Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Achieve your Blogging or Blogshop dream with Serverfreak! | Butterfly Project Tea Party

So this post took me to be done for a whole week! I thought sem break have more time to write my blog?? Not as you think, I have tones of stuffs to do before and after back in Penang! Dating, accompany cousins and play with dogs (wtf XD)

Okay back to topic. Last-last Saturday I was invited to attend Butterfly Project's Tea Party on their first year birthday party!

Before I move into the event, I'm going to introduce an awesome website which can make your blogging or blogshop dreams come true! On that day, we, the butterflies get to listen to a talk from serverfreak.com regarding creating your own website or blog.


So what is serverfreak and what do they do?
Serverfreak.com is specializes in providing web hosting solutions for almost all range of purposes - personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and the list goes on.

These are the services they provide:
  • Domain Registration
  • Shared Hosting
  • E-mail Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Blog Hosting
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Server Co-Location
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Web Design & E-commerce Solutions
  • Server Management Service

So the speaker Miss Shireen mainly focus the talk on Wordpress Hosting because most of us are blogger and might interested in changing our blog platform to Wordpress, and have our own domain name!

To be honest, Wordpress has a lot of function that is better than Blogger. I actually have my own Wordpress blog too because I wanna try to use it for some time first, and see that whether I want to move to Wordpress or not. But I'm quite used to blogger so I'm still waiting for the moment when blogger piss me off. (just kidding)

So if you're new to blogging or blogshop, please continue reading! I really recommend you to start with Wordpress first before it's too late! ;D


Well, as a beginner, what you need to start your own blog is:
  1. web hosting (to access your website via the World Wide Web)
  2. domain name (.com/.net/.biz/.com.my/.my)
  3. Wordpress platform (for you to blog)

If you're doing everything all by yourself, these are the steps involve in setting up Wordpress blog:
  1. Register domain name & update nameservers
  2. Create MSYOL database & username
  3. Installing Wordpress
  4. Search for suitable templates, configure, setup
  5. Install plugins & widgets
  6. Finally, start blogging!

Especially for blogshop who wants to start their blogshop through blogs, the database must be created accurately to receive correct data from your customer! But for me, I will definitely mess up everything before receiving the data! Creating a real database is not as easy as you think! Trust me, I've learnt it before. If you only have a basic knowledge on creating database like me, it will takes you forever to finish your work, and you're stuck at step 2! You have 4 more steps to go (x.x)

"What??!! What on earth is HTML and Javascript?! Soo many question marks on my head now! It's confusing!!"

"I can't stand it anymore!!! Somebody help me!!"

But fear not now! Here comes your solution! Serverfreak has launched a new package specially for you - the Wordpress Easy Setup Solution! With Serverfreak, all you need to do is just focus on writing your blog! It's as easy as drinking water ;D


So what does this Wordpress Easy Setup package includes?
  • 12GB disk space
  • 50GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (yourname@yourblogname.com)
I'm not done yet! The package also comes with
  • FREE domain name for your wordpress blog! (only .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz)
  • FREE one template fully setup with basic widgets
  • 24/7 Technical assistance, just email their technical team.

Goshhh 天下怎么可能有这种好事!The whole package costs only RM298 for the first year and RM198 for the renewal fees per year, and you can concentrate on blogging awesomely everyday you like!!

Isn't it awesome?! Everything is done by them! The best is they provide free domain too! Like "www.yourname.com"! How awesome it is?! You can just sit there and watch your hundreds of episodes of Running Man while waiting for them! Nawwh I'm just kidding, because you're not really done yet!

They have done everything which related to programming for you, so all you have to do is to enhance your blog design! You still have to design and upload your very nice header which will attract visitors, and some sidebar widget functions! (As you can see in every blog)


So here are some tips for you. If you want to have a lot of visitors and keep them reading your blog, your blog design should be simple, reader friendly and unique which represent your own identity! Besides, its important to design your own logo or header that represents you (your blog)! Think of an overall blog colour scheme, it will make the whole page look more tidy too. Mine is definitely in the range of Pink colour xD

Well, if you purchase their package, you get to use their templates (as mentioned above) which fulfilled the above requirement! Their templates are versatile! You can click here to view their own demo website on how the simple and clean template looks like.

