Friday, 6 December 2013

Moral Assignment Video BTS

In case you don't know, BTS stands for Behind The Scene.

Well, this actually should be posted last month but I change my mind cause I wanted to wait after the video is revealed in the class only show everyone the BTS here! And I just want to update something in my blog ^^"

So our moral's assignment need us to take a video on a given title. Our group got the title on 'Cosmetic Test on Animals'. We actually done our whole video within a day! Which makes me so freaking exhausted after the day cause I'm one of the bunny who needs to jump for the whole day. LOLL But I'm satisfied with our outcome :D

So now let the pictures do the talking! ;D

OOTD? Haha.

"Trick or Treats?" The 'please gimme candies' face! XD

Hopefully CS won't mind I post this picture of him XD Yes he's pretending as a little girl in the video!

Haha I love this! Not sure who's the photographer but yay thanks for the shot! XD

Credits to the 2 helper especially Edwin (my boy) who helped us to take almost every scene!


Ok I know I'm bad at making conversations XD

Another scene, from left is son, dad, daughter and me, mama bunny! 

Another Candid. Honestly I think I'm cute with the bunny look. I might as well become a bunny for halloween next time XD

My current profile picture! Still think it's too cute XD #VAIN!

Happy family! :D

And that's all for the picture, mostly is with me of course. Oh no I'm not going to show you our video XD It's because the full version is not in my hand so, can't help! ^^"

Anyway, follow me in Dayre guys! ;D

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