Friday, 20 December 2013

[Fashion] Little Black Box | Wonderbox Review

When I first received news that Wonderbox is selling a new series of boxes which is giving fashion stuffs like how beauty box works (we won't know what we will receive in the box), I feel so excited and went to purchase their Little Black Box immediately.

So finally the box has arrived after a month! Ya it took quite long for them to send out. Maybe they wanted to achieve a number of buyers first, but seems like not much people know about this.

In case you don't know, let me introduce it to you, the Little Black Box. This batch, it comes in three types which is Girly Girl, Hipster and Classic Chic.

And FYI, it's not purchase through subscribing the beauty box! You have to go to their Wondershop and purchase them separately.

So here goes my review! I got this which is Hipster.

I chose this is because I really love Kpop style, and as you can see, that girl is Hyuna from 4minutes. Although I know they won't provide anything from the picture, but I do hope that they will provide something nearly like this!

There are 5 accessories in there, and full of paper strips which occupied 80% of the box. =.=

Yup, all together looks quite hipster!

My Opinion

If I knew that what they be giving is only accessories, I'm kinda satisfied with it because it did hits the theme of hipster, and all of them are quite nice for me. But I actually kinda disappointed when I opened my box at first because I was expecting for clothes in such a big box! End up it's all accessories, and a bunch of papers. D: RM59.90, for only 5 accessories, seriously? And it takes really a long time for them to send this box. :\ Again, disappointed. I should have just wait for this first box to be revealed first.

So next month there will be add on (or replace) another 3 different types of box. I'm not gonna purchase it again, until I know that they provide something that I think it's interesting enough.

Anyway, if you're interested, click here to get yourself one now! Next month there will be another 3 types of boxes:

So which one is your favourite in this Little Black Box? Let me know by commenting below ;)


  1. I knew about it before they even release it and was so tempted to order. Glad I didn't based on your post. Really is such a waste :/

  2. The Hipster box doesn't seem very good >_< I think maybe the Girly box would've been more worth it. Anyway, the feather earring is nice. And I like how you added the lines to make a face for the sunglasses ring, haha!

  3. Wah. Luckily I didnt get it. I like the watch! haha and I am a kpop fans also :)

  4. They did make it clear before subscription that it would only be accessories since they haven't figured out a system for sizing for clothes and shoes.

  5. this wonderbox closed ledi now huh...