Friday, 15 November 2013

UTAR Halloween Night 2013

Hello peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates this week as I was preparing for the performance for this event, and right after the event, have to rush for assignments and mid-term test! I barely have time to trim my nails too =X Finally get to spend a little time for my blog now! I have so much to update about~~~

I know that Halloween has past 3 weeks ago but UTAR Halloween 2.0 just held their party on last Sunday! This is the second year of the event which organized by SRC. Click here for last year's Halloween post! ;)

So as you can see I was a performer last year with le dance club, but it's a last minute performance. This year, I as an instructor of dance club has prepared a performance for them too! Yea, dance instructor, sounds cool huh? But I bet I'll disappoint you if you're a dancer too ><

Aight, no more talking craps! Let the pictures do the talking! ;)

Warning: Don't continue reading if you're eating, or just finished eating, or you can't stand disgusting zombie faces! XD

So this is how my zombie performer look on that night!
Continue reading to know how it works ;)

The face before going for my halloween make up!
Left: Only brows, and double eyelid stickers;
Right: Blue brows (if only you can see loll), eyeliner, contact lens and foundation

So here comes the zombie make up!
In case you're wondering, those are Barley and they're organic which won't harm our skin :)

I didn't expect the make up artist will draw this design for me. I like it! XD

And I'm done with the face! Those barley still haven't agglomerated and it looks weird on it.

Ya all of us from Dance club KL campus and PJ campus are zombies cause we're gonna do a short perform for the opening ceremony. And if you're wondering, the costume is provided by the organizer and the helpers designed themselves! Awesome right?! XD

It's a decoration for the event.... nah just kidding, that's the 'pattern kia' yi qin XD

So the final outcome of the zombie look:

This is just for the opening ceremony dance part. We have our own costume for our own performance :)
Thanks to the organizer who provide us sucha nice zombie outfit! XD

This mask is I used for our own KL campus Dance Club, Infinite's performance.

My dancers. They're my students while we're practicing but they're my cute friends out of that! :)

With Gladys!

With soh poh Huey Yin!



Jia Shin who performed 3 dances for that night wowww!

Big Head Yuan Pang who really has a Big head! XD
And his make up was really an OMG!

And the love one! Couple make up too? XD

Randomly bump into Edward who's make up is another wow!

So this is how he got his scar?? :o

Well, last year's post I did post about the performances and the best costume's contest. This year I did took some pictures of it but I missed the best costume awarding part as I was playing in the room with the dancers! And I didn't take pictures with them too! :(

Magic show, as usual.

UTAR PJ campus' Dance club, Sixth-sense.

This year's special part is this! Dance floor with DJ Twelve! That was awesome, despite UTARian don't really easy to get high.... oops =X

And here comes the contestants for the best costumes!

Spot the '采蘑菇的小姑娘' and Japanese Ghost @@ She looks really scary!

He's actually a lecturer from DSA (not sure which campus), Dr. Goh! (As shouted by the audienced lol)

And that's all for the performances pictures I got!

Last but not least, group photos with the crazy gang!

Look what Huey yin is doing! XD She's totally crazy!
And all the guys actually removed their make up after the performance cause it make us have difficulty to laugh.. LOL!

Took a lot of picture with them actually but I bet most of them are either blur or weird faces all over! Still waiting for others to upload and then I'll update again soon!

And there goes my Sunday which makes most of us have to rush our assignments or mid-term test right after the event! LOL!!

Anyway here is our dance performance videos! Enjoy~~ :D

Looking forward for UTAR Halloween 3.0, and not sure I'll be the audience or the performer again? Stay tuned also lah! XD


  1. Cool Makeup! Didn't know barley can be used for zombie makeup~ :D

    1. Haha yes! I didn't know that too before this~ The make up artists are awesome! ;D

  2. nice performance and makeup !

  3. wowww everyone look so scaryy