Sunday, 8 December 2013

[Advertorial] bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels

Hey guys! Am halfway in my revising session but I'm so sick of it now! (x.x) Malay subjects is really not my cup of tea but I'm forced to study it. T.T So I decided to spend my time for my blog to cheer myself up! Today I'm gonna share with you something really cute and you will have to need it in your bag!

So everyone of you know what is Hand Sanitizer right?

A hand sanitizer is a supplement or alternative to hand washing with soap and water. -Wikipedia

I currently don't have any hand sanitizer in my bag but I have some dry paper soap which I will use them as my hand wash when there is no hand wash soap in the washroom. But I feel like getting myself bloop's new series of Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels which is also known as bloop GERM BLASTER now!

bloop GERM BLASTER is your HEALTH WARRIOR to kill bacteria and blasting 99.9% of Germs! It is essential for all of us to have one in hand as Pocket Monster to keep the germs away & create a hygiene environment!

Why does it sound interesting to me?! First of all, I really hate the feeling when my hands are dirty, sticky or oily and I have nothing to wash the dirt away except water! The feeling is so the end of the world because I can only do nothing with a dirty hand! I bet all of you have the same feeling right??

But some of you might think "Eww I hate the scent of sanitizer, it's striking to my nose every time I smell it!" Fret not! bloop's GERM BLASTER comes with 5 types with pleasant scent & power to choose from:

Warning: The following pictures might make you want to own a pet bacteria. Okay I'm just kidding :3

Possess DANCE power to bash the GERMS.
Best for dancers like me! Especially BBoys or Gymnast or who ever will dance with their hand on the floor! OMG look at the dancing germ! Okay it doesn't really look like it's dancing but OMG again it's so cute! How can I don't get that for myself?! XD

Possess KNOWLEDGE power to kill the GERMS.
HEY Scientists and Engineers! Take it! You need this hand gel very much after doing your research by touching so much bacteria!! Oh ya my boyfriend is an engineering student so yup, he has to buy this or else I'm not gonna hold his hand! :x

Possess LOVE power to destroy the GERMS.
Okay I think I want this too cause I wanna destroy all bad germs which annoyed in my relationship XD

Possess FUZZY power to slash the GERMS.

Possess TRAVEL power to teleport the GERMS.
OMG I need this too!! Imagine if I wish to go Paris and after applying this hand gel and ting! I'm in my dream land now! How good is it?! XD

Each of them is only RM4.90 what?! Yes please!
If you ask me which one is my favourite, I'll definitely tell you that I want all!!

Aren't they just too cute?!

That's not all! There are 5 Adorable Holder Designs for your hand gel too! Good for Xmas present! :D
GERM BLASTER with Holder - RM 12.90 each.

Anyway, bloop's having a promotion - Collect all 5 GERM BLASTERs in one pack with one adorable hanger F.O.C! RM 24.50 per pack.

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