Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Liebster Blog Award #2

So as you can see, this is my 2nd post on Liebster Blog Award. Few weeks ago this trend is coming back and I actually told the 2 bloggers whom nominated me that I might not gonna do it again, unless there's a third person. So yea I received the third one now, and here you go!

Actually I feel that it's quite fun to answer the questions cause some of them really made me think and discover myself.

Well what is Liebster Blog Award again? Click here to read my previous Liebster Award post cause I explained that there already XD

But what these 3 person played is a little bit different on my previous one. The previous one I have to write 11 facts about myself and answer 11 questions by the nominator. But this time I don't need to write 11 facts about me and I just need to answer 11 questions by the nominator.

But then I will be like the previous post, I won't nominate anyone. My previous reason is I don't have many blogger friends at that moment. This time is because most of them have been nominated. x.x

So here we go! I will answer all 3 nominator's questions together ;)

#1. Audrey from A walk with Aud

1. When did you start blogging?
-When I was 13 (2006)

2. Why do you blog?
-A trend among my friends and Wretch blog is very famous at that moment xD

3. What is your blog about?
-At that moment, I write shyts about my daily life. Now, I share products and meaningful stuffs =]

4. Who is your favourite blogger?
-Oh my, I have a lot of them. But I'll say that if you have a nice blog and blog content, the chance of you being my favourite blogger is 80%! XD

5. What is your must-have skin care?
-Cleanser and sunscreen

6. Name your favourite nail salon.
-My house? Haha I don't do my nails at nail salon because I think it waste my money (unless you want sponsor me :1). I normally will look for YouTube tutorial ;)

7. Lippie, eyeliner, blusher, which one are you?
(Which you can not live without)
-None of them, but when I make up, it will be eyeliner :)

8. Which part of you do you like the most?
(physically or characteristics)
-The positiveness level of myself, which means I'm happy and proud of myself whenever I'm have a positive thinking towards some negative stuffs. Of course I sometimes am negative but at least I feel I'm more positive than some of the people around me. In terms of physical....... I don't know, but I'm satisfy with every part of myself cause I'm complete ;)
If you ask the part that I hate the most is definitely gonna be my tummy! It's forever bloating XD

9. What do you think about Cosmeceutical/ plastic surgery?
-NOOOOO don't tell me!!!! My boyfriend will definitely know how will I react and feel whenever the picture of plastic surgeries come across my mind. I can't feel my fingers and toes x.x

10. If you are given a free service, which part would you like to fix?
-My eyes. But I won't do it for sure!

11. and Why?
-Cause sometimes I feel tired on wearing double eyelid stickers. Sometimes only will look pretty when I have the mood to fix my eyes properly. And when I don't wear, my eyes won't stay double eyelid even I wore it for freaking whole week. My inner double eyelid is totally single eyelid :\

#2. Sara from 嘉嘉の美丽人生

1. Who inspire you to start blogging?
-Few pretty ladies (not famous now loll) from my secondary school XD

2. What magazines you read regularly ?
-I don't really, but when I do, it will be ViVi or Female.

3. What is your favorite type of skin care product?
-I'm not sure about this, as long as the product heals my face. But so far, none.

4. What is your favorite type of makeup product?
-Eyebrow pencil! It's the most fun drawing session I had in make up :D 

5. What is your favorite skincare brands?
-Nawwhhh I wish I have one ;(

6. What is your favorite color?
-PINK. This is quite a strange question cause no one will ask me about this. It's obvious from stuffs I used. xD

7. Do you love cats?
-Only when they are cute, especially kittens!!

8. Do you love coffee?
-Not really

9. How many hours you spend on FB everyday?
-10 hours?

10. Use 3 words to describe yourself.
-I have bigtummy.

11. Who is your idol?
-For singers, currently is a few YouTube singers such as Megan Nicole, Madilyn Bailey and Sam Tsui. Kpop stars? T-ara! And for Taiwan stars, George Hu!

#3. Yvone from Not Your Average Blogger! (:

1. What attracts you?
-Anything cute, level up if it's in pink or rainbow colour.

2. Favourite fashion brands / designers?
-I don't really go for brands or designers, as long as the product (outfit) is nice and affordable for me ;)

3. What is the thing you would wanna do if the world ends at the very next hour?
-Hug my family and boyfriend. If you ask what I definitely will do (not I want) is cry. XD

4. Favourite makeup brands and recommendations?
-If you ask me don't buy which brand I might can tell, but if you wanna find those really good one, it wil definitely be those expensive one, which I still haven't try any of them before XD

5. Craziest thing you've done before.
-It really depends on how you think of what am I doing. Some people think I'm crazy if I wear make up go out just for a movie, don't even need to say taking selca in front of public. ._. 

6. Favourite quote or principle?
-"Be yourself, that's when you're at your strongest! ;)"

7. If you could turn back time, what would you change?
-I will not gonna press my pimples and blackheads!! And go for Gymnastic class at a younger age.

8. What inspires you to blog?
-Refer above ^.^

9. What are your honest opinions on my blog? (Suggestions are welcomed for me to improve ^^)
-Wow, interesting question. Your blog is nice and easy to read, so I don't really have any suggestion but keep up the blogging spirit! :D

10. 3 words that best describe you.
-Thanks for giving this question again cause I think 3 words are too little to describe myself from the above one! XD I actually want to say "I am fat" but I'll be killed by people (because I don't like those thin people say they are fat too), so it will be "I have short-term-memory" (yes it's 3 words please XD)

11. Who matters most to you?
-The opinions that people give to me.

Aaaand that's all for the answers! Luckily 3 of them gave different questions mostly XD And some does make me think for a few minutes or more to answer!

And as how I mentioned above, I won't nominate anyone and give any question. But if you haven't get nominated and wish that I will nominate you, please don't feel hesitate to leave me a comment or PM me, and I will try my best to create questions and nominate you here! X)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy reading some interesting facts about myself, and get my answers are interesting enough XD


  1. You got me laughing at your answer to my question #3! Good one babe! (:

  2. Good one to understand more about you.

    1. Ya i guess it's meant to understand people more :)