Sunday, 12 January 2014

2013 Favourite [Part 2]

As I mentioned in my part 1, I will only be doing my part 2 after I came back to KL because most of the stuffs in this post are in KL. So here you go! :)

This post is gonna be some other stuffs like my clothings, accessories and others which are not beauty products!

#1. FOS cardigan
Why I love this cardigan is because of it's very light! It's easy to carry out. Some of the thin and light outer wear I got are either just for fashion mix and match, or they can't even keep me warm! Surprisingly this cardigan does! The only reason I'll choose other outer wear instead of this is becasue I'm washing it! :D

#2. Brands Outlet Shorts (From the brand Garage)
Besides the striking blue colour, I love the comfortably of this pants so much!! I actually went Brands Outlet to buy the same brand (Garage) of shorts last week and it's as nice as this one! Can't even decide the designs too! Maybe that new shorts will be in my 2014 favourite? :1

#3. Pink Bangkok Hand Bag

My mom insist to buy me a new bag one day at a random morning market, so I just chose this after the seller introduced me this. It's made in Thailand and the quality is quite good! I don't know why but I just felt that I have to use it wherever I go now!

I love how convenient it is, especially the side pocket as it's easier for me to put my keys, parking tickets or coins! So here's a tips for you, if you can't decide which bag you're looking for, I recommend you to get one with side pockets! :)

Moreover, I love how it provide 2 types of handling because I often put heavy stuffs in my bag, and 2 types of handling are perfect for me to change it time to time to prevent breakage!

#4. Studded Platform Denim Shoes

*I'm a little bit too lazy to get my ass out of the room just to take picture of this pair of shoes LOL sorry!* I got this pair of platform shoes from Taobao, at first I thought that if the size doesn't match me after it arrived, or maybe if it's very uncomfortable for me, I'll sell it off.

But now, no! Not gonna sell it! Surprisingly it's comfortable for a long day shopping! It's not heavy either! You can see I actually wore it quite in a lot of my OOTD pictures last year! Sometimes even for dance performance! :D

#5. Cotton On Pyjamas Pants

Maybe you will think that "why is this 'lao yi' pants in Nicole's favourite post?!". Yeah it looks lao yi, but it's from cotton on and it's super comfy! I heard few of my friends told me Cotton On's pyjamas pants are very comfortable so I went and grabbed one of it just to try and since there were sales! (RM30 only, original price RM59.90).

I'm so happy that I made the right choice on choosing this pair of sleeping pants because it has a tighter part at the end of the pants to prevent from getting my pants wet when I'm stepping into my wet bathroom in the midnight! But recently I don't really see they sell this kind of pants anymore D:! I'm so gonna grabbed another pair of this if I see it in cotton on and it must be on sale loll XD

#6. Pink Studded Bracelets

It's a gift from my sister's boyfriend! I love it because it's so pretty, and I felt that I can match it with any outfits! Most of all, it's easy to wear! Some of the bracelets I got are either too heavy, too loose, or not really suits me! So far, if any outing which I have not enough time to prepare, I'll just grab it and wear it when I'm on the way going out!

#7. M&M Candies!
Chocolate flavour definitely! I'm not sure when did I started to fall in love with this candy as I don't really eat sweets or chocolate often!

#8. Green Tea Kit Kat
I'm a big fan of green tea flavour! This series of kit kat actually taste more like milk, but I love milk flavour too! So double the thumbs up! I tried on the Sakura one before too and it taste almost the same! Hopefully there will be more flavour in Malaysia in the future! :D

#9. Hello kitty Xmini

From the appearance you already know why is it my favourite of the year! Yes because it's in pink and the hello kitty is faceless (what?!) Lol just kidding! It's from the brand X-mini which people said it's quite a good brand among speakers! Besides, it's so little and convenient to bring wherever I want!


That's all for my favourite posts! So sorry for didn't post out the detail pictures cause I'm.... lazy. Oops!

So do you own anything above that I mentioned? Leave me a comment and let me know which one are your favourite too, or what are your 2013 favourites! =)

Don't forget to check out the previous favourite post of 2013 on beauty products! ;)


  1. I like the M&M candies the most!!! ^^

    1. *high5!* Haha it's so addictive right??! XD

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