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[Beauty] bloop Nail Polish Review

So after reading a lot of advertisement from me about bloop, finally I get to write review on my first product from them - the bloop nail polish! I actually went to bought a few bottles of new nail polish from them in Parkson few weeks ago because the colour is just so *puking rainbow*!!

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So what I received for review here is in this pretty blue colour (Code: H126)

Note: The colour of the product in the picture of this post may vary from the actual product colour.

As you can see, it's made in Australia.

So let's see how the pretty colour will turns out!

Only base coat. I know my nails are super unhealthy as you can see in some other review posts too.

After applying 2 layers on my index finger for a test! Man the glossy colour so so so so pretty and shinyy!!!

I love how the colour whitens my hand!

So I put on a test from 21/12 to Christmas day!
*Only base coat and a layer of their nail polish on my nails! No top coat is applied!*

Day 2: went to learn to bake cookies at Bailey's place, of course I dirtied my hand, wash and wash and wash my hand, and I washed lotsa dishes too. Normally the nail polish has started to drop after keep washing my hands, but surprisingly my bloop's nail polish is still there!

Day 3: it's the day before Christmas eve! Did last minute shopping and presents wrapping! I accidentally let the scosh tapes sticked on my nails and peeled it off, so some of the nail polish got off already... D: But fret not! Most of them are still there, as shown in the picture below!

Day 4: Christmas Eve! Went to Bailey's place early in the morning to prepare foods and dishes for the night celebration. Again, dishes washing and working like a maid! I really thought that my nail polish will be gone or drop off until very ugly! But surprisingly, 指甲还见得光!XD I mean that, at least it's still there, people might think that that's only my second day applying the nail polish!

Day 5: Christmas day! I already decided to rub it off but I still get to wear it until the night, another BBQ celebration with the family!

My Opinion

From this colour I got, I really recommend you girls to try on this colour because it does make your hand looks fairer! In terms of lasting, I give it a rate of 4/5! I don't really love nail polish that don't last long, but I don't really love those who stick on my nails for the whole week too, because I can feel the chemical is 'eating' on my nails, which is so hurt! My nails are too unhealthy to handle the strong chemicals! So my conclusion is, bloop's nail polish is perfect for me! It's now my choice when I need to find a new colour for myself!

I guess I actually shouldn't wear the nail polish during this busy working period because you don't wanna expect that it will still completely fine after attaching with so much water and cooking/tidying work! I bet that the colour can last longer than this if I just enjoy my whole week without doing any housework. Do note that I didn't apply top coat on it too!

  • Dries very quick on a layer
  • Last longer than other nail polish that I got
  • The wide range of tempting and ultra glossy colours they provide

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