Wednesday, 27 November 2013

[Fashion] Rainbow Hair Extension | Baddestbucks

Recently I'm in love with every thing in rainbow colour! Especially when it contains a combination of red, yellow, green and blue! Don'tchu think they are beautiful?? =D

Sometimes I'm confused with my current favourite colour... is it still pink? But I know I won't love monotone unless it's something extraordinarily pretty!

And another thing that recently I'm addicted to is coloured hair extension! What I got with me is in purple and red coloured only. You'll definitely saw I wore before if you read my previous post or photos!

I'm not allowed to bleach my hair and get myself some bright colour onto my real hair by my mom cause she doesn't want me to spoil my own hair like my other friends did.

So what I can do is get myself some colourful hair extension from the internet cause it doesn't hurt my real hair, and I can change the colours in different situations as I want! Yay to ze awesome coloured hair extensions! Good invention! :D

After seeing XiaXue or QiuQiu and other celebrities who has colourful hair colours, I envy them so much cause they look so gorgeous with it! And I did promise myself that I will dye my hair like them in the future after I got my own income!

But some of them said most of the proper company doesn't allow colourful hair workers =\ So hair extension is still ze best cause I can wear them out of working hours! XD

Okay I think I talked too much non-sense! Guess what! Thanks to @baddestbucks, I got my dream come true now, which is the combinations of both my current addictions, I got myself a Rainbow Hair Extension!

Goshh it really has all 7 colours!! :D

Look at it! Don't chu think it's just so gorgeous?! Instead of spoiling your hair with a hundred bucks, I recommend you to get yourself this!

It actually looks like real bleached hair loll. But it's still not my real hair get spoiled XD

It's quite long! And you can cut it off if you have a shorter hair :)

It's different from my previous hair extensions, this protection help to prevent the hairs fall out from the pin!

Unlike the hair extension I bought from H&M, this type of pin can secure better!

*Puking rainbow*

Oh yeah feeling so Kpop now! ;P

It can blend very well together with my hair!

Happy girl with her new hair colour!! =D

Besides, if you love fashion and Kpop styles, check them out! They sell various type of up-to-date Kpop fashion clothing and accessories in an affordable price! And not forget to mention that the owner is very kind :3

They mostly selling Kpop fashion stuffs! It's now up to trend!

Spot some other different and unique hair extension!! :D

The one of a kind beanie that I got for my boyfie is from them too! It's so comfy~

So what are you waiting for?! Follow @baddestbucks in Instagram and be more fashion now! :D


  1. Wow!! nice choice of hair extension. I like your choice. All the best dear!!!

    Luxury Hair extensions

  2. The rainbow extension is really awesome! I want to get it too, hehe~ Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. My baby sister obsessed with adventure time cartoon, and she got me watching it too, I love Lady Rainicorn ! I must get this rainbow extension :)

    1. Haha I don't really watch the show but I know there's a rainbow cartoon! Go get one and show your sister you are Lady Rainicorn! XD