Wednesday, 25 December 2013

2013 Favourite [Part 1]

Merry Christmas guys!! So how was your Christmas Eve last night?? Mine was super fun and will be blogging about it soon so stay tuned!

Back to my topic. I decided to publish my 2013 favourite post today is because 1 more week to the year of 2014!! At least I get to share some meaningful stuff (you might think it is meaningful or not) on this meaningful day <3

So I don't really do monthly favourite post because... I don't really know how to choose my favourite products within a month, and I don't really import myself any new products for every month, so I'll just combine everything as a Year 2013 Favourite!

I'm gonna divide my post into 2 parts because some of my favourite stuffs are in my KL home. I'm now currently having sem break and I will be in my hometown Penang for a month, so I'll do my part 2 when I get back to KL next month (which is also the year 2014 already)!

So I will be showing make up and skin care products in this post because at least I have the pictures of some of the products in KL, but other stuffs like favourite bags, clothing and accessories, most of them are in KL, so that will be in part 2! Stay tuned! ;)

Let's get started!

#1. Holika Holika auto eyebrow pencil

I actually won this eyebrow pencil from Wengie's Natural Make Up set giveaway! All thanks to her for giving me a chance to try on a different eyebrow pencil!

I love the straight shape of the pencil there which makes me easier to draw my eyebrows, and the other side's brush to blend away the harsh part!

After having this pencil, I almost draw my eyebrows everyday, unlike usual! Because it's super easy to draw my brows now after having it! And luckily I picked the lightest colour and it doesn't look weird on me! Next time my eyebrow pencil is gonna be something like this too~

#2. Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++

I got this from Bag Of Love's halloween bag edition, and I actually saw a lot of people did another post on the review of this CC cream too! Can see that it is loved by a lot of people out there!

Why is it so nice? It doesn't make my face feel oily or sticky like other BB and CC cream do! Besides, the coverage is just so perfect, it's totally like a foundation, but it's still lighter than a foundation! Whenever I'm lazy to add on powder on top or my oily BB or CC cream, this is definitely my choice!

#3. SKINFOOD Red Orange Sun Pact Powder SPF50+/PA+++ No.1 Clear

This is also won from Wengie's giveaway, it's in the same set of the eyebrow pencil! This product also appeared in one of her favourite post vlog, and what she said is true! I can't live without powder if I'm applying BB or CC cream that made my face looks oily.

This powder is very light and has an SPF50 to prevent from harmful sunlight. I have a few types of powder with me, but I still prefer this a lot! And not forget that it smells quite good! I'm not sure of the price in MYR actually, but according to her, it's quite pricey, but is worth to get yourself one if you're looking for a new powder! ;)

#4. Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

I'm really a lazy person when it comes to removing my make up, especially when removing my waterproof mascara! It always make my face has some black shadow and my eyes looks totally a panda.

Thank god I found this awesome product and I'm using it for half year already! If I'm a person who need to apply mascara for everyday, I'm not sure how many bottles of this have been used by me! I'm more hardworking on applying mascara now ;D

According to some of the review, they said that this remover only can remove some particular mascara only as it is made for their own brand's mascara, but luckily a few mascara that I'm using are able to be removed by it!

#5. Bioré Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

I bet everyone of you are using this as your daily make up remover now! If you're not, go and get one now! It's currently the best make up remover which can totally remove make up! You won't wanna leave the residue in your face to grow pimples right?

I actually borrowed it for a few of my friends during performances, some still borrowed 2 pieces at first because they think that it's like other brands which need 2 or more pieces to remove the make up, and 100% of them actually asked me what brand is it because it removed the make up really fast! Besides, the smell is nice too!

#6. Acne clear Pimple Treatment Cream (Left in the pic above)

This product actually still can't be found in Malaysia, but I asked my auntie who is currently living in Singapore to get me 1 because it only cost SGD5. After getting 1 for myself, my auntie also tried and then she went to buy few more for my uncle and brother too! Even my sister sometimes borrow it from me because it really dries out the huge pimple or acne fast!

If you're interested to get 1, I can help you to ask my auntie to get you one! Just PM me for more information ;)

#7. Thursday Plantation Blemish Gel (Right in the pic above)

You can read the review here because I did mentioned that how much I love it in that review post! ;)

#8. L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I left the product in KL, so I used google image. Yes, I really recommend this hair serum, firstly because it's from L'Oréal! Haha. As you can tell, it's an extraordinary oil, it's the same fact as the extraordinary olive oil which is of course better than normal cooking oil. This oil absorbed really fast into our hair! It makes my hair not that frizzy on that day too.

#9. Vaseline Healthy White SPF24 Triple Whitening Lotion

I have been using this lotion for the whole year! I can't live without lotion! I have to apply once after bathing before I wear my clothes! This lotion can protect me from harmful UV rays and whitens my skin at the same time! It's now part of my life #wtf


So have you spotted similar favourite products? Leave me a comment in the comment section below and let me know what are your favourite products this year and any recommendations for me to try on! :)

And that's all for my Christmas post! Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Don't forget to put on a smile and be happy throughout the last week of 2013! Enjoy and have fun!! :D


  1. Hi Nicole, first visit and follow ur blog dy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Babe i was interesting with that Acne clear Pimple Treatment Cream! :D

    1. Okay I'll ask my auntie to buy for you ya! :D