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[Beauty] December Bag | Bag Of Love Review

Before I start revealing what's in the bag, just wanna say that this is not sponsored nor I purchased by myself, but I won it from HERcorner! Once again, thank you so much, HERcorner! Visit them for more fashion outfits because CNY is coming!! ;)

Okay back to the bag. So it's my second time receiving Bag Of Love's bag. I did explain what is Bag Of Love in my previous review post. Click here to read on my first bag (the Halloween bag) from them by The Butterfly Project!

If you have already followed them, you know that they actually have revealed what's in the bag for December Edition already. This is because it might be a Christmas Gift to someone, so it's better if they revealed it first so that people know whether the products suits the receivers or not.

But lemme give you a hint, I love everything in this bag!! All of them are actually so new to me, and the uses are quite new for me too! So keep reading and there might be something you will be interested in! ;)

And look at that red elegant bag they provide!!! I'm impressed on how creative every bag design is given every month! It's a perfect 'clutch' if you are attending a classy Christmas event!

Now let's see what's in the bag! ;)

There are total of 5 products which I don't really see their brands quite often!

#1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin ProtectantRM86 for 50ml
What I got here is 15ml, which is approximately RM25.80

DirectionApply anywhere you need! You can use it on skin, hair, brows, lips, cuticles and even nails.

In case you can't read the above picture:
1.Save your skin: the ultimate way to save and protect your skin from drying sun, wind and minor skin irritations.
2.Sun burn reliever: relieve minor cases of sunburn
3.After beach make up: use it on your eyelids, cheekbones and lips to give them a fresh dewy glow.
4.Treat for feet: the perfect antidote for rough heels and soles when it's time for sandals and flip-flops.
5.Body buffing: sweep over your legs after shaving or waxing to prevent dryness or irritation.
6.Cuticle softener: add to dry cuticles to keep them soft, supple and perfectly manicured.
7.Keep eyebrows in shape: for a perfectly shaped arch, simple smooth brows into place with a dab.
8.In-flight hydrator: apply a little as an in-flight moisture boost to prevent your skin from drying out.

Okay I can't really remember all the functions. Even sometimes I faced the above problem, I won't remember that this bottle of awesome product can help me...Too good or bad?? XD

It's very sticky and doesn't smell great or bad, but look and the functions! It's almost like the 92% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel. It's mostly to heal dryness or skin burn, or to make your face looks glower. 

The stickiness may seems not that good for most of you including me who doesn't love stickiness on our body especially our face, but in some way it works better! Like what it says, as a cuticle softener. It hurts when there is any broken cuticle around my nails, so I tried to apply it around and on top of my nails, and it does softened it and feels better!

#2. Collistar Anti-Age Lifting Body creamRM165 for 400ml
I got here 30ml which is approximately RM12.40

DirectionApply liberally over the body right after shower.

Maybe some of you might think "didn't that appeared in the Halloween bag?". Oh no. They have the same brand and packaging, but the previous one is for Anti-Cellulite, whereas this is for Anti-age lifting body. No it doesn't mean you can fly after applying it okay. Obviously it's for those who has drooping in any part of their body especially the butt!

I love how Bag Of Love provide this despite the age of their customer because every girls need to start preventing drooping now even though we don't have it!

So the cream compared to the anti-cellulite one, it's a little bit thicker. I love both their smell and their bottle! It's really easy to squeeze and use, and makes me love to use it because of the nice squeezing feel! Not sure if the full bottle is the same or not? I definitely prefer this small bottle one even though it's not enough to use.

#3. NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse Pre Serum, RM180 for 50ml
15ml, approximately RM54

DirectionUse day and night before face cream (for dry skin) or on its own (for normal or combination skin).

This pre serum as mentioned in the direction, it's apply before face cream a.k.a moisturizer. I normally only use toner and moisturizer, so this serum is another new thing for me! The smell is kinda like... my mom's old make up product? I think it's quite good but some of you might don't like it. But I have oily skin, so I won't really use it because I'm afraid my face has too many things on it. Dry skin babes can go ahead and try it if you want because I believe that the quality of pricey products are above average!

