Sunday, 1 December 2013

Back to December

It's just gonna be a short update. Can't believe it's already December now! My 2012 seems like just past few months ago but I'm turning into unofficial 21st years old just in a month!

My December can actually started really bad because my lecture classes has just ended last week and final is starting on Wednesday. But life is too short to feel bad when you still have time and chances to enjoy your study life! Laugh when you still have teeth :D

Anyway, before entering 2014, have you achieved your goals in the past 11 months? Have you completed your 2013 resolutions yet? This is just a reminder for me and you. There is 1 more month to go! Don't give up, and it's time to start planning for your 2014 achievement now!

Can't wait for my holiday and Christmas already! I'm so happy that CNY is earlier in end of January because I had almost done buying my CNY outfits during the black Friday sales! But there are few more outfits to buy after my final exam! XD Crazyyyy~

So here are just some of the pictures taken in Kampar few weeks back. Seriously I miss this place so much! My foundation life is so wonderful here ♥ Why they want to change it only after I move to KL T.T

Jump! Love this shoot the most!

Messy hair model wannabe

Alright. Good luck guys! All the best in everything ♥

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