All you have to do changing from their blog design into your own design is:
  • Change the blog header. You can design your own header and change it by yourself (Scroll down for tutorial on how to upload your blog header in Wordpress)
  • Change the background colour or change into images. If you don't want a plain background colour but some nice background image you have, you can just email them the background image you want to use as your blog template background, and they will help you to change it!
  • Change the navigation menu colour (Home, About, Contact...). They can help you to change the navigation menu colour for FREE!

These are some of the header images will definitely make your blog looks attractive and gain more visitors (from Google - Nice blog header)

And here are some tips of designing your blog header. A header in a blog is really important for your readers or visitors to know that where they are and what they will be going to read about! Besides, a nice header will make one to visit your blog again if it is attractive enough! It is important to design your own header to represent your blog identity! 

Trust me, a blog header and background can change the overall look of the blog template! Try to do some blog hopping with different kinds of blogs, some of them have really nice designed header, some just simple nice photo of them, and some don't even have header but only their blog title.

Compare them, which one do you like it more? I definitely love those nicely designed header!

Now let me show you my blog, with header and only with blog title:

Do you think it is nice?? Nawwhh I don't like it!! 

Maybe my design is a little bit too simple, but at least my blog template is not plain anymore! People will know that they are reading a blog whose owner looks like this and named Nicole Yie, and she is vain! XD

Hmmm still don't really get it? Maybe you'll need to check our these Wordpress Bloggers which are hosted with serverfreak:

These webpages are simple and easy to read too! It's not difficult to manage your own blog after having Serverfreak! Not forgot to re-mention that, they don't only provide this Wordpress blog service! These are some other services they provide too:

For more information:
Serverfreak Website: http://www.serverfreak.com
Serverfreak Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/serverfreak
Serverfreak Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/serverfreak

Hope you guys enjoy their service if you're interested, and gain some knowledge in blog design after reading this post too! Now let me bring you back to the event which I mentioned above and which was where I learned about serverfreak too!


So the event was held on the 7th December 2013 at SHOW.CASE, Plaza Kelana Jaya.

Event space by SHOW.CASE @ Plaza Kelana Jaya. 
This place is just perfect for indoor event! Their location is just right infront of the lake in Plaza Kelana Jaya! Besides, the decoration of the space is wayyy toooo nice!! Especially it's in pink and white! =3

At the entrance, the Butterfly Committee Team with the door gifts and some prizes there!

My outfit is just so matching! XD

English High Tea table by Ask Joey
They are tooo pretty!! Some of the cupcakes I tried are quite yummy too, but some are tooo sweet!

Awesome photobooth by 123cheese which I can forever remember my very first blogger event with the butterflies by looking at the photos in the future!!! I really love the design of the photo frame! Not sure if I wanna invite them for my 21st birthday party next year?? Hohoho god please gimme more money XD

They also upload all the pictures taken on the event in their Facebook Page! Check it out here ;D

Not forget to selca with those pretty accessories!

And there was an Instagram Contest too! The best instagrammers during the event will win away a L'Occitane gift set!

That's Mamasan Tammy, the founder of Butterfly Project, giving a speech.

And these are Butterfly team committee! Happy birthday Butterfly Project!!

Performer of the day who sings very well!!!
Oh that's me! Sitting with Sarah ;)

And not forgetting to take picture with her. Thanks for fetching me from LRT and back to LRT on that day! =3

Annnndd Door Giftsss!

And that's all for the day! My ootd is in the previous post you might wanna check it out ;)
Feel so awesome that I'd finally attended my very first blogger event! Hoping to join more in the future!

Lastly, Credits to the sponsorsServerfreak | SHOW.CASE | Ask Joey | 123Cheese | L'Occitane 

Don't forget to check them out! And let me know if you're interested to serverfreak or the tips are useful for you! ;)

And before I end my post, FOLLOW ME IN DAYRE! I update it every day when I'm free, so feel free to check me out! Thank you! ;)


  1. Ohh babe why you don't want go register a domain name? :3
    I hope we can meet on event!

    1. Because I still don't think it's the right moment for me ;) Yes I hope can meet you up on event too! :3

  2. Replies
    1. oh really? I thought others also mostly this price range?

  3. Yes this is quite expensive

  4. Yes this is quite expensive

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