#4. Lierac Coherence Day & Night CreamRM300 for 50ml
15ml, approximately RM90... O.O

I'm so happy at first because I though it's a full size bottle but... the design is so pretty until I feel so sad T.T

DirectionApply morning and evening to face and neck.

I opened it really carefully like how I always open instant noodle's aluminium cap to prevent from tearing it ugly but still... Ok luckily this is not a instant maggie mee cup because I still need to tear the whole thing off :\

I'm so happy when I received this moisturizer because mine is finishing soon, again! The creamy cream is not sticky at all, it's quite smooth when I apply it on my hand. The smell is some how like... salon serum's smell? It's some smell I can smell it in a salon.. maybe an old salon.

And yes, it's an anti-wrinkle and firming cream!! Like I mentioned in the second product above, it is better we start taking care of our fine lines and wrinkles now before it started to appear! I can't wait to try it out after finishing my current bottle of moisturizer!

#5. Phytodefrisant Botanical Hair Relaxing Balm, RM90 for 100ml
This is 15ml, RM13.50,

DirectionApply to towel-dried hair and spread evenly with a comb. Finish by styling or blow-drying hair.

So this is how the opener looks like, in case you don't know how to open this kind of bottle, refer the the following GIF picture:

The is the happiest thing I received in this bag! Anti-frizz hair balm? It's really my first time seeing a hair balm, and I get to try it now! As you can tell, hair balm is to protect and moisturize you hair like how lip balm does to our lip! I can confirm that my hair ain't dry or damaged, but frizzy! I started to search for serum and shampoo which is anti-frizz, and now this hair balm just came in time!

This hair balm is to apply after towel-dried hair which is half dry and half wet. Normally serum is to apply on a full dry hair but sometimes I'm just too lazy to blow dry my hair, so this is a perfect hair care product for me! I recommend you guys get a try on this product if you have frizzy hair like I do!

My Opinion

As you can tell that I really love this bag so much! Not just the gorgeousness of the bag but the awesomeness of the products!

I actually read some of the review said that Bag Of Love often provide repeated product in a few months (because it's my second time receiving their bag only). Of course I hope that I won't receive the same products too if I'm a subscriber of every month too, but sometimes it's not their fault to provide repeated products, maybe the supplier asked for it, or maybe highly requested by the subscribers? There must be their own reason. No I'm not paid to help them say anything, but just wish that people can feel positive and not complaining so much on other's hard work. If you don't like it, just don't subscribe it. Stop making people feel bad. As easy as drinking water :)

So I did calculate the products that I received from the price given, the total price of the products worth RM195.70! But you only need to pay RM39.90 for each normal bag every month wtf! Even though I don't need to pay anything but I still have to say that Bag Of Love is awesome!

Everything in this bag are actually quite pricey. I'm not sure if I have to feel happy or not... I'm happy because I don't need to pay anything to get this freaking expensive bag (I mean the products in this bag are expensive), but what if I need to get the full product of any of these products? I will feel so heartbreaking! But anyway, a purpose of a beauty box or bag is to let use try on the sample of the products first before you buy it, because you won't know if the product suits you or not.

Pee/asS: The price of the sample size are calculated by myself and it's no given to share it out here. I calculated out is because I want to show you that it's worth to get a beauty box or bag because the price you paid are way cheaper than you thought!

Once again, Thank you HERcorner and Bag Of Love! Thank you HERcorner for giving me the best Christmas present of this year, and Bag Of Love for providing such an awesome bag this month!

BTW, it's my first time receiving parcel from this courier - TA-Q-BIN. As you can see in the picture below, it says that it's Japan's No. 1 Courier Service, and it's now in Malaysia?? Oh boy oh boy! I wish I can receive more parcel from this courier!

Summary information:

Price of a normal Bag Of Love per month: RM39.90
Facebook page:

What I love about Bag Of Love is they will provide hints on the coming bag, like what kind of product they will be giving, so that you will know anything you might need before you subscribe it! So don't forget to LIKE and follow them so that you won't miss out anything! And the January subscription is still open! So hurry if you don't wanna missed it! But the hint and design of the bag will only be given on January ;) Stay heart-itchy XD

This bag was not sent to do review. The review is written by my own view, opinion and experience and may be differ from others. I was not compensated to write anything good in this post.


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