met Daphne the blogger!

#29. Met Xiaxue, QiuQiu, Audrey fourfeetnine and their husbands in a famous nasi lemak shop!!!

#30. Won the super cute Churpie plushie from ChurpChurp!!! Want it for so long and finally I've got it! :D

#31. Won my first Thor 2 IMAX theater Movie Marathon Tickets from TGV!!


#32. First time having alcohol with friends! Honestly, it's my first time dare to drink alcohol as I always think that it taste really bad, but I fell for Heineken during huisin's birthday celebration at beer factory! At least I learned what and how a pub feels like!

#33. Thanks to Macttalic for giving me the chance to held my very first sponsored giveaway!!

#34. Won myself a Romper from ShoplooohClick here to read on how I style that romper with my other outfits!


#35. Attended my very first blogger event - The Butterfly Tea Party!

#36. Learnt to bake cookies & muffins!! They are for Christmas celebrations actually but at least now I know how to bake something!! :D

#37. Won the December Bag Of Love from HERcorner! Click here for the Bag review!

#38. Won bloop nail strips from bloop! (Review will be up soon!)

Actually I just won 1 nail strip, and the nail polish and the others are sent for review purpose. Review will be up soon so stay tuned! ;)

#39. Won Nano White Men Series Oil Control Clay Cleanser from Ashley Yeen! (I haven't receive my  prize :3)

#40. Won a consolation prize of Sloggi Sugar vs. Spice instagram contestRM30 sloggi voucher and exclusive sloggi sling bag from Sloggi Malaysia!

Yup I think that's all for my flashback... hopefully I didn't miss any interesting moment of my 2013!
I actually took quite sometime for me to recap everything above... so I hope you guys enjoy reading it too! The total prizes I've won in 2013 are 20! Lollll honestly I didn't expect this much! Felt so blessed and thankful <3 Keep reading to read about my 2014 resolutions and wishlist! :)

2014 Resolutions.

#1. Start organizing, planning and jotting down what to do everyday in a diary.
-This spirit was inspired by Michelle Phan after watching her Ask Mish video. I always see those busy people like my mom always jot down their to-do list in some random papers, but I think that it's because they have lots of things to do and to remember and I don't need to do so yet. But then I realized that I have to start practicing this good habit now. Meanwhile, I finally found out why I always failed to manage my time! This is the main reason for everything I failed, so I have to start to do my daily planning to hit my target and dreams now!

#2. Get at least 2 new piggy banks, and save more money!
-The 'save money' resolution in 2013 doesn't seems going well because I use my bank money more than I save in it! So I finally found a way which I can save my money tightly, which is get a piggy bank that cannot be opened easily, and save my coins or extra money given into it! The money will only can be used for emergencies, or else I will save them up for my future!

#3. Pass every subjects.
-Because saying that improve my CGPA is a difficult task for me. I must at least I pass everything smoothly for my coming semesters!

#4. Get a new hair colour.
-For the whole 2013, I was hoping to get a chance to get myself a hair dye, but I'm still not dare to do so cause I'm afraid of spending money too much, and the hair spoiling thingy. But I'm gonna throw this worry thingy away from my mind, and be brave to get what I want! :D

#5. Slim down!
-I failed for the last year! It's sad but it's all about my laziness! So I'd decided to give out 1-2 hours of my week to do yoga & swimming, and it's a MUST TO-DO in my schedule!! Anyway, I still need motivation!

#6. Get rid of pimples, scars, holes and dark circles.
-So last year I failed this resolution too. But I won't give up! These 4 problems always lower down my confident whenever I'm taking pictures with any of my friends. :\ Must drink more water, sleep early, and eat healthy!!

#7. Improve my blogging skills and gain more followers.
-I need to do more blog walking and read more articles to improve my blogging/writing skills, in order to gain more followers and sponsors/collaborations so that I have the chance to earn extra pocket money for myself, and so, my mother don't need to worry I have not enough money to eat. ;)

#8. Improve my communication skills.
-I now realized this is so important for a blogger! I once attended a blogger event but don't really meet new friends because of my super bad communication skills! My friends around might know this problem about me as I don't dare to start a conversation with people, unless they started to be friendly with me! Besides, before I started to brave up myself to attend some of the events, I actually refused to attend some because I worried that I don't know how to communicate with people! And the awkwardness people will think I am... So I now decided to improve in my communication skills by joining and more events and meet more people, both in campus and outside!

#9. Change.
-Anything, as long as it's an improvement for myself will do!

#10. Win more prizes!
-Not sure if I can hit more than 19 prizes this year but still looking forward to win more prizes! :3


#1. New Camera - Definitely a Mirrorless or more!
#2. Tablet - iPad Air / Samsung Note 10.1 / ...
#3. An oversea getaway - Hope to travel further
#4. Blog domain - or ? :3

And that's all for the post! Will try to update something new in this post once I remembered extra resolutions  or wishlist XD

So what are your 2014 resolutions? Let me know in the comment box below or just post your resolution blog post and I'll visit the link! :D

Once again,
Happy new year 2014!


  1. You'll do well in this brand new year! Classes are starting next week, see you soon Nicole! ^^

    1. Thanks Kimberly!! You too :D See ya!! <3

  2. I love your photoshoot done in June! And seriously you won so many prizes in 2013 and all so awesome :O

    1. Thanks Yuh Jiun! All thanks to ze awesome photographer ;D
      Haha yes they are too awesome to be true! You can win this much too! All the best ;D

  3. Wow,great year for you you win a lot and meet a lot great people:) Hope I am that lucky like u this yearXD

    1. Hi Eriol. Yes you will! Good luck and all the best for your new year ;)