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[Beauty] GEO Contact lens Review | Angel Grey

Hello peeps! It's been a while I greet my readers at the beginning of my post. So it's November now! Time really flies. The moment of my counting down to 2013 still feel fresh in my mind! Goshhh XD Anyway, have you achieve anything in your 2013 resolution for the past 10 months? Yes? Great!! No? It's alright you have 2 more month to achieve it! It's not too late for anything yet :)

So back to topic. Received this contact lens from HiShop and it came to me just in time! My virgin contact lens has just reached 1 month of usage and it's time to throw it away and try on a new one! Big thanks to HiShop for giving me this opportunity to review on my second contact lens in my life! ='D Don't forget to read till the end for an exclusive promotion for my readers! =D

Non-power lens. Glad that I don't have any short sighted =D

I know a lot of you has seen a lot of my bare face without any contact lens on. Yes I don't wear contact lens at all if it's just for class or just at home. I believe that my natural beauty will attract people too =P #lollwtf!! I'll only wear it on special occasion or purposes such as performance, video shooting, doing review, photo shooting and so on.

However, I know you too cause sometimes I can't resist on seeing ourselves prettier than the natural us cause I was born to be an Asian which I envy western countries people who born to have natural big coloured eyes and iris!

So what I got here is the GEO contact lens. I picked Angel Grey colour. I always see my sister and friends wear different colours of contact lens but among the various colours they look more pretty in grey

This is how it looks like in the container, Angel Grey!
  • Diameter :14.2mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm 
  • Replacement Period: 12 months
  • Country of Origin: Korea
  • Manufacturer: GEO medical 

In case you're a newbie in wearing contact lens like me, do take note at what I'm gonna say now!! There are few steps and precautions have to be made before wearing our new contact lens. For old-bies, take it as a reminder!  :)

Everyone knows that there's always fake brands of contact lens which mostly are made in china right?! They normally cost cheaper (a lot) than the original one. Thanks to GEO brand, they have their own verification website - anti-fake system! You don't wanna risk yourself from wearing fake brand of lens right? You won't know what kind of bacteria will be contain in the lens cause their materials are totally different! So check it!

Scratching time!!

Now go to and key in the code!
Made in Korea, so it's original! =)
Do note that both side have different code for verification! So it's better to do both!

  • Your hand must be clean every time while applying and removing your contact lens! Hygiene is essential! You don't wanna get your eyes infect by different kind of bacteria!
  • Don't swap your contact lenses between eyes! If you've use it on your right eye, keep it on your right eye!
  • Always change the lens fluid after using the lenses

To take out your contact lens from the container:
#1. Check your lens before opening it. Don't risk yourself if you saw your lens is broken! Return it to them!

#2. Open the cap like how I do below:
See the arrow there? Open your cap from there!

If you have weak nails, it's better to cover the lid with a towel before pulling it off.

I used a scissors (you can use pliers if you have) cause the aluminium lid is very sharp! You won't wanna cut yourself with that! So take note and be careful with that =)

Then pull of the inner cap!

There you have! Your lens is now freedom wtf xD
#3. Fill up the contact lens case. 

#4. Remove your contact lenses from the bottle by using a cotton bud (or a lens tweezers if you have one) from the bottle and soak it in the case for a minimum of 2 hours!
Don't need to worry that the cottons will stick onto your lens cause it's already wet and tighten while putting into the water.

See? Easy doesn't? =D

Dab it into the case which is filled and it will automatically removed from the cotton bud.

Done for the left side!

Another side I put it into the right container. Do remember that if you wear it on the right side, don't change it to left side! In case you have infection on left side, you won't wanna make yourself confuse!

Done another side! Now just soak them for at least 2 hours! =)

Now let's get started after soaking it for 2 hours! =D

First of all, clean your hand!!!

If you have a tweezers, use it to take your lens up and put the lens on your index finger tip. I don't have one so I used my finger to grab it up carefully and put it onto my palm so that I can clean it with the solution again before I put it on.

Use your finger to wash it gently before putting on your finger tip.

And the, take a selfie of yourself without contact lens and baae face! Nah just kidding XD

It's better for you you go to YouTube search on how to wear contact lens properly, or ask your consultant!

This is how I normally apply my contact lens! Keep your eye-eyes open~ loll

I have to open my eyes really big! O.O

Can you differentiate which one is with GEO Contact Lens and which one is without? ;)

Applying the other side. Yes this is my facial expression when  I'm applying my lens! I don't have big eyes so have to O.O lolll I see those people with big eyes can apply it very easily cause of the big eyes!

Tadaaaa! At first I feel it's almost the same as my previous' lens (a bit fake on me) but after a while it looks quite natural actually! =D

Close up look! ;)

With flashlight! Can see the colour of the lens but... it looks like turns into violet?? :o

My opinion:
I love how I look when I'm wearing it!! I feel it's natural after sometime but not sure how do you think? =) It feels quite comfortable too actually~
It's just my second contact lens so I can't really give more opinion as I didn't know is it better than other brand or not. But overall I'll give it a rating of 4 out of 5! =)

Oh yes! You thought HiShop sells only beauty skincare or cosmetic product? They're selling this and some other GEO and Barbie Contact Lenses too! It's like a full range online shop which you can buy anything top-to-toe from them!

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Thanks for reading till the end! I hope you enjoyed it ;)


  1. hi Nicole, thanks for reviewing this and give me a step by step on how to open this contact lens. i'm a newbie and yes i have to keep viewing and reading your step by step while struggling to open the lid of the contact lens.
    thanks so much ( :
    and thanks for joining my giveaway ( :

    1. Hi Ann, you're most welcome! Can't wait to read your review ;)

  2. actually u should use a small tweezer instead of cotton swab to take the lens.... @.@ if the cotton swab is not clean, if eyes are very sensitive, then gg

    1. So maybe I should wash the cotton buds first since it's gonna dip into the solution? I did mention to use tweezer before that, but I don't have one. Might get myself one next time. Thanks for informing! :)

  3. Hi Nicole, thanks for the amazingly detailed review - surely helpful for newbies! :)

    1. Thank you Mable <3 Glad that you loved it! ;)

  4. kawaii!!!! me have been wearing contact lens for almost 25 years now....wearing glasses don't have wiper when rain. So lenses convenient during the rainy day..hahaha

    1. Thanks Rina! haha they really should invent small wiper for specs! XD